15 Cute Polymer Clay Earring Designs – A DIY Fashion Trend

polymer clay earring design

Have you ever tried making your jewelry?

Do you want to learn how to make polymer clay earrings for yourself?

A unique and ultimate statement to showcase your style is handmade jewelry. Being creative and trendy, handmade jewelry has the benefit of styling it according to your outfit. When it comes to earrings, they are among the accessories that instantly bring attention and highlight your face. They indirectly showcase your personality.

A cute pair of clay earrings are the best way to ramp up your look. This timeless fashion accessory has gained a lot of popularity. Getting the best polymer clay earring design is still a tricky task. Why not try to make one on your own? This fashion trend is extremely easy and cost-effective.

Have a look at these DIY Polymer Clay Earring Designs that are super fun and are sure to get your creative juices flowing. 

Polymer Clay Earring Designs

How You Can Make Polymer Clay Earrings?

Polymer clay made from vinyl is great for crafting. It stays soft and does not dry out until it’s baked. Blend it with beautiful colors, sculpt it, or impress it in different textures to make cute clay earrings. Choose the trendiest designs like modern marble, floral and botanical patterns, arch shapes, and abstract landscapes. Apart from this, use your creativity to design the trendiest clay earring. 

1.  Choosing the Right Polymer Clay Earring

Choosing the Right Polymer Clay Earring

Select a relatively simple design. Consider your own personal style. What types of earrings do you normally wear? Choose a design that complements your existing wardrobe. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment. With a little practice, you’ll be creating perfect handmade clay earrings in no time!

2. Gather Your Supplies

Before you start making your earrings, it’s a good idea to gather all the supplies you need. This way, you can be sure that you have everything you need to make your design perfect. For polymer clay earrings DIY, you’ll need some clay in the colors of your choice, a sharp knife, and a baking sheet. Once you are done gathering all supplies, you’re ready to start designing!

3. Polymer Clay Earring Materials

You can make your own beginner-friendly polymer clay earring kit by assembling just a few materials:

  • Polymer clay in your choice of colors
  • Earring back, such as hoop, hook, etc.
  • Jump ring
  • Superglue
  • Parchment paper
  • Wet wipes

If your kit is ready with all these materials, without making any further delay, start making your favorite polymer clay earring.

4. Polymer Clay Earring Tools

For making clay earrings, you need a few tools as well – 

  • Acrylic rolling pin
  • Craft knife or clay slicer
  • Clay cutter 
  • Heavy-duty needle or toothpick 
  • Flat baking sheet
  • Jewelry plier
  • Oven thermometer

Once you have all these supplies, start making clay earrings.

5. Crafting – Shaping and Cutting

Crafting – Shaping and Cutting

You need to knead the clay to make it soft and easy to shape. Then roll the well-conditioned clay into a long, thin rope. After that, use a sharp knife to cut the rope into small pieces, making sure that each piece is approximately the same size. Once you have your pieces cut, you can start shaping them into earrings.

To do this, simply press each piece of clay into an earring mold or use your fingers to shape it into the desired shape. Once you’re happy with the shape of your earrings, use a toothpick or other sharp object to make a small hole at the top of each earring. This will be where you’ll insert the jump ring later on. 

6. Baking Polymer Clay

Once you are done with shaping and cutting the clay and turning it into an earring, bake the clay earring according to the instructions on your clay package. When you see that the earring is cooled, you can add the jump rings and hooks and enjoy your new earrings!

Who Can Wear Polymer Clay Earrings?

Polymer clay earrings are the first choice of those who love minimal, feminine, sophisticated, and, boho jewelry. It’s the most loved indie aesthetic accessory. Popular among teenage and young girls, polymer earrings are best to customize as per your choice. Handmade clay earrings are unique in themselves and the favorite of those who believe in wearing one of its kinds.

Cute DIY Polymer Clay Earrings Designs 

Here are some cute homemade or DIY polymer clay earrings which makes your outfit looks funky and fashionable. Let’s dive in and explore some amazing polymer clay earring designs.

Food Polymer Clay Earrings

1. Avacado Polymer Clay Earrings

Thinking of a really cute and bright pair of DIY clay earring ideas? Then add avocado; one of the favorite salad ingredients to your earlobes. They are a popular health food and have a quirky design. For providing a realistic touch glaze to the avocado seed use some polymer clay varnish. These tiny details make the earrings pop and add a pretty finish. To create the body of avocado layer three colors of green; dark green for the skin, a yellowish-green for the central part, and medium green for the main flesh.

Avacado polymer clay earrings
Image Source: Wearably Weird

2. Doughnut Polymer Clay Earrings

Mouth-watering to eat; the doughnut earrings are surprisingly simple to make. All you have to do is make a colored dough base, select the colored icing you like, and have fun with the contrast sprinkle combination. Doughnut earrings are funny, cute, and most importantly unique. This handmade clay earring design is a perfect conversation starter and is gaining a lot of attention on Instagram too.

Tiny doughnut earrings made from polymer clay.
Image Source: Reddit

3. Fried Eggs Polymer Clay Earrings

This offbeat design is quite popular in polymer clay earring patterns. To give it the exact realistic look; add the crispy details from pan-frying and a glossy yolk. You have to use a little polymer clay varnish. These extraordinary and playful clay earrings will prove to be a stand-out piece in your jewelry box. 

Fried egg earrings fun earrings food earrings quirky | Etsy in 2021 | Fun  earrings, Food earrings, Quirky earrings
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Watermelon Polymer Clay Earrings

Juicy, bright, and colorful pair of cute clay earrings are enough to lighten your summers. Add this fresh summer fruit to your ears and be ready to stand out of the crowd. Make the watermelon body and then roll out a fine string of black polymer clay. Slice it into tiny little seed shapes and press them against the body of the watermelon slice.

 Polymer Clay Watermelon Fruit Earring
Image Source: Etsy

Do not use glue they will simply stick at the time of baking. To mimic the natural tones you can also create the skin with a marbled slab of light and medium green clay.

5. Strawberry Polymer Clay Earrings

This beautiful little iconic fruit when turned into earrings is enough to grab anybody’s attention. Roll a little clay in the form of a ball and mold it in the shape of a strawberry.

Strawberry Earrings Polymer Clay Earring
Image Source: Pinterest

Poke small holes and take green clay to be placed at the top in the form of a leaf. You can also put tiny seeds made of black clay for a more attractive look. 

6. Lemon Polymer Clay Earrings

Lemon polymer clay earring
Image Source: Etsy

The lemon clay earring design is super easy to make. No need for any tool you can make it just by using your fingertips. These tiny and dainty earrings must replicate realistic stems; have blossom ends and leaves with a stippled peel. Add a citrus twist to your look and flaunt your cute polymer clay earrings. 

7. Mushroom Polymer Clay Earrings

Amongst all, the cutest pair of earrings can be none other than having mushrooms. Roll the clay and mold it in the form of a mushroom cap. Take another contrasting color and put tiny dots on the same. Make a tiny stick under it and your pretty mushrooms are ready to dazzle.

Mushroom ploymer clay earrings
Image Source: Pinterest

Flower Polymer Clay Earrings

8. Sunflower Polymer Clay Earrings

Polymer Clay Earrings Sunflowers
Image Source: desertcart

Colorful earrings are the best to make a statement and are enough to brighten up any outfit. We are so connected with Sunflower prints on our clothes and accessories for years. Now it’s time to pair them in your ears. Easy to make they just require a bright sunny yellow for the petals and a dark brown for the center of the flowers.

9. Daisy Polymer Clay Earrings

Daisy Polymer Clay Earrings
Image Source: Pinterest

A quintessential spring-time aesthetic to get a fresh and pretty look is here. When scaled down in an incorrect measure, they look exactly like real daisies. Using polymer clay you can make larger versions of your favorite flowers. They are so light that you need not worry about pulling on your earlobes.

10. Rose Polymer Clay Earrings

Rose earrings in Polymer clay
Image Source: Etsy

Polymer clay roses prove to be a perfect pair for flower lovers. They depict the same romantic feelings as the real flowers do. These would make the perfect gift and are easy to make. With just single-colour polymer clay of pink, white, red, or yellow you can make these by just sticking pedals in the right position. 

11. Poppy Polymer Clay Earrings  

 Polymer clay red poppy earrings
Image Source: Pinterest

For making pretty poppies use green clay and make small balls out of it. Make small strips on these balls using a blade. Wrap the middle part with red petals. Varnish the clay to give a glossy touch. 

Heart-Shaped Earrings

12. Loving heart Polymer Clay Earrings

You can at any time get charmed up with beautiful loving heart earrings. Using a heart shape cutter, you can get the perfect and equal shape of both earrings. Red or pink hearts both look equally romantic and stylish. 

handmade double heart polymer clay earrings
Image Source: Depop

13. Heart & Rainbow Polymer Clay Earrings

Practice your clay molding skills and make/ing handmade polymer clay earrings together. A Heart and a rainbow make such a cute pair. This simple idea when combined perfectly looks adorably bright and beautiful. These additional clay colors, add hinges for extra swing, and a textured detail!

Rainbow Heart Stud Polymer Clay Earrings
Image Source: Etsy

14. Sparkly Hearts Polymer Clay Earrings

Show a little love to the whole world with tiny glitter hearts. After making cute tiny heart shape studs, sprinkle glitters on the full heart or spread it partially. Adding glitter will draw attention to your cute new earrings and complement the fun color you choose to make them.

Hot pink glitter Heart earrings polymer clay earrings
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Happy/Sad Earrings Polymer Clay Earrings

Hearts look awesome in the way they are and adding faces to them is going to upgrade this design. The happy and sad-faced heart earrings when made using some neon polymer clay are so eye-catchy. They make a funny statement and add a cute accent to your design. Pick any color for this, they look pretty in all. 

Multi-colored Polymer Clay Earrings

Multicolored polymer clay earring
Image Source: Pinterest

Confused about colors? Let’s try multi-color this time. Multi-colored clay earrings look very classy and mesmerizing. They go with almost every outfit. Use as many colors as you want, mix them, and mold them in the desired shape by using your creativity. To make them shiny use varnish or glitter them partially. These would prove best for any party, lunch, or get-togethers. This minimal look is one of its kind and very stylish. 

Leopard Print Polymer Clay Earrings

Leopard animal print polymer clay earring
Image Source: Pinterest

It seems complicated and sounds a bit intimidating. Leopard prints have been in trend for a long and are still have the same charm. Right from shirts, dresses, boots, accessories, it still holds a lot of popularity. But believe us it is very easy to make.

Pick out any two colors may be brown or black. Roll it thin and try to create an illusion of depth. Rip off tiny pieces of clay to get a random shape of leopard spots. Repeat it unless you get the desired design. Give the desired shape to your earring, assemble it and flaunt it in style. 


Polymer clay is such a fantastic material for earring crafting. The possibilities to explore your creativity with this are truly endless. It comes in all possible colors and can be cured at home in your oven. It is malleable that makes creating 3D designs super easy to achieve. Apart from earrings, you can also make necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc. Try and test what best suits you and explore how far you can go with your creativity.

FAQs about Polymer Clay Earrings

How to make clay earrings glossy?

You can make your clay earrings glossy by baking them in the oven. Make sure to do this at a low temperature so that the clay doesn’t melt or burn.

What clay to use for earrings?

Polymer clay is best for making earrings.

Do polymer clay earrings break easily?

If you do not bake the polymer clay earring for the adequate time it requires, the design you create in the earring is not evenly placed, or the earring is exposed to extreme temperature change or humid weather after being baked, it breaks easily.

What tools are needed to make polymer clay earrings?

Here are the basic tools you will need to make polymer clay earrings:
1. Tissue blade set
2. Craft knife
3. Acrylic roller
4. Pin drill or beading awl
5. A set of templates or cutters
6. Ruler
7. Paint brush set
8. Sandpaper
9. Clay sealer
10. Baking oven

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