What Color Go With Khaki Pants? Outfit Ideas For Men

What Colors Go with Khaki

Khaki pants show how style can mix with comfort, offering an elegant and stylish appearance with ease. Attractive cuts on these pants can make them an excellent option for casual work attire.

Pairing khaki pants with matching outfits allows for informal occasions. To achieve a trendy yet classy appearance, it’s essential to know which colors complement khaki pants. Explore this article to learn how you can enhance your style with khaki clothing.

Let’s begin!

What Are The Basic Types of Khaki?

Before talking about the best colors that go with khaki or the best outfits with khaki pants, let’s just have a brief view of the types of khaki colors. Below are the common types of khaki:

1. Tan

One of the most common and simple colors in khaki pants is tan. A pair of washed-out light or dark tan/chestnut-colored khaki pants can easily add a chic touch to your overall look. It is a neutral shade of khaki and works well for all seasons as both workwear and casual wear.

2. Dark / Green

Dark khaki or army green colored khaki pants can be paired in various ways by dressing up with a blazer or bold-colored topwear, or simply carrying a bohemian look with chunky accessories. It adds a stylish, elegant, laid-back, and colorful look to your overall appearance.

3. Cream

A pair of cream-colored khaki pants with a dark-colored shirt adds a sophisticated touch to your stylish look for any occasion. You can also experiment and improvise your look by complimenting your cream khaki trousers with some bold-colored t-shirt or shirt. In every way, it will make you look effortlessly chic and smart.

4. Camel

Khaki outfits in camel hue can be an elegant addition to your wardrobe. Style them with matching belts, blazers, or shoes and make a style statement for both formal and casual occasions.

5. Beige

If you want to add an earthy tone or a neutral touch to your look, pick beige khaki outfits. They look simple yet chic and classy, perfect for any occasion.

Now you know the basic types of khaki. Let’s talk in the next section about what colors go well with khaki. In this section, we will also talk about suitable outfits with khaki pants and what color shirt goes with khaki pants.

What Color of Outfit Should You Wear With Khaki Pants?

Khaki works well with both light and dark shades of color. Styling it right, khaki’s versatility makes it suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Below are some colors that you can try on:

1. Blue Shirt with Khaki Pants

Whether it is a formal look for office or a casual look for a day outing, blue shirt with khaki pants looks great in any occasion. It goes well with a blazer too. Speaking of what color shirt goes best with khaki pants, you can try all shades of blue for any occasion in any season.

A khaki shirt with a navy blue shorts gives a perfect casual, stylish look for a weekend day out. You can tuck in the front lower portion of the shirt, roll up the sleeves and wear a neutral colored belt to add perfection. On the other hand, sky blue shirts with khaki pants give a classy yet casual look for both formal and casual occasions.

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2. Red Shirt with Khaki Pant

Bright red works really well with khaki. A red and white t-shirt or a plain red shirt with light-hued khaki pants can make you look stand out of the crowd. You can add a splash of brightness to your regular office look by wearing light-colored khaki pants, a blazer and a red tie. Always remember, if you are wearing red, to balance your look, you should always pick light or neutral shades for pairing.

3. Black T-shirt with Khaki Pants

When the discussion is about khaki pants and matching shirts, let me tell you, black and khaki cannot be pulled off together effortlessly. As they both have severe contrast, you need to put a little extra effort to make your look stand out. You can wear a black shirt or t-shirt with tan khaki pants. Highlight your outfit with a statement belt.

White-colored sneakers can also add a splash of color to this look. If you are wearing a round or v-neck black sweater with khaki pants, wear a different colored collared shirt or polo neck t-shirt under the sweater to make a style statement.

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4. Grey T-shirt with Khaki Pants

Being a neutral color, grey goes really well with khaki. A grey t-shirt or sweater with khaki chinos gives a perfectly simple look. To experiment with the look and elevate the style quotient, you can wear a blazer on the t-shirt.

Other than the above-discussed colors, khaki goes well with yellow, forest green, coral, teal, turquoise, blush, cream, salmon, and more. Needless to say, the delight of wearing khaki is that it can be perfectly paired with every shade you can think of.

You have already got an idea that while styling with khaki, adding a jacket to the look can elevate the style. Therefore, in our next segment, let’s talk about what colored blazer looks best with khaki pants.

5. Blazer with Khaki Pants

The best colors in blazers that go well with khaki pants are:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Navy blue
  • Maroon

There are different types of blazers to wear on different occasions. You can also pick a burgundy, green or brown blazer for complimenting khaki chinos and a light-colored shirt or t-shirt for a casual yet stylish look.

6. Jackets Go Well with Khaki Pants

Khaki with Jackets

The best types of jackets that go well with khaki pants are:

  • Brown leather jacket
  • Light-colored bomber jacket
  • Denim jacket
  • Jacket shirt

Pair this look with the right type of accessories, such as a wristwatch, cap, sunglasses, etc. and make a fashion statement.

Final thoughts

Khaki is versatile and looks good on people of all shapes, sizes, and complexions. By pairing khaki correctly, you can appear stylish in any season and at any event. Ready to embrace your stylish side? Discover the perfect color and style of a khaki outfit, then wear it with confidence to make a statement. Good luck!

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