13 Best Suit Brands Every Man Should Explore

List of best suits brand for men

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The fashion industry is a part of our lifestyle routine. It keeps on evolving with time and, thus following the trends is necessary. Both men and women want to be updated with the latest fashion trends. Various brands have come up to serve these needs. Especially for men, they can now choose from luxurious brands when buying suits. They can wear it as formal attire or in social gatherings. Fashion is all about you!

13 Best Suit Brands Every Man Should Explore

Here are some of the best suit brands which will enhance your overall wardrobe outfits. Let’s dive in and explore more about these brands.

1. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Suits For Men

For men who want to look trendy but, stay comfortable, Hugo Boss is a perfect choice. Hugo Boss make the best designer suits for men. These suits are elegant yet, cozy to wear. They use lightweight and superior quality materials. The best thing about this brand is that it is reasonable and on budget.

2. Burberry

Burberry Suits For Men

If you want to buy a trench coat, outdoor attire and look classy, Burberry is the right option for you. It is one of the top suit brands worldwide. If you are a fan of luxury clothing, this is the brand for you. It was established in 1859 and is a British fashion company. They use high-quality fabric and take inspiration from classics when it comes to designing.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Suits

It was founded by two Italian designers in Milan in 1985. Dolce &Gabbana today is one of the top suit brands in the world. They have a unique style of Italy when it comes to their designs. Because of its brand value and quality, it has become the best suit brand for men.

4. Gucci

Gucci Men's Suits

Another brand that catches the eye is Gucci. It is one of the most expensive suit brands worldwide for men. If you are bored with the usual suit designs, Gucci is here to help. They have a varied collection of suits. From prints, patterns, bold colors to single and double-breasted. You can look classy, fashionable and different from the crowd all at once.

5. Brioni

One of the best suit brands for men is Brioni because of its unique and customized designs. If you want something as per your taste and not readymade you can get it here. Brioni can customize it for you using quality fabric and high-class stitching. They have designed suits for celebrities, runway shows and trunk presentations. Brioni is considered the “world’s most prestigious menswear brand”.

6. Prada

When we think of the best designer suits for men, we think of Prada. The brand has mastered the art of tailoring. Prada specializes in handbags, shoes, perfumes, accessories apart from tailored suits. The label uses the best quality fabric and cloth material to give you a vogue look. Using materials like, virgin wool gives a light slim fit look to the suits.

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7. Tom Ford

Tom ford suits for men

Tom Ford crafts the best designer suit for men. The designer is the sole reason behind men wearing slim fit suits. Tom Ford also wears the same suits. It has increased the credibility of the product and the brand. If you are looking for a different, Tom Ford can help. They have a wide range of suits in unconventional materials.

8. Kingsman

Kingsman Suits For Men

The wide range of suits of the label is inspired by movie costumes of The King’s Man. The selection is elegant, masterpiece and luxury coming from the British costume designer. The wardrobe of the label focuses on traditional British fashion. The cloth used is chosen and handpicked from the handicraft mills.

9. J. Crew

J.Crew Suit For Men

The motto of J. Crew is to serve its customers the best quality clothing at lesser prices. The label crafts designer suits for men at affordable prices. The Ludlow is the most famous product of the brand. It gives a slim fit look. The style has been voguish since 2008 among men as it is available in almost every color.

10. Boglioli

Boglioli Suits For Men

Another brand from 1900 Italy is a symbol of style statement called Boglioli. They have centuries of experience in tailoring keeping up with the latest fashion trends. What is so unique about this brand? The label provides lone innovative styles with a blend of traditional styles. If you want to feel sophisticated, elegant and unconventional, then this is the brand for you.

11. Paul Smith

Paul Smith Men's Suits

Are you looking for one of the most expensive suit brands in the world? Paul Smith is here to answer your question. This brand is designing men suits since the 1970s. They have a unique style of detailing for formal wear for men. The label makes suits that are elegant and low key smart.

12. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brother Suit For Men

If you have ever heard of a brand that is 200 years old and still famous worldwide? Brook Brothers are one such brand. Yes! The label is making the best designer suits for men for more than a century. It has been the first choice of almost all US Presidents. If you are looking for suits in the color of grey, blue and black, this brand is the right choice.

13. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Suit For Men

It is a brand founded in 1970 launched with a wide range of ties. Today the brand is a big fashion house serving the fashion needs of both men and women. Ralph Lauren is an expensive suits brand for men but, the price is worth it. The quality of the suit and the fitting is top-notch and unbeatable.

The above list talks extensively about some luxury brands around the world. All of them make the best designer suit for men and are top suit brands. If you are searching to invest your money in classy formal attire, you can choose from them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suits Brands

Which men suits are the best?

Depending on the budget and personal choice, you can choose from far-flung brands. Some of them are Tom Ford, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, J. Crew and more. All of these brands are luxury brands and are famous around the world for their quality.

What suits are in style now?

Trends keep on changing with time and, you need to be up to date. The latest trends in suits for men include double-breasted suits, corduroy, three-piece and satin sheen. You can pick any of these according to your style.

How to select the best suit?

The best way to select a suit is based on the occasion and body type. The occasion will narrow down your choices to a few suits and colors. Budget and the brand can also play a crucial role in selecting the suit.

What color suits do men need?

There is a vast range of color pallets to choose from to match your style. From the shades of blue to bright and colors like yellow to pink. Suits in printed and patterns are also in trend these days to give a quirky look to your whole attire.

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