About Arti G

Hey! I am Arti G, Interior designer by profession and a founder of the brand efashionramp. I personally believe that fashion is an important part of our lives and everyone has their own distinct sense of style. While some people are born fashionistas, others need a little guidance from time to time.

So, when it comes to fashion writing, I write on a wide-range of topics, from fashion to beauty to trends to jewelry and lots more. Through my writing, I want to educate, teach fashion and beauty tricks to the blog’s followers.

My writing section of blog is divided into variety of segments like as:

Fashion & Lifestyle – This section covers all about the latest collections, designer’s trends, jewelry, shoes, purse, hand bags and lots of unfamiliar sources of inspiration.

Beauty – This section covers topics like makeup and its application, user benefits, beauty product reviews which is used by women on a daily basis. In this section you’ll find a lots of information.

Shopping – This is the another most favorite area which I loves to write and showcase individual taste of looking things in a different way. All my writing are different inspiration for different individual.

Fashion Inspiration – Inspiration can come from anywhere and as a result, we often feel inspired by walking, spending time with friends, and going out to dinner or watching a movie. So fashion not only build confidence in my outfit and makeup, but also in life.

Events – This part is all about our life because being a human we all meet some body at some places and many times we organize an event to know each other whether it’s a family gathering or a business event blogger meet ups fashion weeks and so on.

I am really thankful to all of my supporters, readers and followers whose help me through their constant feedback, lovely mails, messages and ideas because of which I am able to help you in understanding the right thing through my writings.

How eFashionRamp Started?

Fashion has inspired me since my childhood and it allows me to fully express myself with what I want to wear on my body. With the addition of electronic media, you may inspire a broader audience with a simple click. As a result, I created the efashionramp platform.

What is My Purpose and Goals?

My goal in launching efashionramp is to educate people about current trends that is going on in many industries such as fashion, and design.

For further enquires, ping me at my mail: art[[at]]efashionramp.com

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