How To Style A Turtleneck: 12 Amazing Turtleneck Outfit Ideas

Turtleneck outfit ideas have always rocked the fashion world and they just get bigger with every decade. No wonder, questions like how to style a turtleneck or how to wear a turtleneck with other attire, is the primary question that you ladies will dart at me! Relax my own Ninjas, today am here to help you ace the turtleneck outfit’s aesthetic look through the year, any time of the day!

Next you might ask me, does turtle neck attire look good on all body types among women? And I will say yes, because all you need is just the right pairing of the entire attire to ace the style. No wonder, cute turtleneck outfits, turtle neck dresses and turtleneck outfit ideas never run out of fashion. When you read further you will see why turtle neck is so popular among the celebs across the world and why they love to wear a turtleneck all the year round.

But first things first, let’s first understand what all turtle-neck types we have available in the fashion world.

Types of Turtlenecks

Types of Turtlenecks

There are various types of Turtleneck upper wears, depending how it falls around your neck or embraces the same.

  • Classic Turtle Neck is what hugs your neck in totality till right below your chin.
  • Cowl Neck is the one when the Turtle neck has an unstructured, droopy neckline.
  • Funnel Turtleneck or the Mock Turtleneck reaches halfway up your neck and is for those who hate any cloth around the neck, yet wish to be in-fashion
  • Pullover Turtleneck is one which is a structured turtleneck but is looser than the classic one.
  • Then there would be Denim TurtleNeck, Knitted Turtlenecks, Dress Turtlenecks, etc as per the fabric or style cut.

How To Style A Turtleneck

Indeed, however much we as a whole love an iconic Audrey Hepburn wearing a dark turtleneck with dark chinos, we can look outside that exemplary style enclose to additional exceptional ways of wearing the turtleneck. Let’s check out some 12 Styles that not just I but fashionista celebs give a thumbs up to!

1. Crew Neck with Turtleneck Outfit

To wear a turtleneck outfit per say the crew neck, you must be walking into casual events as it is a very laid back style. You can style them with your chinos, pajamas or short/long skirts, as per your own body type.

Casual shoes and shades as accessories will add wonders to the overall outfit. Among the turtleneck outfit ideas, this one is my favorite, because I don’t have to think twice on what to wear at casual outings during the fall or winter season. Perhaps for the same reason, you would find Kim Kardashian donning this style often. While Elizabeth Taylor, made this a fashion statement in her heydays!

2. Black Turtleneck Outfits

Black Turtleneck is the most versatile garment in your wardrobes my darlings! You can wear it under a midi dress, under suit pants in lighter colors, over jeans with or without a blazer, on a short skirt and so on and so forth as far as your imagination can go. Just ensure that shoes are appropriately casual or formal as per the overall outfit and a nice handbag compliments your overall looks Babe!

3. Turtleneck Under a Mini Dress

To wear a turtleneck with a Midi or Mini Dress you need to follow just one rule, darker turtleneck under a brighter dress and vice versa. Plus if the dress has some prints, plaids or checks, then keep the turtleneck outfits aesthetic by wearing them in bolid monotones, not prints.

Don a nice pair of machining sneakers or say stilettos, and you are ready to rock! I find this pairing among the top cute outfits with black turtlenecks. No wonder The Kardahian sisters often love to appear in such an outfit.

4. Turtleneck with a Blazer

To style a turtleneck with a Blazer, you ought to wear the usual neck hugging ones so that this doesn’t flow off to the blazers lapels and make the overall outfit shine out. The XXX-Xander Cage star Dipika Padukone is known to ace this style during all her vacations and work trips abroad. I personally love this attire, since among all the turtleneck outfit ideas, this particular one can be made into a casual or formal wear just by changing the pants into jean or formal trousers. And you can slip from one time of the day – say office work to office party – with butter-smooth ease!

5. Monochromatic Turtleneck Outfit

How to wear a turtleneck when the turtle neck is in plain solid bold colors or as we call the monochromes? Not a question from rocketry my lovelies! Just follow your heart and your body shape. For instance, slimmer women can wear a loose short turtle neck top or sweater over Palazzo pants, while the pear or apple-shaped bodies would look better in slightly longer turtle neck tops and short skirts or regular jeans. You can pick any kind of lower and upper combination, provided you US actress Halston Sage looks so amazing always in her monochrome choices.

6. Sleeveless or Off Shoulder Turtlenecks

Cute turtleneck outfit ideas consist of these paired with short and long skirts, baggy jeans or palazzo/pajamas, chinos and more. as the layer, if at all you have to add anything, you can add a sleeveless shrug. From US Singer Nicole Scherzinger to our own Alia Bhatt, this turtleneck outfit idea is among the top favorites of the celebs whether it is the airport look or party wear. Many even don the same to the red carpets like Ellen Degeneres

7. Turtleneck with Jeans

That one piece of attire for women which perfectly answers how to wear a turtleneck anytime anywhere without fuss, because you can wear any type of turtle neck with jeans. Just assure that lighter upper with darker jeans or vice versa. This style can also be worn as a Monochromatic Turtleneck Outfit. From Kim Kardashian to Kylie Jenner to Kate Moss, you will find all celebs going for this uber-cool style. Pick up a nice handbag and eye accessories to complete the casual look, which can be a date night or a holiday.

8. Casual Turtleneck Outfit

How to style a turtleneck or look wow to wear a turtleneck at casual outings? Well, just ensure an easy comfortable turtle neck dress for a date night or a boat neck sweater over jeans or skirts, or for that matter a fitting body-hugging turtle neck over shirts for a night party with your girls gang! This could be your airport look as well. Not a single celeb in history and present has stepped away from this idea! And even Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle is well known to ace this look among the various cute turtleneck outfits she wears.

9. Business Casual Turtleneck Outfit

It could be anything from a Turtleneck sweater or shirt to a turtle neck crop top. All you need to be careful about is what you pair it up with and that you pick the turtle neck in corporate colors like black, navy, beige, whites, gray, green and olive monotones. Avoid any kinds of prints and textures overall. You can style these with suits, long skirts, blazers, formal trousers, Palazzo pants, etc. Wear formal shoes and carry a matching handbag if the meeting is very high profile. Turtleneck outfits’ aesthetic look among the corporate wear comes from the choice of the overall attire, not just the Turtle neck, so plan it out well like for instance Angelina Jolie and Indira Nooyi.

10. Turtleneck Suit Outfit

For this style, you can pick a Turtle neck T-shirt or a Turtleneck sweater depending on the weather. When I do this style, I ensure that I wear a darker shade of the Turtle neck with lighter shades of suits and vice versa. For instance, you can see Priyanka Chopra Jonas acing this style in winter.

11. Turtleneck Sweater Outfit

Yet another combination which can transform you from a fierce corporate Ninja to a cute party lady just by the choice of other things you pair up with your turtle neck upper. To style a turtleneck sweater, you can pair it up with a blazer or suit as official wear like Meghan Markel and her late Mom-in-law Lady Diana, or with jeans or skirts like Priyanka Chopra Jonas or Emmy Rossum. The whole idea is to imagine and add style to the sweater either by layering it with a jacket or blazer or simply by changing the lower wear.

12. Turtleneck Under Hoodie/ Turtleneck Under Sweatshirt

An ultimate, uber-cool fashion statement when it comes to a lazy day that demands some relaxation but in style! This also comes among my favorite cute outfits with black turtlenecks, because you can pair any kind of plain or funky hoodie with a black, navy or deep green Turtleneck. Among the turtleneck outfit ideas, this is very popular.

How to Wear a Turtleneck in a Correct Manner and What To Avoid

  • Avoid wearing heavy jewelry or earrings over a turtleneck upper. Can try ear studs with a single pendant necklace.
  • Try not to wear tight-fitting jeans with a sleeveless turtleneck outfit. Also avoid a blazer atop the same as a layer, just flaunt your sculpted biceps!
  • An oversized turtle neck is always better than a body-hugging one unless you are layering it with a blazer or jacket. It keeps you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget to have fun with accessories like nice pair of suitable shoes and lovely handbags


Whatever you wear, don’t forget to wear your million-dollar smile and precious confidence. And when you outshine in our turtleneck outfit ideas, don’t forget to send us an image or tag us on your Instagram page.

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