How to Choose Best Boots for Men? [Ultimate Guide]

how to choose best men's boots

With regards to must-have footwear for men, various types of boots for men are at the top of the list. Not only are these comfortable and practical wear, but at the same time, there are so many different types of men’s boots that they lend flexibility, style quotient and even some kind of snazzy jazz to your fashion image.

No wonder boots for men are no longer confined to the winter season but worn all year round, depending on their type. But before we discuss different kinds of men’s boots let’s first learn step by step how to choose boots for men towards happy feet! Because only happy feet will lend you great confidence and style.

How to Select Perfect Boots For Men?

These days there are so many different kinds of men’s boots, that any would-be buyer can be left overwhelmed whether he walks into an offline store or looks for an online shopping option. But with our expert guide below on how to select the best types of boots for men, you will find the best ones easily to effortlessly match your style.

1.  Size

Always select a shoe size that fits you well at the end of a hectic day when your feet are a little larger than normal due to the whole day’s activities. Try them and see if your toes can wiggle inside freely, and you are comfortable inside the boots. Walk around and select a pair of any type of boots for men that is comfortable while walking.

2.  Heel Measurements

Heeled Boots

Always carry a heel size that you can carry all day around/long and not just momentarily to any special occasion because you never know when you might have to slip in or slip out of any situation. So the ideal size of heels is between one inch to two inches. Beyond that it depends on the personal comfort level which kind of heel will suit all different types of men’s boots that you select.

3. Arch of the Foot

Arch of boots

Some people have a normal arch of the foot, while others have some kind of difference by birth or due to some accident. In such cases, go for shoes that you feel comfortable in or a shop that provides arch support, or else you may face foot pain or bunions in future. So it’s better to select the right types of boots for men and the arch than to have issues later.

4. Check for the Toe Box

What is a toe box and how to choose boots for men keeping it in mind? Well, the toe box is nothing but the ideal space that must be there between your toes and the front end of your shoes. After having worn the shoe fittingly, ensure that there is a half an inch gap between your longest toe and the front end of the shoe.

Toe box of boots

Otherwise, your toes will get bruised while walking by rubbing against the inside front of the shoe. Similarly, even the back of the shoe must have an eighth of an inch gap, so that the back of the foot also doesn’t bruise away.

5. Type of Soles

As are different types of men’s boots, so are the different types of soles for the same. The point here is that neither the sole must be too hard, nor it must be too soft, so as to be just right on the pressure points of the foot sole. The whole idea is that the foot must have ample movement, correct art support as well as right pressure on the foot so as to develop no pain or ailment.

Sole of Boots

Some people feel that having a soft sole is ideal, but it is not. Acupressure science says that a soft sole means the absence of the right amount of pressure on the sole, which can be overall bad in the long run. The same reason why in the olden days only leather.

6. Type of Occasion


Types of Men's Boots to wear in Ocassions
Types of Men’s Boots to wear in Occasions


Selecting types of boots for men as per the occasion is a great idea if you have time. Like the Oxford Boots and Derby Boots can be worn on formal occasions while Chukka boots are ideal for casual occasions. But if you aren’t too sure, when and how you will end up during the day, then go for dress boots. We will share more about these and more boots below to make you learn which kinds of boots can be worn.

5 Types of Boots Every Man Should Own

A couple of boots can take you from work to the end of the week easily and allow you to have fun. Many can even match shrewdly relaxed and semi-formal troupes, making them a significant closet expansion. All things considered, not all boots suit all events, so it’s vital to find out more about the various kinds and the most ideal ways to style them. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you precisely the best way to wear boots for a smooth and popular look.

Men's Boots Styles
Men’s Boots Styles

1. Chukka Boots

The legend goes that the Chukka Boots got their name from the game of Polo which in older times came to be known as Chukka. Among the different types of men’s boots, these are the ones that are laced up and come mostly in leather uppers and rubber soles.

Chukka Boots For Men

How to Wear Chukka Boots?

These types of boots for men look great with jeans and chinos alike. Depending on one persona to another persona you can wear these types of dress boots with semi-formal dress shirts or T-shirts to style yourself up extraordinarily.

2. Work Boots

Among the different types of men’s boots, the work boots for men are identified by their tough looks, feature waterproof and yet breathable lining with thick and heavy soles.

Work Boots For Men

How to Wear Work Boots?

Earlier worn only by construction workers, today these tough and viable boots are additionally worn with relaxed outfits and have become a fashion statement among the youngsters. Most usually planned in a light earthy colored tone, these shoes are quite elegant shoes. Because of their casual appearance, they will quite often look best with jeans and a T-shirt.

3. Brogue Boots

Among the most stylish types of dress boots, these types of boots for men are ankle-high boots with multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers. The uppers have decorative perforations, also known as broguing, and hence the name. And these serrations are visible all along the edges like a sleek design.

Brogue Boots For Men

How to Wear Brogue Boots?

The best part of Brogue Boots is that nowadays these come in various colors, hence depending on the color, these can look great on both formal suits as well as jeans and other casuals. The only styling tip is that these look great on ankle-length pants/trousers or jeans that are slim wear so that the brogues are clearly visible and enhance the style!

4. Monk Strap Boots

A closed-toe version of the strapped sandals, monk strap shoes originated in the 15th century. Originally worn by the monks, these became a fashion statement later with three versions – Single Monk Strap, Double Monk Strap and Triple Monks Strap, depending on the number of buckles and straps they had. 

Monk Strap Boots For Men

How to Wear Monk Boots?

The single monk strap can be worn with both formal and semi-formal attire, but the double and triple monk strap shoes are ideal for casual outfits only. 

5. Chelsea Boots

Ankle-length close-fitting boots that have an elastic side panel are identified as Chelsea Boots. These are among the most stylish types of dress boots.

Chelsea Boots For Men

How to Wear Chelsea Boots?

Leather Chelsea boots look ideal as formal ones, but when you wear brown, suede Chelsea boots you can wear them with casual outfits too. Black and Tan leather Chelsea boots look great with a men’s suit, but the other informal Chelsea boots tend to look great when paired with jeans and T-shirt. A blazer or jacket thrown in will be icing on the cake with types of boots for men.

These days there are so many different kinds of men’s boots that it has become very easy to maintain harmony among formal and casual outfits for men. The above-listed types of dress boots are effortless yet fun and come in an assortment of styles. Thus, we hope that our guide on how to choose boots for men will help you look dapper every time you step out from now onwards. So cheers to you!

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