Top 7 Flannel Over Hoodie Outfit Ideas for Men [Style Guide]

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It’s no secret that fashion trends come and go. But there’s a trend that appears to be here to stay. It is the flannel over a hoodie look. But what is it about this trend that has everyone so hooked? And more importantly, when and where can men wear a flannel-over-hoodie outfit without looking out of place? Here, we’ll explore the allure of the flannel over hoodie trend and give you some tips on how to rock it like a pro. So read on and get ready to up your style game!

Tips for Wearing a Flannel Over a Hoodie

Men Wearing a Flannel shirt Over a Hoodie

If you’re looking for a way to style a flannel shirt that is both fashionable and practical, consider layering it over a hoodie. This outfit combination is perfect for chilly days spent outdoors and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Here are some tips on how to rock the flannel over the hoodie style without looking like a slob.

1. Dress According to The Occasion

Before you put on a flannel over your hoodie, make sure it’s appropriate for the situation. Are you attending a formal event where business attire is expected? Is it a casual day at the office? Of course, comfort and warmth should be considered as well, but dressing appropriately shows respect for yourself and those around you. So before stepping out in your flannel-over-hoodie combo, take a moment to consider whether or not it fits the occasion. And don’t forget to have fun with fashion—mix and match patterns and colors for a stylish and unique look!

2. Choose One Size Larger Flannel

While it may be fashionable to sport a slimmer fit, it’s worth considering going a size larger with your flannel shirt. Not only will this provide additional warmth and comfort when layered over a hoodie, but it also leaves room for movement and prevents the fabric from stretching or tearing. Plus, having some extra room allows you to add layers without feeling constricted. So next time you’re shopping for flannels, consider stepping up a size for a more practical and comfortable look. Don’t sacrifice function for fashion; go a size larger with your flannel shirt.

3. Go for Bold Colors

Many men gravitate towards traditional colors such as red and plaid while styling flannel over hoodies, but why not mix it up and go bold with your flannel choices? Bright shades such as orange or yellow can add a pop of color to any outfit, while unexpected prints like stripes or polka dots can give an edgy twist to the classic flannel shirt. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns either; try pairing a bold flannel and hoodie with neutral tones or denim for a relaxed yet stylish look. So break out of the norm and experiment with some bold flannel choices; you never know what new trends you may start!

4. Unpatterned Hoodie is the Best

While a bold striped or checkered flannel may add visual interest to an outfit, it can also be overwhelming. On the other hand, an unpatterned hoodie keeps things much simpler and allows for more versatility in putting together a look. A solid-colored hoodie can easily be paired with various patterned shirts or jackets, creating a layered and put-together ensemble that isn’t overly busy. It’s also a great blank canvas for adding elements such as patches or embroidery. So next time you’re deciding between a patterned flannel or hoodie, opt for the latter and let your creativity shine through your styling choices.

5. Keep the Hood Completely Out

It’s important to remember that in order to make the flannel-over hoodie fashion truly stand out, the hood needs to be fully extended. A hood worn underneath a flannel that is visibly bunched up or not completely pulled out can make the outfit appear sloppy and dishevelled. So next time you’re layering with flannel, take a few extra seconds and go to your wardrobe and select a hoodie that is fully extended for maximum style impact. Don’t let a lack of attention to detail ruin your trendy “flannel over hoodie” look; make sure your hood is fully out for maximum style points.

6. Do Not Just Wear Flannel Shirt With Hoods

As the cooler seasons approach, it’s tempting to bundle up in layers of cozy flannel and hoodies. However, wearing a flannel shirt with a hood can give off a casual and disheveled appearance. Instead, opt for layering a flannel shirt under a sweater or jacket. This pairing offers more structure and sophistication and gives you the option to remove the outer layer if necessary. So next time you reach for your favorite flannel-hoodie combo, consider switching it up for a polished, put-together look.

7. Complete the Look With Sweatpants or Jeans

In recent years, more and more men are deciding to dress in comfortable and effortless clothing, such as flannel over a hoodie and sweatpants or jeans. Not only does this style allow for freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day, but it can also be incredibly stylish. Layering a flannel shirt adds visual interest and texture to an outfit while remaining casual. The hoodie adds a dose of coolness, while the jeans or sweatpants provide a pulled-together look. Whether heading to work or hanging out with friends, this outfit proves that comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. So next time you want to relax in comfortable clothing, throw on some flannel over your hoodie and jeans or sweatpants for a look that is both effortless and stylish. You can also wear different types of dark-colored boots to match your attire.

8. The Right Combination can Elevate Your Style Quotient

Wearing a flannel and hoodie together can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. What combinations work best to stay warm and stylish? First off, try opting for a neutral-colored hoodie, such as black or gray, to let the flannel be the main focus. If both pieces have bold patterns or colors, try pairing them with solid-colored bottoms such as jeans or khaki pants. Another tip is to keep the hoodie unzipped or partially zipped to avoid looking bulky. When it comes to layering with flannel over a hoodie, the most important thing is to have fun experimenting with different looks and finding what works for you.

The Bottom Line

Overall, wearing flannel over a hoodie is an excellent way to stay warm and look fashionable at the same time. Flannels are comfortable and can be dressed up or down. Therefore, these are versatile for any occasion. If you’re looking for an easy winter style update, try layering a flannel over your favorite hoodie.

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