12 Best Formal Pant and Shirt Combinations for Men

Three men elegantly dressed in formal attire, wearing a combination of dress pants and shirts, presenting a sophisticated and professional appearance.

When it comes to talking about clothes for men, there is little to talk about. However, the times have changed, and so have the fashion choices for men. There are multiple options for the type of clothing that men can wear on different occasions. The color palette for men’s clothing has also evolved.

There are so many shirt and pant combinations to choose from Men wear stylish shirts and pants the most of all other types of clothing combinations. Hence, it is important to select the perfect shirt and pant color combination for a trendy look. This article will help you understand and find matching stylish formal pant and shirt.

12 Modern & Stylish Shirt and Pant Color Combinations For Men

1. Black Shirt and Grey Pant Combination

If you are someone who dislikes bright colors, you can go for a black shirt and grey pant combination. It is the most neutral form of stylish formal pant shirt color combination. It looks simple, classy, and can be worn on different occasions. You can pair them with brown leather shoes to complete the whole look.

2. A Blue Shirt With Black Pant

Another formal shirt and pant color combination that has gained popularity over the years is a blue shirt and black pants. This color combination gives a very formal yet sophisticated look. The blue shirt gives a comforting look, and black compliments it very well. If you are someone who is looking to dress elegantly, then this is the perfect choice for you.

3. Khaki Pant With White Shirt

Your search for a trendy, new and cool matching shirt and pant ends when you pick khaki pants with white shirts. It will give you a fresh look with a touch of traditional vibes. This combination gives a soothing look and is perfect for summer. White sneakers go well with khaki pant and a white shirt.

4. Pink Shirt With Dark Blue Pant

When we talk about pink clothes, we usually think of women’s fashion. But that’s not the case anymore. If you choose carefully, you can wear pink too. Try a pink button-up shirt with dark blue pants for a fun and fresh style. You can also pair blue pants with a matching shirt or other options for a cool look.

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5. White Shirt and Grey Pant Combination

The combo of a white shirt and gray pants is quite popular nowadays. It suits people of all ages and works for various events. The overall style is simple yet classy, and you can personalize it based on your own taste. This pairing can also be a good choice for a formal look. To enhance the ensemble, you can pair it with brown shoes, creating a sophisticated and well-coordinated outfit.

6. White Shirt and Green Pants

This look is very unique and non-conventional. It has become famous among the new generation of men. A white shirt and green pant can be paired with brown leather shoes for any occasion to complete the whole look. This look can be worn at a party or a family get-together.

7. Black Pant With Maroon Shirt

If you want to look stylish and elegant with a hint of mystery, this is the ideal combination of pants and shirt for you. This outfit will make you stand out and emphasize your personality. You can wear this look to work, cocktail parties, or nightclubs. Additionally, you can enhance the overall appearance by adding a watch and black shoes.

8. Dark Green Shirt With Cream Pant

Here’s another formal outfit idea that’s a bit different from the usual. Try a dark green shirt with cream pants. If you like wearing slim-fit clothes, go for a low-waisted cream pant and a full-sleeve green shirt. This look is special, and if you feel confident wearing it, you’ll definitely catch people’s attention.

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9. Yellow Shirt With Black Pant

A yellow shirt with black pants is a rare combination that you will see around. But here is the thing about such combinations. if you pull them off nicely, they will become part of you. So, if you are someone who likes to play with clothes, then you can go for this look. You can complete this look by wearing jodhpur shoes or leather shoes.

10. Navy-Blue Shirt With White Pant

This look has been famous as a formal shirt and pant color combination for ages. It gives your personality a soothing and elegant look. If you are getting ready for a board meeting or attending an office party, this combination is the right choice. You can wear a contrasting blazer, a watch, and formal shoes to complete the look.

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11. Brown Pant and Black Shirt Combination

Black-printed shirts can look good with different types of bottoms. But they look best with brown pants and leather shoes. If you are someone who likes to keep things casual, this can be the shirt and pant color combination that you are looking for.

12. White Shirt With Black pant

The timeless combination of a white shirt and black pants is a versatile choice that effortlessly blends simplicity with elegance. Tailor this classic ensemble to your style for a refined and effortlessly chic formal look. Add a slim belt to define the waist, pair with polished brown dress shoes, and accessorize with a classic watch or subtle bracelet. Consider a modern twist with a sleek tie or pocket square for an ensemble that transitions seamlessly from office to evening events with understated flair.


The shirt and pant combination may look simple and monotonous, but that is not true! You can ramp things up by changing the color of your pants or shirt. This article lists a different color combination that you can try. These styles can work for formal pant-shirt color combinations as well.


1. Why is it important to choose the right pant and shirt combination for formal occasions?

Picking the right combo of pants and shirts for formal events matters because it shows you’re professional, stylish, and sophisticated. When your outfit fits well, is clean, and is nicely pressed, it not only makes you look good but also boosts your confidence. This way, you leave a positive impression on everyone around you.

2. Can I wear a formal shirt with trousers?

Absolutely! You can wear a formal shirt with trousers for a stylish and adaptable appearance. It works well for different occasions, like business meetings or semi-formal events. Make sure everything fits nicely and matches well for a comfy and fashionable outfit.

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