10 Different Types of Perm Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd in 2024

different types of hair perms

Are you tired of the same old, rigid, and dull-looking hairstyle of yours? If yes, then this is the place for you. The various types of perms for women offer a great solution to this mess. As the perming process breaks down the naturally occurring bonds in hair, it restructures everything by overturning your natural hair texture. This grants you a chance to break free from the stiff-looking hairdo you have to deal with on a daily basis and enliven it by producing shiny and glossy curly hair, thereby impacting your overall appearance as well.

It’s time to step aside from the daily routine of depending on your blow-dryers, hair pressing, or curling machine for a good hair day and take matters into your own hands.

Here are the different types of perms that you can use to change the equation once and for all.

Different Types of Perms For Women

Let’s dive deep into stylish and attractive types of perms for your hair:

1. Body Wave Perm

women with Body Wave Perm

This is one of the ideal types of perms for long hair because it brings your hair back to life and makes it bouncy again. If you have naturally straight hair and you find it near to impossible to sustain curls, then this is an especially suitable option that will revamp your hairdo.

The pros of getting the Body Wave perm are that it grants you a natural look that makes your hair seem more voluminous and doesn’t require much maintenance either. The hairdo can be retained for a period of 3-5 months, plus you can use prescribed serums for the hair’s better health.

2. Pin Curl Perm 

Styling this perm is probably the easiest task since it requires just pins and curlers to complete the look. Unlike any other hair styling technique that often resort to chemical treatments, this perm doesn’t rely on any such method that may damage your hair texture. You just need to set the curlers in your hair and leave them to rest for 2-3 hours and that’s all.

The effects of the perm will ear out instantly once you wash your hair so it’s advisable to apply hair gel if you want to maintain them for a few days at large. The hairdo is perfect for short to medium hair length.

3. Spiral Perm

Before going ahead with this perm, you need to be cautious and consult the hair experts regarding the same because the curling process is completed by making use of a strong chemical solution that can be detrimental to the health of your hair. The look achieved thereafter will be similar to playful springy noodles.

Maintenance required also varies from a medium to high level owing to the mandatory post-treatment care to retain the curls and keep hair shiny and frizz-free.

4. Spot Perm

A rendition of the Partial perm, this hairstyle doesn’t go for a global hair look since it perms only a particular hair section. This should be the go-to choice for those people who have uneven curls that don’t even follow the same direction of growth. 

By spot perming a particular straighter section of hair, you can achieve an enriched holistic look. Another advantage offered by this type of perm is that it can cover certain spots where you have thinner hair. It doesn’t necessarily demand high maintenance but definitely requires pre-condition because harsh chemicals are used prior to the curling process for better longevity of the hairdo.

5. Multi-textured Perm

You can pick between getting tight or loose curls with the multi-textured perm. This style is ideal for women with long hair since different types of rods are used to complete the styling process. Due to this reason, each curl looks unique in itself and yet all together they form the full package and deliver realistic and beautiful curls. If you already have naturally occurring curly hair that may look haphazard in tightness, then this type of perm can help solve your problem.

The curls obtained can be retained for a couple of months under the influence of the right kind of hair care products to maintain the bouncy look of your curls.

6. Straight Perm

Originating in Japan, this perm breaks the pre-existing keratin bonds in the hair and the resulting restructuring process straightens curly hair permanently. The glossy and smooth finish of the hairdo can be retained for 4-6 months on average. In some cases it can even the longevity can extend to 8 months or so as well, all depending upon post-care routine. 

This is a good alternative for people with curly, wavy, and frizzy hair. However, if your hair grows out eventually you might need spot treatments too. Despite this being a low-maintenance type of perm, it’s better to stay away from any kind of hair styling that requires hair being exposed to heat.

7. Root Perm

Woman with root perm.

This method involves perming the hair roots i.e. the perming procedure begins right close to the scalp itself. Root perm is quite the buzz among people with straight hair because it allows the bouncy permed locks some free movement, unlike straight hair.

The Cold technique is instrumental in completing this look as the rod is placed quite near the scalp. People whose previously permed hair has grown out prefer to go for this look as it lifts up the roots, adding more volume to the hair.

8. Partial Perm 

Woman sporting partial perm.

Like the Spot perm, in this method too essentially, part of the hair is permed but not all of it. The only difference is that partial perm doesn’t seek to cover up thinning spots or even out the curls, it actually does the opposite by making the various sections of the hair look distinct from each other.

While it may be one of the easiest perms to maintain, it definitely is one of the toughest to achieve. Depending on the way part of your hair gets permed and the other is left untouched, the hairdo can turn out to be an utter disaster, hence, the presence of hair professionals is a must. One of the most common renditions of this style is to just perm the ends of your hair, thereby resulting in attractive waves that make your hair bouncy and allow movement, aka the ‘au naturel’ look.

9. Stack Perm 

This is yet another perm option suitable for people with natural curls. With stack perm, the top of your hair remains smooth, whereas the middle and bottom hair sections get permed. The illusion of several layers of hair so created makes it look fluffier and naturally voluminous.

Also, it’s better that your hair isn’t cut in layers already prior to the treatment. Chemicals are used for this perm, therefore, it is better to plan for stack perm only if your hair is healthy, otherwise, it could have a harsh impact on it health. The experts will also advise you to deep condition your hair consistently after the perm to retain the effects.

10. Digital Perm

This type of perm is ideal for people with thin hair and those who would rather like to choose a perm that would stick around for a longer period. As compared to other perms, the Digital Perm is a longer-term commitment, so it’s better to steer clear from this procedure if your hair is already damaged prior to the treatment. Unlike most other perms, this one doesn’t rely on the cold method for its completion, it rather uses heat and chemicals that can be a lot harsher on the hair than the former.

The process is pretty much the same as that of the traditional perm. Due to its application of the heat method, Paimore Co. Hairstylists, a Japanese company, refer to it as the “hot perm”.

While you spend a mere 3-4 hours for your perm session, the process isn’t complete there. It’s the aftercare that makes a significant amount of difference to your hair for the few subsequent months. You can easily expand the longevity of the permed hair by opting for deep conditioning, not exposing your hair to the sun, and not undergoing any other hairstyle changes that may involve the use of harsh chemicals or heat.

The perming procedure in itself utilizes quite a few chemicals that can hamper the hair texture and eventually lead to damage like hair fall, etc. Ultimately, the choice is in your hands but it’s always advisable to wash your hair once a week or even use a different professional shampoo if necessary. 

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