Designer & Luxury Handbags For Women That Never Go Out Of Style

Designer handbags for women

“I have enough handbags.” Have you ever heard this from anyone? None. But….” I have enough luxury handbags” would surely be heard often due to the high price and exclusivity they hold. 

Are you a luxury designer handbag lover? Then, what are the things you keep in mind while buying handbags? Since women spend a fortune on designer handbags, these are not just an accessory but an investment. Most luxury purses don’t hold their worth well, and you will lose huge cash just in case you buy a counterfeit one or plan to resell them.

Also, it must fit your needs and style too, doesn’t it; otherwise what will a non-matching one look like with your amazing attires? Feeling highly cautious? No these cautions are neither meant to scare you from buying the best designer handbags or aimed at compelling you to buy cheap designer bags.

What we intend to assert is that you should be smartly savvy when shopping the same and ensure it’s an ideal choice for you. 

How to Pick Luxury Handbags (8 Tips For Women)

Tips on How To Choose Best Designer Handbags

1. Verify Store Policy & Check Seller Feedback

Since branded bags for women are an expensive entity, you must assure these two things before buying them, especially from an online merchant. There are a few questions you need to ask/ ascertain:

Is return or exchange allowed?

Will you get your money back if the product quality is unsatisfactory or if the product is found to be unauthentic?

Is the store offering any warranty against wear and tear? If so, then till when from the date of purchase?

How and what are the reviews of the seller? If most are average or bad, then it is a red flag for you. Before you select a designer handbag, thoroughly research the history and authenticity of the merchant.

Summing up, it is better to steer away from a seller with a policy and feedback that does not suit you. You are buying a handbag for joy, so why engage in hassles?

2. Trendy, Yet A Brand That Meets Your Needs

One must never go for a designer brand just because it is trending at the moment. You must rather check each and every detail of the bag and compare it with the purpose you wish to use it for, even on rare occasions.

In short, it must be worth looking around at all the options available and must meet all your needs. This is the most important tip on how to choose the best luxury handbag for every occasion.

3. In-Budget Bag 

When you fix a budget to spend on a luxury item, it is easier to look for the same at the right places, whether an online store or an offline one. Also, you zero in on the suitable brands that suit your pocket.

But if you are buying a one-time luxury handbag just to feel good about it for the time being, then we will suggest that you go for a limited-edition branded bag for women that you can be proud of and that can be of value even after a few years. Avoid hunting for ‘How to get designer bags for cheap?’ You might end up getting a copy of the original brand.

4. That Perfect Size

You must plan the usage of the handbag ahead of time – like what you wish to put inside the bag. A luxury bag that can hold a laptop or iPad will obviously be larger than a party handbag. Plus, you will surely need suitable pockets for holding ID cards, debit cards, keys, etc that can be retrieved faster when needed.

And perhaps that additional hidden pocket where you can host some extra cash Thus, scan the dimensions of the handbags so as to get a good idea of their properties.

5. Quality Control

Check the seller feedback and store policy for returns. If you are buying a luxury handbag for the first time, take guidance from a friend who is also into using them or trust only an established brand. Key features to look for in luxury handbags include material quality, stitching, and brand authenticity.

6. Consider Usability

Usability should be a top priority when you buy branded bags for women. You aren’t buying a luxury handbag to use occasionally, right? You will be spending a fortune on it. Thus, before you lay your hands on one you can utilize every day, consider how well it will suit your lifestyle.

7. Shades Matching Your Outfit

The world is a rainbow to select a hue that you love. And keeping in mind the shades that you love will again help you shortlist a luxury handbag brand faster. So how to choose the bag color? Consider what shades of attires you usually wear, if you are planning to buy an everyday luxury handbag. For example, a bright handbag will suit you the best if you love to wear outfits in monochrome shades – after all a bright pop of color will add that zing to your style statement.

On the other hand, if you love to wear bright clothes, then pick a handbag in a monochrome color like maroon, black, tan, grey, or nude shades – these will go with anything and everything of your attire and accessories.

8. Store Safely

Since branded bags for women are as precious as a piece of jewelry, hence it must be stored the right way. I usually dry-clean my luxury handbags and keep them in vacuum storage bags when not in use.

I also ensure to carry things like lipsticks and perfumes in a waterproof pouch to avoid accidental smudges or spills inside the bag.

Top 9 Luxury Handbags You Should Try Out for Every Occasion 

1. Coach

If you love squishy soft leather handbags, then Coach is the one for you, for its timeless quality. Moreover, it has that classic feel around it, comes in a great range of colors and price and is mostly a top trending brand. 

2. Kate Spade

Named after a husband-wife duo, this brand offers a great reasonable line of branded bags for women that come in a wide range of sizes, designs and colors as per the choice of the customer usability. Kate Spade have a great assortment to pick the one you love, which is actually perfect as a daily use designer handbag that is amply affordable too. 

3. Dooney & Bourke

This brand offers a timeless American style. As per their website they are known worldwide for crafting and designing instant classics that turn out to be perfect for your lifestyle – be it party-loving or workaholic. Those who own Dooney & Bourke handbags, vouch for its timeless quality if you store it well. 

4. Lacoste

Fashionistas across the world vouch for the fact that when it comes to that unique branded bags for women, then Lacoste is the brand to go for.

What more, Lacoste brand even helps you customize your handbag, if you don’t find the one that suits your need or style or for that matter the color. These come in both PU as well as leather works. 

5. Burberry

From a brand that was established in 1856, you can expect quality that serves your hard-earned fortune that you will spend at it. These have the most unique designs in the world and thus are among the most copied styles. So you really need to buy these from an authentic online/offline store. Burberry is the second name of signature styles reimagined because they love to experiment with tones, prints and playful new iterations. 

6. Chloe

These luxury handbags are not just handbags but are a range of celebrations – Whether it is croc-embellished purses or pail nude small packs, whether it is statement tote collection or soft calf-leather shoulder bags, the Chloe luxury handbags range offers you a complete assortment to choose from. My personal favorites are the daytime staple Marcie and the statement maker Tess. 

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7. Tory Bruch

Amazing soft leather and excellent quality craftsmanship, which comes in the most affordable options – that’s Tory Bruch for you. No, being quite affordable doesn’t mean a small range to pick from; rather these are the ones that women always look for at sales due to their sharp details, amazing designs and colors to choose from. Tory Bruch is great as a daily used luxury handbag as well as a perfect travel partner. 

8. Marc Jacobs

A very modern couture style is their iconic USP. And they hardly fray away from it. They have a plethora of designs and styles that have stood the test of time. A symbol of elegance and class, Marc Jacobs is a brand that is loved by women across the globe due to its exquisite, high quality.

9. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a brand that is known to convert an everyday accessory into a timeless and essential fashion item to be proud of. From being your social media pride to being your work partner to being your mate for weekend nights out, Rebecca Minkoff luxury handbags, are among the most popular ones. 


Since there are endless designer handbag brands to choose from, we hope our tips on how to choose the best luxury handbag and the list of top brands help you decide which one to invest in. Practical and elegant designer handbags for women are the best option. If you still have any queries, you can always write to us for more tips and brand names beyond the box. 


What factors should I consider when choosing the size of a luxury handbag?

When choosing the size of a luxury handbag, consider its intended use. For daily use, a medium-sized bag with multiple compartments is ideal. For formal events, a smaller clutch or shoulder bag may be more appropriate. Ensure it has enough space for your essentials and complements your lifestyle.

Are pre-owned luxury handbags a good investment?

Pre-owned luxury handbags can be a great investment if bought carefully. Look for bags in excellent condition from reputable sellers. Verify the authenticity and check for any wear and tear. Pre-owned bags from iconic brands like Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton often retain or appreciate in value over time.