30 Best New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas for Men & Women

Best new year's eve outfit ideas for men and women

New Year’s Eve is a night filled with celebration and anticipation. Everyone wants to look their absolute best whilst ringing in the new year.

So choosing the right outfit can be a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated, or high-end and glamorous – we’ve got you covered! With our expert advice on what to wear for this special occasion, you’ll find an ensemble perfect for your personal style as well as the vibe of New Year’s Eve.

Keep reading to discover some great new year outfit ideas for men and women to look stylish and feel comfortable all night long.

But before diving into that discussion, let’s get to know about the lucky colors for men and women on New Year’s Eve. 

What is the Lucky Color for Men to Wear on New Year’s Eve? 

Lucky Color For Men

Red or pink is considered to be extremely lucky since it symbolizes luck and good fortune while also bringing in love and happiness.

Wearing such bold colors will surely make one stand out in the crowd, making them the center of attention on this special night!

What is the Lucky Color for Women to Wear on New Year’s Eve?

The color red is perhaps the luckiest hue for women to wear on New Year’s Eve. Red is associated with positivity, energy and prosperity, perfect qualities to welcome in a promising new year!

Wearing red will help you start the year with confidence and optimism that your future endeavors will be filled with success.

Best Outfits for Women to Wear on a New Year’s Eve

When attending any events or parties on New Year’s Eve, it can be difficult to find an outfit that looks attractive and trendy while still being comfortable enough for you to dance in until dawn.

To help make getting dressed easy, here’s a list of some stylish outfits for women who are looking forward to ringing in the new year in style.

1. Chantal Fitted Midi Bodycon Cutout Rib Dress

Boasting a classic midi length and striking ribbed texture in alluring shades, this is one of the most chic new-year outfits for women. Thanks to its daring cutouts along the sides, you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. 

2. One-Shoulder Velvet Dress

This glamorous outfit is the perfect choice for ringing in the new year, thanks to its flattering silhouette and luxurious fabric. The unique off-the-shoulder style flatters the décolletage, while the long sleeves still provide coverage.

The bold color palette combined with velvet fabrication has enough detail to stand out on its own, or you can accessorize to match your individual style. 

3. Faux-Leather Double-Breasted Novelty Button Blazer

If you are looking for New Year’s Eve outfit ideas for cold weather, include this type of blazer in your wardrobe.

The blazer buttons up with a single flourish, giving you a contemporary twist that makes any ensemble instantly more daring and stylish. 

4. Sequin Wrap Dress

Being one of the best New Year party outfits, a sequin wrap dress offers just the right amount of dazzle to help make any woman look and feel special on this momentous occasion.

Not only is it figure-flattering and eye-catching, but it also provides a sophisticated touch which will help set you apart from the crowd.

5. Premium Square Sequin T Shirt Dress

With its shimmering sequins, metal eyelet accents, pleated details, and beautiful color options, it’s the perfect combination of elevated feminine style and urban edge.

Team it with an up-do, sparkly accessory, and some heels for a stylish look to commemorate this special occasion.

6. One Shoulder Silky Jumpsuit

This sleek and chic outfit is sure to turn heads and make you look stunning. The luxurious silk fabric will add a hint of elegance while still keeping the outfit extremely comfortable.

For an extra touch of glamor, accessorize with a statement necklace or glitzy clutch bag.

7. Sequin Flared Trousers

Wear sequin flared trousers in an eye-catching color to add glitz and glam to any ensemble.  Show off your style with a flattering fit that moves with you and highlights your curves.

8. Drawstring Jumpsuit with Keyhole

The lightweight fabric ensures comfort and allows movement, making it ideal for those hours of dancing you will be doing to celebrate.

The flattering design, featuring a cinched waist and wide leg pant hems, makes it both fashionable and practical. 

9. Velvet Straight Pants

You can pair velvet straight pants with various tops for a timeless ensemble that captures both vintage glamor and modern style.

10. Cowl Back Later Maxi Dress

Are you looking for the perfect dress to wear on New Year’s Eve? With its delicate straps and low-back cowl, the cowl-back maxi dress provides effortless femininity that will have everyone in awe at your glamorous look.

The relaxed fit of this alluring piece flatters all body types.

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11. Sequin Turtleneck Sweater

Whether you prefer shades of classic black or an array of rainbow hues, a sequin turtleneck sweater adds a stylish touch to any outfit.

Plus, it’s comfortable enough to wear all night long as you dance your way into the new year!

12. Silver Sequin Shift Mini Dress

Made of lightweight fabrics and featuring elegant shimmering sequins, this mini dress will have you feeling like an absolute star. Accessorize it with necklaces, earrings and perfectly fitted bracelets.

13. Sequin One Puff Shoulder Top

This top will make sure you stand out with its luxurious look featuring shoulder puffs exaggerated with sparkling sequin detailing.

With an interesting draped neckline, this New Year’s Eve outfit is sure to give off a stylish vibe.

14. Super High Waisted Sequin Flare Pant

These pants are perfect for taking any look from ordinary to extraordinary, providing sparkle and shine that is sure to turn heads. 

15. Kinsey Knit Dress

This captivating dress adds elegance with its midi hemline, ruching detail, and subtle v-neckline. Its cozy and breathable fabric gives optimum comfort.

Its belted waist provides an ultra flattering silhouette that works well for any figure type. 

Best Outfits for Men to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Are you looking for the perfect outfit to dress up in on New Year’s Eve? Look no further, here’s a list of the best outfits for men on New Year’s Eve and how to pick out something that suits your personality.

Follow this style guide for men when shopping for New Year’s outfits this season.

1. Plaid Grey Blazer

You can easily dress it up with a crisp white shirt or keep it smart-casual with your favorite tee. It is also great for layering, letting you easily adjust and adapt your look throughout the night as temperatures drop.

2. Velvet Blazer Jacket

With its timelessly chic design and classic silhouettes, you’ll look sleek and trendy at any holiday party.

The luxurious feel of this type of fabric adds an upscale touch that will transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

3. Black Suede Jacket

This stylish and fashionable outfit ensures that men stay warm while they are outside watching fireworks or attending outdoor events.

The deep shade of black will fit almost any color combination in their wardrobe. 

4. Black Trench Coat

Perfectly crafted and fashioned to provide protection from cool weather, the lightweight material used in these coats makes them great for New Year Eve parties.

To upgrade the classy look, pair your black trench coat with a crisp button shirt.

5. Black Sequin Blazer Jacket

A sharp and sophisticated alternative to traditional tuxedos and dress shirts, a classic black blazer jacket with allover sequin embellishments will look simply stunning.

6. Skinny Satin Shirt in Black

The satin material will give you a touch of confidence and glamor. Whether tucked into trousers or worn over jeans, this shirt ensures that wherever the night takes you, you’ll arrive there looking prepped and polished! 

7. Overshirt in Silver Sequins with Revere Collar

Light up the party by pairing this sharp piece with black skinny jeans and fresh white sneakers, or dress it up with tailored trousers and polished loafers for an elevated look.

8. Oversized Shirt in Borg Green and White Cut & Sew

Make a statement to turn heads and grab attention with an oversized shirt in Borg Green and White Cut & Sew. This is one of the best casual New Year Eve outfits.

9. Skinny Mesh Shirt with Placement Embroidery in White


The white mesh creates an ethereal look, while the intricate patterned embroidery lends a luxurious texture.

The slightly longer cut makes it easy to layer it over slacks or jeans for a put together look that shows off your personal style without sacrificing comfort.

10. Shearling Lining Coat

The shearling material is designed to give you maximum warmth and comfort all evening long – no matter how late the party goes. This versatile piece can add an element of class and poise to any outfit.

11. Skinny Fit Vintage Bronze Dress Suit

The skinny fit is perfect for creating a sleek silhouette that flatters any body type. Add on some matching accessories to complete the ensemble and boost your confidence as you strut into the night ready to make wonderful memories with friends and family or else you can try out some other suit brands which are best to jam the night.

12. Black and White Geo Jacquard Shawl Jacket

The classic silhouette combined with the beautiful black and white geo pattern make this shawl jacket stand out.

It’s made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that ensures the utmost comfort and elegance, while still providing warmth to beat out the cold of winter evenings.

You can mix and match it with multiple bottoms and dress shirts for an impressive look.

13. Gray Knitted Sweater

The perfect New Year’s Eve outfit, a gray knitted sweater looks polished and modern while offering comfort and style. You can pair it with chinos or dark denim.

14. Banded Collar Button Down Shirt

This popular wardrobe staple is sure to impress with its sophisticated and neat look that adds an air of elegance to every outfit.

Whether worn with slacks and a blazer, distressed jeans and a fitted jacket, or simply paired with dress pants, a banded collar shirt will always look put together on New Year’s Eve and beyond.

15. Black Velvet Dinner Suit

This timeless ensemble will add a level of style and sophistication to any man’s look, perfect for ringing in the New Year.

Whether you choose a traditional-looking blazer to go over your trousers or opt for a modern cut set with a sharper edge, a Black Velvet Dinner Suit pairing it with the best boots won’t let you down when it comes making an entrance this coming New Year’s Eve.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some fabulous and beautiful men’s and women’s New Year’s outfit ideas, get out there and start putting together your outfit.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes so you can enjoy the holidays stress-free.


FAQs about New Year’s Eve Outfits

Which Men’s Accessories to Wear on New Year’s Eve? 

Different types of Ties, pocket-square, belts, perfect sized wrist watches, bracelets, cufflinks, hats and caps are some of the most stylish and versatile accessories that men can wear to complete any outfit for a New Year’s Eve event.

Which Women’s Accessories to Wear on New Year’s Eve? 

For a classic look, choose accessories like dangling earrings or chandelier earrings. A metallic clutch bag is a perfect way to add a bit of glamor to your New Year’s outfits and instantly elevate any ensemble.

Statement necklaces, pendant chains or layered neck pieces also make great choices. Complete the look with bold rings on each finger for maximum impact.

What are Unlucky Colors to Avoid on New Year’s Day?

In Chinese culture, it is believed that wearing black, white and green on New Year’s Day brings bad luck.

Therefore, these colors should be stayed away from when it comes to New Year’s Day celebrations.

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