What to Wear in Masquerade Party: Outfit Ideas for Men & Women

masquerade outfit ideas

When it comes to costumed public gatherings, a masquerade ball outfit takes the cake with the glamor of an exclusive occasion. A masquerade ball is perfect for wearing humorous and imaginative disguises. You can dress up for a fiesta or a medieval-themed party. Are you game for such a spectacle? But are you uncertain about what to wear to a Masquerade party?

Choosing what to wear to a masquerade ball can be hard, especially if you don’t know how formal it is.

Fortunately, we have all the masquerade outfit ideas you could ever need to create the ideal masquerade getup. We have answers for everything, from what a masquerade party is to what to wear to one. So for more advice, keep reading!

History of Masquerade Balls

Masquerade balls have been around since the fifteenth century, and they were often lavish gatherings for upper-class families. A traditional masquerade celebration frequently included Venetian masks and was influenced by the Venetian Carnival. The original masquerade ball aimed to keep attendees from being recognized; hence, many people frequently chose to dress up as characters from books, plays, movies, or cartoons. This would spark a game where guests would try to deduce one another’s true identities, which brought humor to plenty of masquerades and improved the overall ball experience.

Masquerade outfits had several purposes beyond just concealing one’s identity, such as allowing one to express their freedom of expression and freely express their feelings and beliefs without fear of retribution by employing a variety of colors.

After discussing the origins of masquerade balls, let’s move on to ‘What to Wear in Masquerade Party!’

Dos and Don’ts for Masquerade Party Attire

Dos for Masquerade Party Attire

  • Fun Masks: Pick a cool and colorful mask that goes with your outfit and makes you look mysterious.
  • Fancy Clothes: Wear nice and fancy clothes like pretty dresses, cool suits, or cute tuxedos.
  • Match the Theme: Make sure your outfit looks like it belongs to the masquerade theme to make it super cool and unforgettable.
  • Cool Suits for Boys: Boys, wear awesome suits with a fun tie or a cool pocket square to look extra stylish.

Don’ts for Masquerade Party Outfits

  • Not Too Much Stuff: Avoid wearing too many things that don’t match; try to make your clothes look nice together.
  • Just Right Masks: Don’t wear masks that are too big or cover your face too much; it’s important to see and talk to friends.
  • Comfy Shoes Only: Say no to shoes that hurt your feet; pick ones that are comfy for playing and dancing.
  • No Play Clothes: Don’t wear everyday clothes; choose fancy outfits to keep the party looking special.

How to Choose Outfits for Masquerade Party

Simply go by the invite first and see if there is a dress code. If no code is mentioned, then make a call for RSVP and casually bring up the question. Nevertheless, if you still can’t make it, simply pick up a formal dress or gown, which, however bright it is, must have a great formal attitude about it.

Choose the Right Colorful Mask

Mask for Masquerade Party

Ensure the mask matches the rest of your attire, especially if these are masquerade ball gowns. Choose metallic hues like gold or silver for more glitz and shimmer. If you want to go for a traditional appearance, black masquerade masks are also a fantastic choice.

What to Wear to a Masquerade Party as a Female Guest

Black and white masquerade ball Outfits will always be in vogue for women as formal masquerade attire. But let’s discuss more beyond these two colors, since women think of the rainbow when it comes to picking attire!

1. Black Dress for Masquerade Party

It will not only make you look taller, fitter and bolder, but it will also serve as last-minute attire when you have to literally walk out of the office into the masquerade party. Pair it up with formal dress shoes in bling or compliment the attire. You can wear a beaded necklace with a matching bracelet.

This one, like black, will always be in vogue when you ask us what to wear to a masquerade-themed party. Choose a mask either in black or silver, unless there is a theme laid out for the masks or one is provided by the host at the venue.

2. White Dress for Masquerade Party

An evergreen choice when you wish to look refreshing amid the mundane colors of any and every party Masquerade ball gowns, from light greens to dark greens, with a shimmering mask will always up your style quotient.

This one like black will always be in vogue when you ask us what to wear to a masquerade party. Choose a mask either in black color, or silver color, unless there is a theme laid for the masks too, or being provided by the host at the venue.

3. Red and Black Masquerade Ball Gowns

At a Mardi Gras theme or a Christmas masquerade party outfit, the red and black masquerade outfit gowns are the ultimate choice. Weak heels as per your comfort level. But ensure that your jewelry is minimal along with a suitably paired mask.

4. Silver and Gold Dress

Masquerade ball outfit gowns or formal dresses in silver and gold are never out of fashion. But then ensure that your mask is in complimentary colors like black, red or any other than the attire. Avoid any piece of jewelry beyond ear studs to ensure that the dress gets all the eyeballs.

5. Dark Maroon Gown

If a Mardi Gras theme is required for the masquerade event, use rich hues like deep crimson or dark maroon. Pair it up with a gold mask and heels that you can dance in.

6. Hair Style

Just like outfits for a masquerade ball, the hairstyle must also be formal, neatly tied up or flowing minimally. The whole idea is that it must not entangle with the mask or the cufflinks of the male partner when you dance. The different types of perm styles also look attractive at the party.

Top 5 Masquerade Outfit ideas for Men

It’s simple, follow the invitation card! Wear a tux if the invitation specifies it. Do not be hesitant to call your host and inquire about the party dress code if you are confused or if it is not specified on the invitation. When you phone to RSVP, you can subtly bring up this topic.

1. Black Suit

Black is always among the top choices for men for masquerade parties. You could also want to wear a tie and pocket square if you’re heading to a masquerade ball or formal masquerade attire. Make sure you select a traditional-style suit in black without any prints and textures.

2. Gray Suit

After black, gray, or what you call charcoal gray, should be the alternate pick to wear to a masquerade party. Men look the most dapper either in black or gray, so no second thoughts about it.

3. White Suit

If the invite says white, go for it. Or pick the white suit as your formal masquerade attire. when you wish to make a bold statement and be outstanding. Wear brown or white shoes only.

4. Hair Style

A portion of your clothing also has a good appearance. Clean up your shave, pay attention to how your hair is styled neatly, and—most importantly—avoid using too much deodorant. You don’t want girls to start sneezing the moment they approach you.

5. Tuxedos

Men who are last-minute shoppers or have seen the invitation at the last minute can wear this, as black tuxedos usually make a statement along with dress shoes like monk strap shoes.

Accessories for Masquerade Party

There are two options when it comes to accessories. To make your mask and outfit stand out, you can wear a few accessories, or you can go all-in and bring your outfit out. One thing to remember is to avoid wearing any jewelry or hanging accessories that can obstruct your mask. This is especially crucial if you’re using a handle-equipped mask. Women, make sure you’re not sporting a bracelet, and men, ensure no loss or a dangling watch that may entrap you with your mask.


You’ll want to look your best for the event, whether you’re organizing a party with a masquerade theme or you’ve been invited to one.

Make sure to choose the right formal attire for the masquerade. You’ll impress others and have more fun if you use these tips to create an eye-catching outfit.


1. What to wear to a semi-formal masquerade party?

Women can wear black leggings, slacks on shimmery tops, while men can don dress pants or jeans with a black shirt that matches the mask.

2. Can I wear casual dress for a masquerade party?

Yes, you can, but keep the casual dress in monotone colors, and don’t make it too short. Casual yet semi-formal is the key to ideal wear for a casual masquerade party.

3. What to wear to a Halloween masquerade party?

The answer is not much in the attire, as you can wear anything from the above list. The key is the masque – pick up a Halloween-themed mask.

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