20 (Sexiest & Hottest) Zayn Malik Hairstyles In 2024

Sexiest Zayn Malik Hairstyles In 2023

Zayn Javadd Malik, also known as Zayn Malik, is a former member of the boy band One Direction and a renowned solo artist. He is famous for not just his singing talent but also for various versatile haircuts throughout his career. From his early days with a clean and stylish undercut to experimenting with longer locks and fades, Zayn has always been known for his fashion-forward and trendsetting hairstyles.

Whether it’s a buzz cut, a pompadour, or a platinum blonde look, Zayn Malik’s hairstyles have constantly evolved, reflecting his personal style and creative expression.

Today, we will talk about some of the best Zayn Malik haircuts that you can also take inspiration from.

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Most Popular zayn malik hairstyle

Zayn Malik, the pop sensation and style icon, has rocked numerous hairstyles over the years. Here are some of the best Zayn hairstyles and most popular looks.

1. Shaggy Look with Textured Layer Cut

Zayn rocked a messy, layered haircut with textured waves. This Zayn haircut gave him a laid-back and effortlessly cool vibe.

2. Bald Fade

This bold hairstyle featured a shaved head with a fade, creating a clean and edgy look.

3. Piecey Spikes

This was one of the best Zayn Malik short hairstyles that set the trends. Zayn sported a spiky hairstyle with individual strands styled upwards for a punk-inspired appearance.

4. Thick with Highlights

His thick, voluminous hair was enhanced with highlights. This hairstyle added depth and dimension to his overall style.

5. Crew Cut

Zayn Malik embraced a classic crew cut. This stylish Zayn Malik hairstyle showcased a neat and tidy haircut that exuded a timeless charm.

6. Spiky Front

He experimented with a spiky front hairstyle, accentuating his edgy persona with carefully styled spikes in the front.

7. White Stripe

Zayn made a statement with a white stripe in his hair, contrasting against his natural hair color for a striking effect.

8. Medium Curly

He embraced his natural curls, opting for a medium-length hairstyle that showcased his unique texture.

9. Marine Short Shave

Zayn went for a military-inspired short shave. This Zayn Malik short haircut reflected a clean and disciplined look.

10. Brown Scattered

His hair featured scattered brown highlights. It added subtle warmth and variation to his overall style.

11. Long-Back Pull

If you want to follow Zayn Malik’s long hairstyle, this is one of the best ones. Zayn pulled off a longer hairstyle, with the back of his hair styled in a pulled-back manner, creating an intriguing contrast.

12. Hair Band

He accessorized his hair with a band. It added a touch of flair and sophistication to his overall appearance.

13. Shoulder Length Fountains

Zayn experimented with shoulder-length hair. This hairstyle featured cascading locks that created a soft and romantic look.

14. Cropped Top

This hairstyle showcased a short and cropped top with slightly longer hair on the sides, providing a modern and trendy aesthetic.

15. Raised Front

He styled his hair with a raised front. It created volume and height at the front of his head for a bold and stylish look.

16. Parted Waves

Zayn sported parted waves, where his hair was styled in defined waves. This trendy hairstyle added elegance and refinement to his overall style.

17. Side Sweep

He chose a side-swept hairstyle with his hair neatly combed to the side. This hairstyle gave him a sleek and polished appearance.

18. Double Layered Sweep


Zayn experimented with a double layered sweep, where his hair was styled in two layers with a sweeping motion for added dimension.

19. Thorny Top with Bangs

This hairstyle featured a textured and spikey top with bangs, creating a unique and daring look.

20. Front Drag

He styled his hair with a front drag. In this hairstyle, his hair in the front was swept forward, framing his face and adding a touch of mystery.

These popular hairstyles reflect Zayn Malik’s ability to constantly reinvent his look and showcase his personal style.

Wrapping Up,

Zayn Malik has established himself as a style icon with his ever-evolving and trendsetting hairstyles.

From shaggy looks to bald fades, from textured spikes to natural curls, Zayn has never shied away from experimenting with his hair. Each new hairstyle of Zayn Malik has showcased his versatility and willingness to push boundaries.

Whether it’s a clean and classic cut or a daring and edgy style, Zayn’s hairstyles have captivated fans and inspired fashion trends. With his ability to effortlessly pull off different looks, Zayn Malik continues to leave a lasting impact on the world of hair fashion.

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FAQs About Zayn Malik’s Hairstyles

What are some of Zayn Malik’s most famous hairstyles?

Some of Zayn Malik’s most famous hairstyles include the quiff, buzz cut, and the shaggy textured look.

How to get Zayn Malik’s classic quiff hairstyle?

To achieve Zayn Malik’s classic quiff hairstyle, start with longer hair on top and shorter sides. Use a comb and hair products to create height and volume in the front.

Are there any specific face shapes that work best with Zayn Malik’s hairstyles?

Zayn Malik’s hairstyles can work well with a variety of face shapes, but his quiff and textured looks often complement oval and square face shapes.

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