12 Stylish Blue Pant Matching Shirts for Men to Wear in 2024

Shirts matching with blue pant

Blue pants are a go-to attire. We all have a pair of blue jeans or pants in our wardrobe, don’t we? To style them for any occasion, don your blue pants with a matching shirt to stand out from the crowd.

But, how do we decide which color shirt goes well with a blue pants? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered in this article. Check out the best blue pant matching shirt combination for men.

If you’ve worn your blue jeans to death or are not in the mood for them, try styling them in a new way to revamp your look.

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There are various hues of blue that you can add to your wardrobe, like navy blue, sky blue, light blue, etc. These hues can be styled differently, whether you wish to don formal pant for an official meeting or pull off a casual look with a pair of jeans for a get-together party.

12+ Blue Pant Matching Shirt for Formal Meetings

Pair your favorite blue pants with a buttoned shirt and ace your meeting with the prospect! Let’s find out how.

1. Plain White Shirt

A young boy is dressed in a white shirt paired with navy blue pants and chesal boots. He stands confidently, showcasing his neat and stylish outfit.
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White shirts never go out of style; the dripping classy look of a plain white shirt with a pair of blue pants and a tie is all you need to impress your client! For formal occasions, a white shirt is a must-have. It is the most secure shirt since it is timeless, elegant, and emanates positive influence and energy.

2. Plain Pink Shirt

Man wearing pink shirt with checkered blue pants, sunglasses, and holding a blazer in his hand confidently.
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Salmon-pink or rose pink is another spectacular option for pairing with dark blue pants. Accessorize it with a formal belt and brown leather shoes to make the most of it. Don a minimalistic look while also standing out from the crowd. This combination speaks of confidence and courage.

3. White Chequered Shirt

A man is posing stylishly in a white checkered shirt with blue pants, hands in pockets.
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No matter what age group or style trait you follow, a pair of light blue chinos with a white chequered shirt will surely make you steal all the attention! Different checks are available in the market, such as Gingham, Tartan, etc. The simplicity and class of a chequered shirt are unmatched. Next time, Pull off that chequered shirt for the meeting and lock your deal!

4. Plain Blue Shirt

Man wearing a plain blue shirt with matching dark blue pants and brown shoes.
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When you need to appear traditional but don’t have time, a combination of a light blue shirt and blue slacks is a sure bet. Add a pair of dark brown leather boots to your attire for a more sophisticated look. You may also wear a silver watch to add to your aesthetic repertoire.

5. Beige Shirt With Blue Pant

Man wearing a beige shirt with blue pants and black leather shoes.
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Step up your styling game by donning beige this time! A pair of dark blue pants with a beige shirt for a formal meeting will make you look professional and exhibit confidence. A perfect combination for special arrangements to make you look different from regular office days. Accessorize it with a brown belt and brown leather shoes.

Blue Pant Matching With Shirt For Daily Office Wear

Who says formals are boring? Or hard to style? You can even make your regular office wear formals look stylish by playing with the color palette. How? Let me show you!

1. Chequered Shirt

Man posing in a checkered shirt with navy blue pants.
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A chequered shirt, as mentioned earlier, is an evergreen styling option when it comes to formal wear for men. A chequered shirt is a popular casual design that can easily be dressed up to create a preppy style for formal occasions. You can opt for different checks like Tartan, Gingham, Gun Club Check, Windowpane, Tattersall, Graph Check, etc. Chequered shirts are the best option for any formal occasion, from knotty to large scales. Such styling tips will help you wear various outfit options.

2. Striped Shirt

Man wearing a striped shirt with a blue tie and blue pants.
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File this one under “lifetime favorites.” Like the white button-down, the striped shirt is a wardrobe essential that will never go out of style. The print world’s “neutral” matches wonderfully with dark blue jeans. Combining a blue vertical slim-fit striped shirt with a pair of dark jeans is an on-point dapper outfit for everyday office wear.

3. Polo T-shirt

Man wearing a polo T-shirt with blue pants and brown shoes.
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The general impression is that you can do nothing about the simple polo tee. You can only wear it for a casual affair or a little excursion. However, Polo t-shirts are helpful for more than just putting together a terrific casual look. It is an even great combo for formal settings when paired up with light blue chinos.

4. Minimal Print

A man wearing a minimally printed shirt with blue pants and brown leather shoes, holding a gray blazer.
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Shirts with minimal prints like intricate polka dots or ones with tiny floral patterns can also go well with both light and dark blue pants. Pair your outfit in a contrast combination, like pairing a light-colored shirt with dark blue pants and vice versa. 

Blue Pant Matching Shirt For Party

Everyone looks forward to that one gathering during the weekend to let loose after grinding nonstop during the first five days of the week. To help you decide what to wear, we’ve compiled a list of looks that you can easily pull off with a pair of blue pants or jeans.

1. Black Shirt

Men ready for a party wearing black shirts.
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Black is an all-time favorite. You’ll find at least one black shirt in every man’s wardrobe. A basic black shirt may elevate your appearance and make you appear more intelligent, sexy, appealing, and confident!

2. Green Shirt

Green Shirt matching with Blue pant
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Formal shirts in green can spruce up your look on any given day. They are an excellent choice for both professional and informal events. You may dress up for a weekend party or a boardroom meeting with a green shirt and blue pants or jeans for a super impressive look.

3. Full Sleeve T-shirt

 Full Sleeve T-shirt with blue jeans
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A long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans are a simple way to add casual cool to your off-duty attire. The style will be complete after adding grey canvas low-top shoes to the mix.


1. What Color Shoes Go Best with Blue Jeans?

Brown or tan shoes go well with blue jeans. This footwear provides a versatile and stylish choice for casual or semi-casual outfits. Black shoes can also work, but they tend to create a sharper contrast. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal style and the event.

2. Can You Wear a Black Shirt with Navy Pants?

Yes, you can definitely wear a black shirt with navy pants. The combination creates a classic look. Make sure the colors match and choose the right accessories. This outfit works well for different events, like casual gatherings or formal occasions.

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