How to Measure Ring Size at Home?

How to Measure Ring Size at Home

Looking to buy your favorite ring online? Not sure how to check ring size at home? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this article, you will find a complete ring sizing chart and measurement guide to help you find the perfect ring size for both men and women.

If you want to know how to measure ring size at home without visiting a jeweler, then you do not have to struggle much for this. You can get this done without having to walk to your local jewelry shop or get a measurement of your finger. There are some very easy tricks to assess your ring size at home. This also includes some tricks using a printable ring size chart.

But when it comes to ring measurement, there are a few variables. Different countries use varied standardized systems for ring size. In Europe and the UK ring size is measured in millimeters but in the US and Canada, ring size is measured in inches. So, you have to keep these factors in mind while finalizing your ring size. Do you want to get your exact ring size at home?

How to Check Ring Size at Home?

Method 1: DIY Ring Measurement Trick at Home

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To measure the ring size at home, you can use a DIY trick with a string or dental floss. You can wrap any of these measurement tools around your finger’s base. Then mark the spot where the string or floss overlaps a pen. Then you can line it up with a ruler to measure its length in millimeters.

If you follow standard ring sizes, then every half-size is equal to a 0.4-millimeter increment. The common ring sizes for men are:

  • 10 (19.8 mm),
  • 10.5 (20.2 mm), and
  • 11 (20.6 mm)

For women, the sizes are:

  • 6 (16.5 mm),
  • 6.5 (16.9 mm), and
  • 7 (17.3 mm)

Are you not sure about which scale to follow at home?

Method 2: Print the Ring Size Chart

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Another easy step is to print out a ring size chart and cut along the dotted line by making a small slot. By forming this circle and inserting the end of the tab into this slot, you can place your finger inside a ring sizer.

It is important to ensure that you place your finger snugly inside the ring sizer for this trick to work. Then pull snugly and you will get your precise ring size through the chart.

There are certain rules when it comes to measuring ring sizes. The ring size of 3 fits ring fingers, which are 14 millimeters across. From here the size climbs and the average women’s ring size is between 5 and 7. But you should get the exact ring measurement by trying out a few tricks. It will help you in the long run and save you from extra expenses.

Method 3: Measure Existing Ring Diameter

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Another great trick if you are wondering how to find ring size is by using a piece of jewelry. If you own a piece of jewelry that fits you, then you can use a ring size chart. You can print out a ring size chart and place your ring on its circles until you find the size that matches your ring’s inside circumference.

This is an easy and precise method to measure your ring size true to reality. The best advantage of using this method is that the jewelry your own will already fit you well, so there are fewer chances of the size being wrong.

Tips on Measuring Ring Size At Home

  • Be sure that your fingers are “normal” in size while measuring them. It is common for fingers to shrink a bit during the cold weather, they also swell at certain times like post exercising or even during weight loss/ weight gain.
  • If you have a big knuckle, then you should choose a bigger ring size. This is important for the ring to fit over your knuckle. If the rings slide smoothly over your knuckles, then you can consider it to be a good fit.
  • There are some size differences between your right and left hand. The fingers can be fickle and they can change their sizes in different seasons. For women, also swell during pregnancy or other times of the year.
  • So, when you want to measure your ring size correctly, you should measure with your chosen trick multiple times over a day or you can also try this for a few days. This will help you find the best size.
  • It is also important to ensure a good fit. Such a fit is when the ring slips on easily, but becomes snug and is slightly difficult to remove from the finger. If you are not sure about how to find ring size correctly then do it over and over again.


You can try all the above ring size measurement tricks if you do not have time or do not know a local jeweller or jewellery shop. These tips will help you in many ways if you want to take note of your finger sizes and want to purchase rings so that you can have a record of the ring sizes of all your fingers.

Also, keep rechecking these sizes, as your fingers can increase or decrease in size over time. The best way is to keep taking the same size again and again until you reach a size that fits you.

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