10 Best Linen Shirts Brands For Men [Buying Guide]

linen shirts brands for summer

No marks for guessing the favorite fabric for styling! Yes, you heard it right. It is the linen. Any linen clothing, be it the shirts, the trousers, or dresses; it is the airy feeling of the fabric that makes it lovable. The market buzzes about the best linen shirts, and men are ready to invest in them. Men admire linen vogue for its effortless cuts, lengths, shapes, colors, and durability. There is always one linen shirt for every occasion, from a cocktail party to an office meeting and meeting your date. 

Linen can be worn any time of the year and without any maintenance. It has antibacterial properties that make it bacteria-free. Thus, dust, sweat, and moisture don’t affect the fabric’s quality. Finally, if you are looking for good looks the best linen shirts have it all.

Let’s get on a journey of knowing the leading linen shirts brands. The following article is about 10 top brands to make you look great and classy. 

1. French Crown

French Crown Men's Linen Shirts

This is a brand known for its innovation and standard-size clothes available globally. French Crown’s linen shirts are modish due to their minimal design aesthetics. The stitching techniques are the finest. Serving across 90+ countries, the brand takes pride in showcasing bright colors, numerous designs, and a price that is pocket friendly too.

Check out the diverse collection ranging from corporate luxury linen cotton shirts to cocktail shirts. 

2. J.Crew

An eco-friendly product helping the fashionista for over 35 years. J. Crew offers a comprehensive range of printed Linen shirts, camp collar shirts and three pockets, cotton-twill shirts, and Irish shirts.

J.Crew linen shirts

You can find classic, slim, slim tucked, and tall fittings. Soft brushed cotton linen makes the shirt comfortable and durable. We suggest you must have one of the men’s summer linen shirts from J. Crew as it will make you stay comfy and enhance your personality. 

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3. Uniqlo

Uniqlo Linen Shirts

Uniqlo displays every day wear with its unique style and classiness. The shirts blend the crispness of cotton. The exquisite tailoring technique makes them breathable. Being in the fashion industry since 1984, it is a brand with a belief to cater to the needs of high-quality casual wear at surprisingly reasonably priced shirts for men.

The shirts are unadorned with quality, style, and technology. Are you still wondering what to wear for daily wear? The answer is crystal clear! Check the Linen oversized shirt, the Linen long sleeve shirt, or the Linen stand collar shirt; you will love them. 

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4. Luca Faloni

Luca Faloni Linen Shirt

Using 100% Linen from the oldest Northern Italian Mill, since 1930, it lines up for the best men’s summer linen shirts. The shirts are soft and durable. Luca Faloni offers Paramontura, a chic collection of one-piece spread collars and band collars.

The shirts use the Giglio stitching method with attention to detailing. The third generation brand offers a variety of designs. You can pick yours from flair such as Portofino Linen Shirt, Ravello Linen Shirt, Versilia Linen Shirt, and Forte Linen Shirt.

5. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Linen Shirts

If choosing an inspirational lifestyle is your aim, Ralph Lauren is for you. Ralph Lauren is known for its vivid technique of designs. The closet offers a neutral form of stylish Linen shirts. It brightens up the look, gives a sense of classiness and, what’s more, one Linen shirt from Ralph Lauren can be worn on multiple occasions by pairing it with the apt trousers and shoes. You must check the men’s linen causal shirts and button-down shirts. Now, that’s what we call a winner.

6. Club Monaco

Club Monaco Linen Shirts

Since 1985, a store that started in Toronto and moved to New York, this brand has gained popularity for its long sleeve Linen shirt. It proffers timeless crafting, softly structured elegance, and lightweight layers. Club Monaco, a brand from New York, is trending with its slim fits and classic pieces. If you are someone looking for a classic cut to a well-groomed shirt, this is the brand to look for. 

7. Anderson & Sheppard

Anderson & Sheppard Linen Shirt

The tagline of this brand proposes that whether it is a shirt for the bedroom or weekend getaway, whether for cocktail parties or holidays, Anderson & Sheppard have you covered. There is a vibrant assortment of colors in men’s linen shirts for the beach making it a hit in the fashion industry. You can choose from collarless pleat front shirts to linen safari over shirts and, a variety of cuff shirts to flamboyance the confidence in you.

8. Walker’s Appeal

Walker's Appeal Linen Shirts

New in town but made with love by Javier, Gema, and Noemi, the 2016 recent brand in Spain is a perfect example of execution and know-how. Using organic materials, the collection at Walker’s appeal is grand. The brand uses ethically sourced Linen produced in Spain for its shirt designs. A few of the best collections, you can choose from are the Goodfellas Linen shirt and Perdita Durango Linen shirt. 

9. Everlane

If you are someone looking for a sustainable brand, Everlane it is! It offers not only an array of smartness with its unique design but also displays radical transparency and an ethical factory setup. As a man of taste and consciousness, Everlane offers the best linen shirts on a budget that is conducive for everyone. The camp shirt to Linen short sleeve standard fit shirts, the brand offers a shirt for every occasion. 

10. Canali

Canali Linen Shirts

Want to dress up with élan? Canali is the brand for you with the right combination of formal shirts and pants with a pinch of sophistication and poise. The hand-stitched Linen-fit shirts give a comforting look. When paired with perfect black trousers and shoes, you will be overwhelming yourself with the compliments pouring.

The 1934 Italian brand has comprehensive designs and colors to choose from. The colors are fresh and vibrant. No two Canali designs are the same due to different tastes developed over 85 years in cultures and fits. Whether you are in Italy looking for an Italian Linen chore shirt or any other part of the world, Canali serves different markets by keeping the same quality and designs. 

Connecting the Dots

You are what you wear and carry. This article offers a whole different linen shirts brands. It can be a part of your wardrobe from office wear to holidays. You can make your choice from a range offered by the stores. Go creative with your favorite brand and design as it takes two to make you- You and what you wear!

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