12 Two Strand Twist Hairstyle for Men to Try in 2024

Finest 2-Strand Twist Styles

Two strands twist. Men are the favorite hairstyle amongst men and women, which looks fantastic on coarse afro hair. Dreadlocks, box braids, and two-strand twists make men look fantastic and are the most protective hairstyles that tame natural curls. It looks stylish, is easy to maintain, and allows many styling options. The benefits of two-string twists include a unique look and giving an edge over hairstyles with naturally straight hair. What is interesting about the two-strand twist fad?

What is Two Strand Twist? 

Two-strand twist styles males are very easy to create and maintain. It is made by simply twisting together two sections of hair. It is done in various ways, and these two sections are either turned in opposite directions or in the same order. These two stands are then twisted together spirally to get this hairstyle. These twists are usually done on wet hair, but for a natural look, they can be done on dry hair. These two-strand twist styles perfectly match with the casual street look.

How to Style Two-Strand Twists?

Two-strand twists are a popular hairstyle for many Afros due to their extreme versatility and ability to be pinned and twisted into a variety of styles. Check out the below video to demonstrate how a hairstylist twists hair by following the below-mentioned process:

  • First wash your hair, condition it and get it dry.
  • Section it as shown in below video, that will make it easy to handle.
  • Now apply twisting cream or twisting gel and follow the steps mentioned in video.
  • If you are not experienced, you should visit a hairstylist to get the best result.

This style guide will demonstrate several different ways to wear two-strand twists. The more carefully twisted hair, the more exquisite style will appear. 

1. Thick Twists with Highlights

Twists are the most stylish when they are done with thick hair. It is a win-win choice if you have naturally thick hair. If you add contrasting highlights, you will only have options to look stylish. The style is easy to do and easy to maintain.

2. Twists Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

This is one of the latest and most stylish styles. To execute the twists with shaved sides, you can intertwine two strands of hair on top of each other as a twist with the sides shaved off completely. These twists are fashionable and tend to be easier to do.

3. Sleek Short Twists

Although a two-strand twist short hair male is a popular style, elegant and short twists are also gaining popularity. It is a protective hairstyle for men with short hair. These braiders offer the most versatile styling options and can be worn in various ways. Sleek, sharp twists are easy to style in different ways and can also be worn with small hair. 

4. Long Curly Hair

If you want to add some personality to your curly strands without a twist, try getting them in simple curly. Two-strand twists can be easily converted to long curly hair and are a great way to make your hairstyle unique and stand out. It is much better than your natural hair.

5. Two Strand Twist Tapered

Although two-strand twists look great in general, they look much better when twisted in a tapered style. These braids offer the most versatile styling options. This style of two-stand twists is widespread and is gaining popularity. It is a popular hairstyle for men with rough afro hair. 

6. Skinny Two-Strand Twist for Males

Skinny 2-strand twists for men can make men much more stylish and attractive. These thin braids are a simple way to push a new style of twists. These braids are multiple due to their reduced thickness.

7. Thick Two Strand Twist for Males

Thick two-strand twists for men can be an excellent hairdo for thicker afro hair. It is a simple way to alter the natural style of your braided twists. It can change your mood if thick braids are created.

8. Twist Ponytail with Curly Undercut

A great way to increase the height of your hairdo is by adding a twisted ponytail. This style is perfect for men who protect their hair with a long twist. You can quickly still get a twisted ponytail if you have long hair. 

9. Medium Hair Twist for Male

If you have shorter hair, you can get a medium hair twist for males. The style is excellent for men who want to show their medium-length hair well. Medium twists are easy to style in a variety of ways.

10. Extremely Tight Twisted Hair

Tight twists look different and last longer than loose two-strand twists. It has a smooth twist vibe, so you should try this hairstyle. Consider combining it with a central parting to get a neat look.

11. Thin Twists

If you think two-strand twists are not great for your straight hair, you can go for narrow twists with a side parting. They look great with straight hair as well.

12. Low Twist Ponytail

A low twisted ponytail is a great way to manage thick or heavy long hair. Spice it up with color pop or by adding shave-in on the sides.

How to Do Two Strand Twist 

To create an excellent two-strand twist, use natural products like coconut oil before trying these hairstyles. These are designed explicitly for two-strand twists and are chemical-free. The hair products you use should give your hair the right amount of hold without being too heavy. Separate hair strands and move them in the prescribed way to create intertwined braids that make twists in your hair. Keep your twists from unraveling using alcohol-free gels to provide maximum grip and definition for your braids. Let your hair air dry, or use a diffuser on low heat after braiding.

Things to Avoid 

  • Use the type and length of two-strand twists that suit your hair type; if you pick styles meant for something other than your hair, it will look frizzy and rough.
  • Do not use artificial hair products, as they take from your hair’s sheen and make them frizzy.
  • Do not use much heat on hair after styling them, as it can damage natural hair strands and make them dry and frizzy.
  • Do not bobby-pin the roots until the braided twists have dried thoroughly.
  • Only create rope twists if you usually go for the standard two-strand twists.

Some people find their hair more natural and stylish when tied in a 2-strand twist. Experimenting with these methods helps you figure out what works best for you. Two-strand twists result in tighter and more defined curls. It is a versatile style that can be worn in different ways and will always be great. It is perfect for men who want to wear their hair naturally and look neat. Which of these hairstyles do you like best?

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1. How long should your hair be for two-strand twist men?

You can create these twists in medium-length hair for doing two-strand twists. But it’s up to you what hair length will take your two-strand twists to lock. The more textured your hair is, the easier it is to close. 

2. How long does it take for a two-strand twist to lock?

If you get your twists done by a professional who knows how to do two-strand twists, it can be done in 2 hours. Twisted styles lock up in 4-8 months, but if you want your twists to be neat, you need to have them re-twisted every four weeks.

3. What can I use for a two-strand twist for men?

It will help if you create uniform sections of hair using your fingers. For average-sized twists, use a dab of coconut oil through each section of hair. The products depend on your hair type, and to do the two-strand twist; you need evenly-sized sections

4. Which is better, a two-strand twist or a three-strand twist?

A 2-strand twist is better than a 3-strand twist as it is less cluttered and produces a more beautiful style. You can do it quickly, and you can make the twists to be neat if you get them re-twisted every 3–4 weeks.

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