10 Best Short Beard Styles For Men That Suits On Every Face Shape

Short Beard Styles For Men

Believe it or not, men with short, neatly managed beards are always found more charismatic than those who are clean shaven or have full beards. And why not, after all, short beard styles for men lend you that charm and attraction which overall enhances your persona. And now you would ask us, which short beard styles would suit me? Or which are the different short beard styles that can be donned in all seasons? 

So here we are with our expert guide that will not only enhance your masculinity but are also easy to maintain.

Top 10 Men’s Short Beard Styles

Let’s explore stylish short beard styles which you can try to give handsome look to your appearance.

1. Short Boxed Beard

In recent years, this is among the top trending men’s short beard styles across the globe. Men who love to have noble, restrained and flawlessly brushed short beard styles shouldn’t miss this out. These short and manageable facial hair styles can raise one’s whole charisma and looks, plus also is the best fit for those folks and men who incline toward a respectful look over the funky styles. Avoid this as a round face short beard style, as this preferably looks best on square, rectangle or oval face cut.

2. Rugged Beard Style

In the event that you prefer short beard styles between trimmed and a short stubble, then the rugged look is the best among the different short beard styles. Men who like to have good facial hair growth can endeavor this look, and the length of the facial hair is something on your decision. However, ensure that you look attractive and cool even in this rugged look. Men with elongated, oval or diamond face cut should try this all-seasons style.

3. Classic Light Boxed Beard

The people who don’t want full beards and prefer short faded beard styles, then they must evaluate this boxed facial hair variation for sure. Because this is among the most sought after men’s short beard styles and many celebs have been donning this for years. All the more because it is simple and easy to maintain, works on all kinds of face shapes plus is an all seasons look.

4. Iron Man Inspired Goatee Beard 

Goatee Beard has been in fashion since the Cowboys age, just that Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr donning it has just ensured that it stays class apart and became a fashion statement for all. Though Tony Stark’s Goatee Beard is among the most prominent short beard styles, it can be really tricky to achieve.

Because one needs perfectly trimmed flanks on either side that extend to kiss the mustache! A perfect trim is what lends a perfect Goatee Beard which is among short faded beard styles, that suits an oval face the most. Oh yes, a strict no to this as round face short beard styles. 

5. Christian Bale’s Batman Beard

As the name and image suggest, this one’s for men who stay young at heart and love to experiment with their looks. This batman inspired beard and mustache style combo is a rage these days among men who are under 40 and have oval or oblong face cuts. These men’s short beard styles are great to try in summers or monsoons. 

6. Mutton Chops Beard Style

Not anyone and everyone can carry this dashing short beard style. An old-school form yet extremely stylish, this looks great on men with a vintage and very overbearing men, who have a very respectful persona.

The bread hair that drops from the mustache to the jaw, and later extends sideways (leaving the chin bare), leaves a very strong impression, if you have those deep eyes! Though it looks great among round face short beard styles, men with oval and oblong faces can also carry it well.

7. Thicker Patch Beard

These round face short beard styles are for fun loving yet vintage thinking men who like simpler looks. Winters and summers are best to try this look.

8. Faded Beard Style

These days the short faded beard style is a raging style statement especially in summers and monsoons. It is super fancy, unique and above all suits those men the most who love to experiment with their looks.

Not very easy to maintain, but very stylish to don (it would need a frequent trim, at least on alternate days). Lends a premium look to Square, round and oval face cuts.  . Further, this can be very comfortable and easy to maintain, and yet looks premium on its appearance. What do you guys think?

9. Freddie Mercury’s Chevron Mustache

When the mustache covers the entire upper lip, but its ends do not curl up or down, then you call it the Chevron mustache. It lends men an amazing look which requires minimal maintenance. Suits on all face cuts, anytime of the year. 

10. The Balbo

When you don a Goatee with a disconnected mustache, then it’s called the Balbo. Even Iron Man also dons this style at times! Looks great on oval or oblong face cuts. Can be donned anytime of the year.

While we have listed the most popular ten short beard styles for men, you can always mix and match and create new styles with your stylist as per your face cut and persona. And when you do the same, do not forget to write to us! 

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