How to Dress for Pear Shaped Body – Top 20 Pear Shaped Outfits

Dress for pear shaped body

Whether you love your pear-shaped body with great enthusiasm or still attempting to acknowledge your body type, the truth of the matter is you want pear-shaped body outfits that accommodate your style as well as enhance your natural silhouette.

Finding out about your body shape is crucial for your style development. Dressing for pear-shaped body is a basic move toward developing your design impulses and sharpening an individual style that you feel awesome in. Finding the silhouettes that make you happy and confident about your body and having the option to change styles to look more complimenting, are essential components to selecting clothes for a pear-shaped body

Thus, we should start with a complete manual for building a closet for the pear shape body type. We will answer various questions here like how to dress plus size pear shape? How to dress a pear shaped body? And more.

But let’s start with first things first, and for beginners, let’s decode what is a pear-shaped body? And what are the other body types:

  • Hourglass Shape Body: Assuming that your hips and bust are almost equivalent in size and you have a clear-cut midsection that is smaller than both, then you have an hourglass shape. And here is the complete guide to wearing outfits for hourglass figures.
  • Apple Body Shape is portrayed by shoulders and bust that are bigger than the hips, with a midsection/waist that is not distinct.
  • Ordinarily an ‘Inverted Triangle Shaped’ woman’s hips are observably smaller contrasted with her wide shoulders (consequently this blend that compels the overall body shape resembles a reversed triangle) You have quite lean legs! At the point when you put on weight, you gain it over the midriff.
  • A Rectangle Body Shape is where there is a straight silhouette. It is characterized by equally wide shoulders, waist, and hips. This means your body has very little curves, if any. You ideally have a straight and very minimally flared silhouette.

Characteristics of the Pear-Shaped Body

The pear body shape is portrayed via a high midsection, restricted shoulders, and more extensive hips. The weight distribution of this kind of figure implies that the most stretched-out piece of your build will be in your stomach region or hip line as opposed to around the bust or shoulders.

Remember that it is feasible to be pear-shaped and be exceptionally fit, at the same time! Everything related to your style relies heavily on how you dress for the pear-shaped body to carry your weight that might be just genetics.

Struggles Regarding Pear-Shaped Body Fashion

  • Since your shoulders are narrower as compared to your wider hips, you tend to look bulky. So find it tough to decide what will make you look slimmer
  • You face a tough time picking the right fit and outfit as a bottom wear

Pear Body Shape Outfit Ideas 

The rule is simple here – fewer accents and details with less colorfulness around your waistline. Also no flares as the bottom wear, which tends to accentuate the bust-line, hands, and hips. Now let’s discuss each outfit below in tandem with this rule.

1. V-neck Necklines

This is an incredible choice for the pear shape body type since it broadens your neck and causes people to notice your upper half, and not your pear body shape. Clothes for pear shaped body with a V-neckline, can likewise elongate the short torso, which numerous dainty ladies would love to have.

2. Scoop necklines

Summer clothes for pear shaped body should include this kind of neckline. It is yet again an incredible choice for the pear shape body type since it gives the feel to broaden your neckline and draws attention to your upper half, rather than the lower pear shape. For this neckline, you must invest in a padded bra.

3. Turtleneck or High Neck Outfits

This is an incredible choice for an unimposing pear-shaped body type since it will draw the eye up and give an extended feel to your neck. You can pick a chunkier sew turtleneck too to add a visual load to your neck and shoulders. I would select turtlenecks with sleeves or an extremely expansive sleeveless style.

4. Full Sleeves

The best dress for pear shape body these days comes in full sleeves. Why? because you need to downplay the volume around your hips. For this situation, it is ideal to allow the sleeve to tighten a bit and be long, while simultaneously adding volume to the shoulder region. This can be accomplished, for example, through long-sleeved pear shaped body outfits.

5. Sleeveless Tops/Shirts

The correct style of the sleeve for pear-shaped body outfits varies with the length of the sleeve. Assuming the sleeve is short, settle on wide and decorated styles to dress for pear shaped body. It will add volume to the chest area. Great choices are sleeveless or flutter and maximum batwing sleeves.

6. Cap Sleeves

The style dictionaries define cap sleeves as: a sleeve extending only a short distance from the shoulder and tapering to nothing under the arm. This gives you the best dress for pear -shaped body, because it shifts the focus from the lower body to the shoulders. And you get the perfect pear-shaped body outfits.

7. Tops

In terms of clothes for pear-shaped body or summer clothes for pear-shaped body, we must focus at the tops primarily. Why? Because the right ones will shift the focus from your lower body structure to the upper one. So, when you pick one, the lowest your hemline should be hitting, must be the middle of your hips and not beyond. You can also pick crop tops that end just above the waist and don’t taper to hug your body.

8. Shirts

How to dress a pear-shaped body? The best way is to pick up shirts. Avoid long shirts that are beyond your hips or the lower hip area. The hemline must end at the middle of the hips. And go for sleeves as mentioned in the above points.

9. Jackets

Layering pieces are perfect for this body type and won’t just add a unique component to your outfit, but also however assist with adding that visual upper attention you really want. This is also the answer to ‘how to dress plus size pear shape.’ Coats/jackets for the pear body shape shouldn’t hit at the broadest piece of your hips.

You need to pick a more trimmed outline, around your waistline or only straightforwardly underneath it. Or on the other hand you can decide to go with a more drawn-out outline that hits beneath the broadest piece of your hips, to even the mid-thigh region. Stay away from delicate texture coats that have no construction to their shoulders and are “flowy”.

10. Coats

just like the jackets, keep the coats that are fitting on the torso and going up only till the middle of your butts; not beyond. This will maintain a focus on the upper half of the body. Wear a V-neck or Cap neck to add extra mileage to your day’s pear-shaped body outfits.

11. Dresses

You’ll need to have a few dresses in your closet regardless of your body type. They make a stylish ensemble with little exertion and great summer clothes for pear shaped body. While picking a dress for your pear shape, you’ll need to be aware of how the dress embraces your hips, and how it treats your upper half. Pick embellishments or prints/variety that draws your eye up. Dresses that characterize the abdomen additionally assist this shape with giving the presence of adjusted bends.

12. Jeans

While picking pants you truly must be aware of your unique body proportions and which part of your hips/upper thigh is the widest area. This will determine whether you will look good in high or mid-waist jeans. Most “normal” pear shapes work best with an elevated structure. Nonetheless, in the event that you are a thin pear or convey your weight higher in your hips, you might be more appealing in a mid-rise jeans.

Among the pear-shaped body outfits, the best jeans for you are ones that extend from the hips straight down or delicately extend. You’ll need to keep away from tapering jeans, very thin fits, and any creased pants as they excessively accentuate your hips. You’ll likewise need to know about any “wear marks” around your hips, for example, whisker-ing, blur lines, or wrinkle lines along your hips.

13. Jumpsuit or Romper

With regards to jumpsuits you need to keep away from anything that shapes in through the leg or thigh. It’s ideal to pick a romper or jumpsuit that has a midriff definition, shoulder or neck area accentuation, and a straight leg shape. All-over designs on jumpsuits will ordinarily be too bustling on the pear body shape. Nonetheless, vertical stripes or brilliant tones can work on the off chance that they have a lot of waist definition. These work great as summer clothes for a pear-shaped bodies.

14. Pants

Incredibly tightened pants can excessively highlight your hip region. Either acknowledge this and embrace your broad hips or ensure that you balance out your bottom’s pear shape with a top that truly highlights your waist, shoulders and bust.

Stay away from embellishments and unmistakable pocket subtleties that will attract the eye to your hips. Light coloured bottoms and pastels shades or even the printed bottoms on your lower half can make your hips look more extensive. Thus, avoidable as pear shaped body outfits.

15. Best Skirts for Pear-Shaped Body

When you ask us How to dress plus size pear shape, we will say in skirts! The A-line ones, the unlined Circle Skirt that falls naturally straight; the Panelled Skirt which is lose on hips; the Straight Midi or Knee Length Skirt and even the Asymmetrical bias-cut skirts are a great choice as summer clothes for pear shaped body or even for the winters, provided you don’t wear the shoes that draw attention to the lower half of your body. You can even try wrap-around skirts but must avoid mini skirts, full volume skirts, peplum skirts, pencil skirts, etc which usually tend to accentuate the lower half of your body.

16. Accessories for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Embellishments or accessories are the last yet most important detail to any style and any body shape. For the pear-shaped body outfits, you will need to zero in on embellishments for the upper portion of your body. Statement different types of clay earrings, scarves, caps, and neckbands (that hit over the bust) are incredible choices. You will need to keep away from handbags that land on your hips and thigh-high boots that highlight your legs. Belts can be a mix of good and bad with the pear shape.

While you surely need abdomen definition, a few belts add an excess of accentuation to the mid-waist of your body. So, begin with slight belts or tie belts around your abdomen for the simplest coordination. Scarves, caps, and shades are likewise extraordinary choices! When you dress for pear shaped body, stay away from thick arm bracelets that wind up adding visual load to your hip region when your arms are down.

17. Work-Wear Outfit

Attempt to wear light color pants and lighter-colored shirts. This will give the deception of a slimmer base, offsetting the top half and base portion of the body. Attempt navy blue, chocolate-brown and dark straight-fit or boot-cut pants with white, sky-blue, beige or peach shirts. Also keep a high focus on your underwear. Pick strapped or consistent undies. Likewise coordinate the bras with your shirts, particularly while you’re wearing lighter-hued shirts. Also, getting the shirts into pants and wearing a medium-sized belt is consistently smart. It makes you look more stylish, and eliminates the additional volume around the hip-region. For winters you can attempt layering with short jackets and coats or a long sleeveless pullover. Layering adds vertical lines and lengthens the figure.

18. Casual Outfit

These particular clothes for pear shaped body can be any. These may be a light top on a dark bottom, because dark colors have a slimming effect. You can try vertical, not horizontal lines on the tops, because horizontal lines tend to create a widening-body effect. How to dress plus size pear shape? Here even the monochromes also look great among the best dress for pear-shaped bodies. Keep the color dark, for a slimming effect.  Avoid baggy waistlines, so that these clothes for pear-shaped body do not make you look wider than you actually are. And there can be more such ideas doing permutations and combinations with the various points and outfits shared above, on how to dress a pear-shaped body.

19. Vacation Outfit

From the above-listed pear-shaped body outfits, you can choose combinations from tops and pants, jeans and tops, dresses, jackets or more as per the weather of the vacation destination. All you need to ensure is that you wear nothing which accentuates the lower body like shorts, or flared skirts or for that matter, lower hugging mini skirts.

20. Swim Suit

There isn’t anything that gives more certainty than getting yourself a decent swimsuit, especially for a vacation, that accommodates your pear body shape impeccably. It may very well be a bandeau or a bathing suit with unclogging neck areas or strong tones and special tops. In the event that you carry the additional load in your hips and thighs,  then boy shorts or a skirt will assist by limiting the extra inches. In the event that you carry extra inches on your abdominal area, then pick a swimsuit with a high midsection or a one-piece suit to assist with belly weight control.


Whatever you pick from the above as your pear-shaped body outfits, never forget to wear your confident smile. It will help you carry yourself with pride, even if you are slightly wrong in selecting the Best dress for pear shaped body.

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