Athletic Fit Jeans For Women: A Fashion Trend That Refuses To Die

athletic fit jeans for women

Have you been hitting the gym regularly to tone up the body, especially those oomph-driving legs? Or post a great Yoga-toned body, are you finding it tough to fit into those regular jeans, especially your well-toned athletic legs? Are the regular jeans sticking too tight around your thighs, or hanging by the waist or are the regular jeans just polling around your beautifully pedicured ankles?

Then, the Athletic Fit Jeans are the perfect ones for your rescue! So what is athletic-fit jeans? These are specially designed jeans that follow the natural structure of well-toned leg muscles, perfect snug at the waist, cozy up the big thighs as well and then taper down from knee to just the ankle, without pooling around it. In short, they are that perfect lower wear that pampers and complement your athletic body shape.

Women’s Body Types & Suitable Athletic Fit Jeans

Low-rise Jeans

These are perfect for women with curvy hips who wish to avoid the always dreaded waist gap issue; these are warmly snug at the hips to avoid the slip. There is also mean low rise athletic jeans in this category if you don’t have curvy hips and just toned legs. These athletic taper jeans or even the athletic skinny jeans, hang a little low to ensure that this style fits your lower with a stretch.
Low rise jeans for athletic women

Mid-rise Jeans

This one is the most popular fit that is comfortable for all women-body types. And also the most favorite for all who wish to have a little more style and enhancement around our mid-body section. What’s more, mid-rise jeans go perfectly with any top length, any design, any style – making these jeans just a perfect all-rounder in a women’s wardrobe.

High-rise Jeans

We can call this the retro-style, but the fact of the matter is that this is classic and will never go out of fashion. This snugs perfectly at athletic women’s bodies with smaller waists. In simple words, whether these are athletic taper jeans or athletic skinny jeans, these just complement the hourglass body shape of a woman, who looks amazing in this high-rise variety with its stretch and slender. Cropped tops, tucks ins and even tube tops gel perfectly well with these jeans. Pick one and flaunt your toned body! Now let me share some most popular jeans for athletic women. And share how the various types of athletic jeans women love to wear, compliment their natural or even toned-up body types.

H&M wide high ankle jeans

H&M Wide High Ankle Jeans
Source: H&M
From two pockets to four pockets, these athletic jeans are available in a wide range. These come in a high waist style to show off those toned tummy abs when you team them up with a crop top; they have a zip fly and button making it an easy-to-take-off ensemble. And then these run through straight legs that have a flare just below the shanks at the hem and closer to the ankle – the idea is to showcase your toned thigh muscles but also keep your lower body breathing in summers and monsoons, adding that style zing too. These jeans for athletic women are also the best jeans for thick thighs! Flaunt them or shy them, they do both with elan!

Curve high-waist ankle straight leg jeans

Curve high-waist ankle straight leg jeans
Source: Nordstrom

If you wish to ultra-flatter your super-toned body, then these are your go-to jeans which are super high rise jeans but with ankle-grazing, stretchy straight legs.

The idea is to flaunt that gap-proof yet well-contoured waist that you have achieved like a milestone at the gym. A perfectly comfortable fit for a slim, toned body.

Pair this jeans for athletic women with a tied-shirt resembling a crop top, or an actual crop top, add a sling bag and use some platform heeled shoes – and you are ready to rock!

Paige Nellie culotte jeans

Paige Nellie Culotte Jeans
Source: Jeantheory
Nellie Culotte stretches onto your toned legs, to sit right above the ankle as a slightly flared foot opening. These also are one of the best jeans for thick thighs, as these are easy to slide into and flatter the body with a relaxed fit, especially for summers and the rainy season. When paired with a short monotone shirt, these also form a very nice semi-formal couture. Use an arm bag and shoes to complement the attire, and get ready to gather some compliments for your Yoga-toned body.

Good les high-waist skinny jeans

High-Waist Skinny Jeans
Source: Marks & Spencer
High waist skinny jeans which are also named high-waist jeggings in the modern era are a huge rage these days. Who all fit into this mould? Well, these are specially designed to tightly hug a slim body to enhance those curves, from waist to ankle. These jeans for athletic women also compliment even those with wide hips, yet toned and slim sexy legs. Can be literally paired with anything under the Sun, but try to keep the top length short – as the whole idea is to enhance the curvy lower body.

Levi’s 311 shaping skinny jeans

Levi's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans
Source: Levi’s
Now you might ask me: Going by the name, how are these different from High-Waist Skinny Jeans? Though these sound the same but are actually ‘shapewear’ in the sub-category of Athletic Skinny Jeans. Yes, these shape the tummy, tuck it in, then lift your seat to give those toned hips the perfect curve and also lengthen your legs. In short, they make you look slim, sexy and curvy at the same time, despite the body not having the perfect desired shape yet. Don’t worry, just slip in these till your Yoga practice gets you your desired body shape!

High-waist ankle skinny jeans

High-Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans
Source: Forever21
Universally flattering, these athletic fit jeans complement even the plus-sized women. These snuggle up just like jeggings, at your lower body, hide even a slightly-out-of shape tummy (say maybe of a new, proud mother) and perfectly stretch down till the ankle. These jeans for athletic women can be paired with almost everything under the Sun, whether it is the top wear or the shoes. It just compliments your body.

High-rise skinny crop jeans

High-rise skinny crop jeans
Source: Forever 21
Just like the Ankle Skinny jeans, even the Skinny Crop Jeans fit even a plus-body size like shapewear. But the only difference here is that the stretched length of the jeans legs is cropped right above the ankle, to let you flaunt your lovely feet as well. These athletic skinny jeans are the perfect choice for women who love to wear high heels or those glamorous stilettos.

 H&M slim ankle jeans

 H&M Slim Ankle Jeans
Source: H&M
These athletic taper jeans are often confused as skinny jeans, but they are actually not. Slim Ankle Jeans are straight jeans with a zip fly and button, which taper at the legs till the ankle. These are not the high waist, not the low waist, but have just that perfect tug at the waist, so as to be paired with any kind of top or shirt. These look perfect on a naturally fit body or even a plus-sized body if you pick the right size. These athletic taper jeans not just enhance your natural looks, bot also to showcase the mannerism of athletic jeans women love to wear to take pride in being themselves!


Remember, each human is unique; each woman is beautiful due to her inner beauty and not just the external looks. All of us just need a non-sedentary lifestyle, that daily dose of a healthy diet topped with the cherry of daily exercise. And Voila! We can slip into any kind of athletic fit jeans. So no crash-diets please, this article is aimed at detailing ‘what is an athletic fit jeans;’ it is aimed at complementing the athletic jeans women like to wear, and not to dictate what they must wear. So give yourself time for self-care, stay fit and enjoy the perfect athletic jeans that select for yourself to compliment your beautiful body. Don’t forget to share your queries in the comments section, we will be happy to resolve them. Till we meet again, with some more styling tips, rock on ladies!

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