Fashion Tech Week 2023: The Future of Fashion Technology

Fashion Tech Week 2023 - The Future of Fashion Technology

Introducing the premium event of the fashion technology world, The future of fashion technology, Fashion Tech Week to debut as a Premium Fashion Technology Event.

The path ahead for fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers lies in swiftly implementing digitalization across the entire supply chain, thereby delivering innovation with speed. By leveraging AI, data analytics, and social platforms, businesses can gain insights into emerging trends and consumer preferences.

Additionally, utilizing advanced technologies such as AR/VR/3D rendering solutions facilitates effective communication of designs, fostering dynamic collaboration between manufacturers and brands.

This enhanced collaboration enables quicker decision-making and accelerated product manufacturing. Embracing a digitalized supply chain from farm to consumer is the strategic direction needed to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

Date & Time

Thursday 28th September, 10 AM – Friday 29th September, 6 PM IST


Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel & Convention Center

Thigalarapalya, Krishnarajapura, Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru, India

Event Overview

Fashion Tech Week 2023 Overview

Bridging the gap between the fashion industry and technological advancements, the highly anticipated Fashion Tech Week is poised to make its grand debut in September ’23.

This groundbreaking event envisions a future of fashion technology where fashion retailers, brands, and manufacturers seamlessly integrate technology throughout their supply chain, delivering innovation and efficiency from farm to consumers.

With a clear mission to make the fashion industry visibly digitalized, Fashion Tech Week offers a common platform for fashion entrepreneurs to participate in technology demonstrations, showcase their innovations, share knowledge, engage with peers, and propel the industry forward.

Fashion Tech Week is set to be a transformative experience, attracting a diverse range of industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts.

With over 40 exhibitors and sponsors, attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies and witness the latest advancements shaping the future of fashion.

From revolutionary fabrics to sustainable manufacturing techniques, the event promises an immersive showcase of groundbreaking solutions that marry fashion with technology.

One of the main highlights of Fashion Tech Week is its comprehensive program featuring over 25 sessions and workshops. Renowned industry experts will take the stage to share their insights, strategies, and success stories, providing invaluable knowledge for attendees to implement in their own businesses.

These sessions will cover a wide range of topics, including supply chain optimization, data-driven decision-making, virtual reality in retail, AI-powered design, and much more. Fashion Tech Week aims to equip participants with the tools and inspiration they need to embrace technology and drive innovation in their respective fields.

In addition to the captivating sessions, Fashion Tech Week boasts an impressive lineup of over 75 industry speakers who are at the forefront of fashion and technology convergence. These thought leaders will delve into the challenges, opportunities, and emerging trends that are reshaping the industry landscape.

From renowned designers and tech pioneers to sustainability advocates and retail disruptors, the speaker lineup promises to ignite conversations that will shape the future of fashion.

With an anticipated attendance of over 2,000 visitors, Fashion Tech Week will provide an unrivaled networking platform. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, forge new partnerships, and foster collaborations that drive fashion’s digital transformation.

The event’s dynamic atmosphere will foster a vibrant exchange of ideas, enabling participants to gain fresh perspectives and establish valuable connections that propel their businesses forward.

To create an immersive and engaging experience, Fashion Tech Week will feature eight experiential zones. These interactive spaces will showcase the fusion of fashion and technology through captivating installations, live demonstrations, and experiential exhibits.

Attendees can explore augmented reality fashion showcases, smart textiles, sustainable manufacturing processes, wearable tech innovations, and much more. These zones will offer a glimpse into the future of fashion, inspiring attendees to embrace technology and push boundaries within their own creative endeavors.


Major list of the speakers of The Fashion Tech Week 2023:

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  • Fashion Tech Week Speakers

Source – Fashion Tech Week


List of Agendas of Day 1 at The Fashion Tech Week 2023:

  1. Store of Intelligence: Utilizing AI to Revolutionize the Fashion Retail Industry
  2. In what ways does AI contribute to decreasing the rate of returns in online shopping?
  3. Smart Warehousing in the Era of Logistics 4.0: Driving Operational Excellence
  4. Optimal Solution: Establishing an E-commerce Fashion Store
  5. Shifting Paradigms: Transitioning from Driver-less Cars to Operator-less Operations
  6. Manufacturing and IOT: Constructing a Digital Twin
  7. Feasibility and Opportunities of On-Demand Manufacturing in India
  8. In what ways does AI simplify consumers’ decision-making process when it comes to purchasing?
  9. No Inventory Needed: Just Print and Deliver
  10. Simplified Product Development Process: The 3D Solution to Overcome Challenges
  11. Revolutionizing the Fashion Business with Automatic Product Tagging
  12. Is it now the time for the fashion metaverse in India?

List of Agendas of Day 2 at The Fashion Tech Week 2023:

  1. Embracing Virtual Living while Aspiring in Reality
  2. In what ways does AI-driven predictive analytics assist brands and designers in forecasting upcoming trends?
  3. Textile Innovation: The Twist in Clothing that Safeguards You and Your Body
  4. Verify the Authenticity of Genuine Products!
  5. Embracing Supply Chain Transparency: A Necessary Requirement, Act Now!
  6. Fashion’s Shift towards Circular Practices: Recycling and the Scope Ahead
  7. Achieving 3x Growth through Establishing a Strong Consumer Connection
  8. The Importance of Utilizing AI to Enhance Manufacturing Processes & Scale
  9. Conversations with CTOs: The Transformative Role of Technology in Fashion’s Future
  10. The Significance of Prioritizing Unified Commerce for D2C Fashion Brands
  11. Smart Wearables: From Conceptualization to Application to Commercialization
  12. Smart Last Mile Delivery: The Retailers’ Essential Requirement in Today’s Era
  13. Embrace Digital Transformation for Sustainable Buying Operations of goods

Tickets & Pricing

Tickets Benefits Prices (₹)
Expo Pass – Early BirdAccess to entire exhibition area plus full day access to tea, coffee & snacks for 2 days₹1,500.00
+₹270.00 GST
Expo+Conference (Super Saver)Access to entire exhibition area and full day access to tea, coffee & snacks for 2 days₹12,500.00
+₹2,250.00 GST
Full Access
(Super Saver)
Access to entire exhibition area conference main stage, workshops, vendor sessions & open house discussions with tea, coffee & snacks for 2 days
Access to Lunch Networking on Day 1 & Day 2.
+₹3,600.00 GST
Source – Fashion Tech Week

Summing Up on The Fashion Tech Week 2023,

Fashion Tech Week is set to revolutionize the industry, ushering in a new era of tech-enabled fashion. By providing a premium platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, the event aims to bridge the gap between fashion and technology, enabling industry players to harness the power of digitalization and enhance their operations.

As the fashion industry continues to evolve, Fashion Tech Week will be at the forefront, empowering entrepreneurs to embrace technological advancements and reshape the future of fashion.

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