15 Inspiring Female Fitness Models To Follow on Instagram

Female fitness models to follow on instagram

Fitness has no discrete definition; it is personal and subjective. For some people, fitness means feeling and looking good, while for others, it means eating healthy and sleeping on time. However, experts define fitness as being sound physically and mentally. To stay fit and motivated, people globally have started a fitness regime, making it a big industry. Various women’s fitness models inspire many women to work out and achieve the desired fitness levels. This article talks about the top and hottest female fitness models you can follow. 

Top 15 Female Fitness Models to Follow on Instagram

Let’s have a look on these inspiring female fitness models Instagram profiles and glimpse of their lives and career.

1. Brittany Renner

At the top, we have the most beautiful female fitness model, Brittany Renner. The 32-year-old fitness model, who hails from America, has more than 5 million followers on her Instagram account and 17.7 thousand YouTube subscribers. She started her career as a Zumba instructor and has also worked as a salesgirl in the past. Brittany is a fitness freak and has maintained her figure by going to the gym every day. No doubt, she is at the top of our Best 15 list. 

2. Lais Deleon

Born in Brazil, Lias Deleon, 34, is blessed with a good look and started her career as a model. She started her fitness journey long before entering the industry. At 19, she realized that keeping her body fit is significant and sculpted her body by weighting lifts. After entering the industry, she soon became one of the hottest fitness models. She is an inspiration for many women who want to be a beautiful fitness models like her. 

3. Anita Herbert

Started her journey after being encouraged by her husband. Anita Herbert is now one of the most popular fitness models. In an interview, she told her audience that, the results that they see did not happen overnight, and that it took a lot of time and patience. But now fitness has become her life. She has a huge online presence, which, according to her, motivates her to be one of the top fitness models.

4. Diasy Kheech 

At 22, Diasy Kheech rose to fame as one of the most beautiful and popular fitness model. She gained fame by posting fitness-related matters on her Instagram account. She is also the founder of the Tik-Tok collective and a physical house called Hype House. You can follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her channel on YouTube. 

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5. Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a fitness model and influencer with a large Instagram following. She is a bikini model who has abs that one can only dream of! She shares her before and after pictures regularly on her Instagram account. Those pictures are inspiring for all who want to start their journey. 

6. Michelle Lewin

Another name on the list is Michelle Lewin, one of the famous female fitness models. The beautiful fitness influencer has an amazing physique and has been on a number of the cover of well-known fitness magazines. 

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7. Jen Selter

Jen Setler, at the young age of 26, gained fame in the fitness world by becoming one of the top fitness models. Her fitness journey is quite interesting. She used to work at the front desk at a gym near her high school. She saw fitness as a stress buster, and now here she is inspiring people to start their fitness journey.

8. Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is one of the top fitness models in the fitness industry. She started her career in 2011 and has made quite a name for herself. She is not only one of the most famous female fitness models, but one of the highest-paid fitness figures as well. She frequently appears in magazines and interviews. 

9. Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra is a 28 years old Columbian fitness model. She is one of the most popular fitness models and internet celebrities in Columbia. On the professional front, she is a fitness model and, a personal trainer with 10 million followers on Instagram. 

10. Eva Andressa

35-year-old Brazilian fitness model has a strong Instagram following. She has also appeared on a TV show called “Programa Do Jo”. She has worked hard to get that hot body which makes her one of the sexiest female fitness models. She has won the 2008 Brasil, Bodyfitness, and 2009 Brazilian National champion, Bodyfitness. 

11. Karina Elle

If you are a fitness freak then you cannot skip following Karina Elle. She is an athlete and bikini model champion. She is one of the top female fitness models who have won the World Fitness Federation Pro Bikini Championship. The unique thing about her is that she is famous for her slender body with a height of 5’11 ft.

12. Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a famous female fitness model, who has been in the industry for a longtime now. To make a name for herself, she has founded her own brand called Emily Skye FIT. She also co-founded the cosmetic brand James Cosmetics.

13. Anna Nystrom

After facing many setbacks during her education in fashion and design, Anna Nystrom decided to change her life. She started learning about fitness. And that led her to be the first step of becoming one of the most popular Swedish fitness influencers and models. She has a following of 8.6 million on Instagram. Go, follow her now on Instagram!

14. Lauren Drain

We all know people from different professions turn writers but have you ever heard one of the hottest fitness models writing a book. Lauren Drain is the answer to your question. She is a registered nurse, Bikini Pro, and a personal trainer who has turned her life story into a book. Her book is considered one of New York’s bestsellers. 

15. Gracyanne Barbosa

Last on the list of the best 15 female fitness modes to follow, is Gracyanne Barbosa. She is a Brazilian fitness model who was a Carnaval dancer and got fame after financial issues led her to pursue modeling. She shared a video of herself squatting with around 450 lbs of weight, which went viral and shook the fitness industry.

These were the few names that we thought should make it to the list of top female fitness models. Each of these 15 models is either a popular fitness model or one of the most beautiful fitness models. If you want to start your fitness journey and want some motivation, you can follow these inspiring women and get started.

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