Oxford Shoes Guide for Men – History, Types, Colors and Best Brands to Buy From.


What is the best way to style Oxford Shoes for men?

What should I pair with Oxford Style Shoes?

What could be the best idea for Oxford Shoes Outfit?

Do these questions bang your head as well? Don’t worry; the following article will clear all your doubts.

Oxford Shoes for men rule the sector whenever there is a talk of decent style shoes for men. The versatility of Oxford Shoes is so high that they are available in many styles and colors and can be styled with formal to casual wear. The defining feature of Oxford Shoes is their ‘Lacing’. In Oxford Shoes, they use a close lacing structure. Before, getting into the details of styling the Oxford Shoes for men first let’s look into how the Oxford Shoes came into being?

History of Oxford Shoes


In the year 1825, the students of Oxford University popularized footwear in the style of ‘half boot’ naming it as Oxonian Shoes. The shoes were considered to be more comfortable to wear on the campus than the high-heeled boots because of the narrow slits on their side.

Over time, the slits were replaced by laces and gradually were placed on insteps. The heels also lowered over time. Other theories claim that they were first developed in Scotland and Ireland after the Balmoral Castle.

What Are The Types Of Oxford Shoes?


The types of Oxford Shoes are mainly differentiated based on their lacing systems and broguing. There are commonly six types of Oxford Shoes namely, plain, whole cut, seamless, wingtip, cap toe, and saddle.

In What Colors are Oxford Shoes Available?

Oxford style shoes are available in a large variety of colors. Listed below are some of the most commonly demanded Oxford shoe colors.

Brown Oxfords

When thinking to pair with brown, navy, or grey suits brown Oxford shoe color is the best option to go with. 

Tan Oxfords

A highly demanded color these days, Tan stands out because of its varieties in darker and lighter shades. It can be perfectly paired with everything from less formal denim to formal pants.

Black Oxfords 

Black Oxford shoe color is the most versatile shoe ever. They can be paired with any color and will always give a traditional formal look. 

Cognac Oxfords 

Cognac, a warm shade of brown goes perfectly with and any other neutral color always giving a rich look.

Oxblood Oxfords 

If pairing with shades of blue or neutral colors like black or grey, oxblood Oxford shoe color can be considered. It certainly gives an unconventional yet rich look. 

The most common and formal Oxford Shoe colors are black and brown. Although, people have now started to experiment the Oxford style shoes with other colors as well. While black and brown Oxford Shoes for men give more of a professional look, other colors can be paired with less formal outfits as well.

When to Wear Oxford Style Shoes?

The design and sleekness of Oxford Shoes for men gives them a conventional formal look and hence, Oxford style shoes can be always worn as formal attire. But it’s a myth that Oxford can only be paired with suits. A coming up and highly valued attire for men is smart casuals. Both of these styles are discussed in detail below:


The shining polished and traditional appearance makes Oxford-style shoes perfect for formal occasions. Black Oxford Shoes dominant the choices while going for formal attire with Oxford-style shoes. They undoubtedly go best with tuxedos and suits. 

Smart Casual

If you think that Oxford style shoes only go with formal outfits then you might be wrong. Be it parties, lunches, or any other event that can be perfectly paired with your smart casuals. A without-tie blazer t-shirt outfit paired with denim or chinos is readily consistent with Oxford Shoes. The color of Oxford Shoes for men can also be different than the usual black and brown. 

What Are the Oxford Shoe Outfits?

Oxford Shoe Outfits

The Oxford shoe outfits can range from different kinds of pants, jeans, and chinos. While pants as Oxford shoe outfits appear formal, jeans and chinos on the other hand can be grouped in semi casuals and casual outfits. The following are the most stylish Oxford shoe outfits:


Oxfords have a civilized and sophisticated look. If wearing suit-up pants or trousers, nothing can be a better choice than Oxford Shoes for men. As far as the colors of the shoes and pants are coordinated perfectly you can nail an outfit for work, official gatherings, or cocktail dinner. Also, the slender the shoes are the dressier they look.


Chinos in themselves are somewhat semi-casual and hybrid kinds of outfits. They can perfectly nail the semi-casual look when paired with Oxfords. Chinos in brown, black, or grey can perfectly complement black or brown Oxford shoes for men.


A pair of jeans is not likely to be used as an Oxford shoe outfit. While if styled with the right color, Oxford-style shoes can complement jeans perfectly. They give a modern look when paired with jeans. Colors such as Tan Oxfords can complement blue denim while black and brown can go perfectly with other colors of jeans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to wear Oxford Shoes with? 

Oxford Shoes can be perfectly paired with formal attires like suits, shirts and trousers, and tuxedoes while Oxford shoe outfits include semi-casual attires like chinos and denim.

  • Are Oxford style shoes comfortable?

 Oxford Shoes are considered to be most comfy when it comes to men’s footwear for formal outfits. Be it office parties or conferences Oxfords are perfect and comfortable for any formal event.

  • How to maintain Oxford Shoes?

Some of the measures to maintain the Oxford Shoes include cleaning the dirt and debris with a brush, nourishing the leather, and polishing the shoes from time to time. You can also use spit shine whenever needed.

  • Can you wear Oxford Shoes for men with jeans?

You can definitely wear Oxford Shoes with jeans. The colors of jeans and shoes should be rightly chosen. For instance, sky blue, black jeans can be paired with black and brown Oxford Shoes while tan and cognac Oxford Shoes for men go perfectly with navy blue jeans.

  • How Oxford Shoes should fit?

The Oxford Shoes for men should be hugging the foot but there should be no discomfort. The heels should for perfectly and locked inside the shoe.


The Oxford Shoes have been popularized for a long time but still, continue to rule the market of formal shoes for men. The type of Oxford Shoes has changed over time but their demand has never gone down.

The reason being its sophisticated and elegant look. The Oxford shoe outfits include a wide range of formal attires of pants and trousers to semi-casual wears like chinos and jeans. When coordinated perfectly according to the color Oxford Shoes for men are the perfect choice for decent and gentlemen looks.

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