How To Upcycle Clothes Within Hours? [10 Trendy Ideas]

How To Upcycle Old Clothes

This article aims at motivating you towards upcycling clothes ideas because Mother Earth needs you to do your bit, more than ever…NOW!

In the age of drastic climate change, global warming triggering calamities, upcycling fashion is picking up as one of the fastest and sustainable trends in the last 8 to 10 years. It is nothing but creatively transforming your old products into something new, in order to cut down waste as well as cut the demand of generating new ones. But, how to upcycle clothes? Let me make it easy for you by sharing my own upcycling clothes ideas. 

How Upcycling Fashion Has Become a Trend? 

Upcycling Clothes

With global warming threatening the future of Mother Earth, Upcycling Fashion sooner or later had to become a trend. And the onus is at us, whether to adopt the same by choice, or later by force! I chose to adopt the same by choice. And why not? Just because you are bored off a certain piece of still-good-looking clothing, you add waste to the planet? Why not rather use some little imagination and creativity to transform the same into a chic fashion statement? 

Top 10 Ideas On How To Upcycle Clothes Within Two To Four Hours

It doesn’t take rocket science to make you learn how to start upcycling clothes. All it needs is one pinch of strong will to save the planet, another pinch of creativity that can always be borrowed from the internet or me as your ‘repurposing and upcycling clothes Guru’ and last pinch of pride. The last ingredient of the recipe will automatically generate the outcome from the below examples of upcycling clothes: 

1. Revamping T-shirts With Embroidery

T-Shirts Revamping

The simplest approach to repurpose old clothes is to start with upcycling a plain T-shirt. And do this by either doing some hand embroidery yourself or by getting it done by some ace craftsmen. Do some cool embroidery and channel the cherished brand. Even if you have to practice a little to do the same, it is worth it, as later it will become a piece of pride hand done by yourself! On another note, you can even buy pre-done embroidered motifs and sew them to the T-shirt.

2. Hand-Painted Denim Jeans

Painted denim Jeans

Unchain the artist in you, if your old jeans have always been your favorite in terms of fit and color. Simply paint it with something that suits your persona. Alternatively you can also pick up simple designs from the internet, print them, trace them onto the jeans and create beauty in your own colors! One of my most sought after upcycling clothes ideas, which also gives me solace and rejuvenation at the same time!

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3. Dyeing Your Old Clothes

Dyeing Old Clothes

We buy many cotton things in our lifetime which tend to lose color with time but the fabric remains intact. Like jeans, T-shirts, skirts, tops and whatnot. Dyeing old jeans has always been my comfort zone because once I love a fit of the jeans, I don’t let its embrace go off so easily. Repurpose old clothes with tie-dying – the way I do to my white or light colored T-shirts and tops. And it will create a plethora of options for you in myriad hues. So much so that I can happily wear a few of those experiments to even casual night outs over short skirts! 

4. Headbands Out of Shirts

Headbands Out of Shirts

This is one of the easiest examples of upcycling clothes. Men’s and women’s shirts at the time have that great print or weave that stays in our hearts for a long time. And for such a set of clothes, the best way to make them rule your head too is to convert them into chic headbands, using some elastic or simply knotting a few strips of shirts/T-shirts in various ways. If you aren’t into wearing headbands then even head-scarves or even a bandana are a cool idea! Try it out, you won’t regret my suggestion.

5. No-Sew Crop Tops

If you are not the person who would love to sew clothes, then simply repurpose old clothes like T-shirts, tops in this no-sew way. Cut away the suitable length of your tops or shirts or T-shirts and convert them into crop tops. The ends can be pulled out as tassels or left as it is for that rugged, cute look and sexy style.

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6. T-Shirt Tote Bags

These can be either sewed ones or even non-sewed ones! Yes, you heard that right. for non sewed ones, just make two slits at the hem of the bottom and insert a string inside, the way it is done into your pyjamas and tie the bottom of the T-shirt. Now, simply cut away the sleeves and bring them together to be used as an arm handle! Isn’t it simple?

Optionally, the same can be done by sewing up the bottom. And neatly doing up the cut-away sleeves or neckline portion (if you need a bigger opening) will make it a cool tote bag. You can additionally add some studs or embroidery if the fabric is mono-tone. 

7. Sweater to Cardigans/Shrugs

Upcycling Cardigans And Shrugs

This is one of the simplest examples of upcycling clothes, when you can no longer fit into a sweater, simply cut open the front. Neatly sew the hosiery’s loose ends, ensuring none is left open. And then attach suitable buttons or loops, or simply leave it open as a shrug. Try this out and you will thank me later for saving your costly brands from flying off your home, just because you put on some extra pounds!

8.Sweater Skirts

Sweater Skirts

Ah, this one is one of my most favorite upcycling clothes ideas that is also among the easiest examples of upcycling clothes! The easiest one also. Simply remove the neck portion as a straight line to create wide-enough an opening for your waist. Sew up the loose ends. Now, cut away the sleeves but only at half-length, sew their open ends and push them inside as pockets! And Voila, your sweater skirt is ready in minutes and not hours! If you pick up your man’s sweater or that of your dad, it would be warmer. If you pick your own for the same, it would be more like a mini skirt with some bright colors! 

9. T-Shirt Rugs

Upcycled Rugs From T-Shirts

Pick some old colorful T-shirts, cut long strips of equal width strips out of the same. Now either braid them up, knot them up or if feeling too lazy, just use a hot glue gun to tie them up. And Voila, a colorful rug is ready within hours. The same would cost you a fortune if you buy it under the banner ‘ eco-friendly, upcycled rugs.’ So control the laughs, grab the idea and repurpose old clothes! 

10. Jacket to Jumper Dress

All you need to do here is cut away the sleeves and sew up the holes in tune and line with the outer line of the jacket. And later convert the collared neckline as per your style and mood – it can be simply a V shape, sleeveless one; a two-string, dungarees-shape or for that matter, simply an off-shoulder dress that can be worn with a shrug. As many styles as your imagination! 

Are you aware that some 2700 litres of water are used to create just one single-cotton T-shirt that you wear? And for the same water to drink you shell out Rs 20 or more per litre. Isn’t that ridiculous? 

Thus, repurposing and upcycling clothes must stay a forever trend not just because it is fun, but all the more because sustainable fashion is the need of the hour to let this planet survive amid the drastic climate change. And further on, each piece you recreate will not just be your pride, but also be an inspiration to many. Hope I answered your basic how to upcycle clothes queries?

The above are just a handful of examples of upcycling clothes or just a basic guide on how to start upcycling clothes. So, don’t forget to share with me what you create next using your own creative skill; I would be waiting to check out your own upcycling clothes ideas beyond what you share adopting mine! 


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