15 Cute Summer Nail Designs Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With

Summer Nail Designs

With the onset of summers, a bright sunny environment demands the colorful vibrant shades on your nails. A bright yellow-ray, an oceanic blue tint, or calming green, summers bring a whole range of bright shades to the fashion. Then why should your nails be blunt and plain? 

Let’s bring the vibrancies of summer to the tips of your fingers. Here, in the following article, we have brought to you summer nail designs that would make your nails look classy and cool. 

15 Classy Summer Nail Designs To Explore

Let’s make your nails beautiful with cool summer nail designs. Get your nails painted with these modern nail art designs.

1. Rainbow Nails

Why should you stick to one color when you can have a beautiful rainbow on your nails. The bold shades of blood red, lively pink, ocean blue, can make a perfect cocktail of shades. Summers demand eye-catching, bold colors. The rainbow nails will give the perfect cool summer look to your fashion statement. 

2. Peachy Apricot Nails

If you prefer a sweet breezy look, peach apricot nails can be your go-to summer nail design. It is an everyday solution for your summer look. The peachy apricot nails go perfect with all the skin tones. Nevertheless, it goes terrifically with major outfit colors from white, bright yellow, pink or blue. With a little feminine touch, the nails also adore rose-gold or golden accessories. 

3. Gel Nails Designs

The gel nails are simple and cute summer nail designs. Just select a color and design. The gel nails compared to acrylic are smoother. They are easy to experiment with glace and elements like beads. Go with pink, white, or bare color. You can also finish the design with golden stripes. You can also experiment with a matte or gloss finish. 

4. Coffin Nails

The extended nails with squared-off edges are named coffin nails or ballerina’s nails because of their appearance similar to coffin or ballet shoes. The acrylic shaded nails are a perfect summer look for your classy fashionista personality. The extended nail design gives you plenty of space and the opportunity to try different nail colors and designs. You can go with ombre, holographic hindrance, or just beads and jewels. 

5. Mountain Peak Nails

Just as the name suggests, these summer nail designs have pointy nails similar to the mountain peaks. The nails are kept at moderate length with the top tapered into perfect peaks. This summer nail design is trendy and preferred this year. The mountain peak nails are very less prone to breakage. Keeping the natural length of the nails go with simple colors to make the shape take all the highlights. 

6. Graphic Wave Nails

If you want to put those breezy oceanic waves on your nails graphic nail designs have all your solution. The medium-trimmed nails with blunt peaks pair perfectly with the wavy design on your nails. Go for eye-pleasing colours and design them into waves on your white or nude base nails. 

7. Color Block Nail Art

If you are looking for a summer nail idea for a night event or party, colour block arts are the perfect go-to designs. The block art goes perfectly with medium-length nails and trendy or classic colours. Even the simplest block design can be eye-catching for the nails. You can go with a classic colour paired with golden, silver, or blue. The block art designs highlight the nails in your trendy outfit. 

8. Rounded Nails

Classic yet stylish, rounded nails are the trendy summer nail designs. The simple rounded shape with funky or subtle colours is the best for breezy summer days. The summer nail idea is a catwalk beloved and flexible. Surprisingly, the rounded nails are at their highest with just nude colour extending the elegance of their look. 

9. Glitter Nails

If you are someone who prefers eye-catch summer acrylic nails, glitter nails are perfect for you. A low-maintenance time-saving summer nail design is the best choice for nude nails. The shimmering glitter highlights the nails in less time and gives a classy look to your nails. If you are avoiding plastic, you can readily opt for eco-friendly glitter. 

10. French Tip Nails

With more of a simplistic yet classy look these French tip nail designs for summer for short nails are perfect. It has squared-off tapered nails, polished tips of nails with a white translucent base. The nail style is trendy for those who prefer simple nails. You can pair the white base with the color of your choice. Be it bright pink or bright turquoise, lively colors look perfect on the french tip nails. 

11. Floral Nails

A little spring touch in the summers go for these cute summer nails. The floral nails on your fingertips give a feminine cute look. To make the florals on your nails stand, pair them with a simple nude base. This makes the bright colors of flowers highlighted on your fingertips. If you do not know this level of nail art you can opt for decals or stencils. 

12. Graphic Art Nails

For a stylish and standing-out nail design you should always go for graphic art nails. You can grow your nails or use summer acrylic nails in the shapes like stiletto or squared-off nails. Then go creative with the colours and design of your choice. You can always pair a black or white matte finish base with bold colour splashes on the top. 

13. Square Nails

If you are looking for a summer nail design for your long thin nails consider opting for square nails. Going for long acrylics, squared tempered ends would be perfect. The nail design is also less prone to nail flaking or breaking because being in its natural shape. You can choose bright and bold colors for your square nails to stand out. 

14. Summer Sunset Drips

If you are looking for a beach summer look for your nails summer sunset drips can be your go-to design. The long stilettos of your nails are coloured with a nude base. The nude base is then topped with subtle bright colors. The wavy pattern of the color looks perfect on the white base. 

15. Blue Swirls

For a cool summer nail look, blue swirls are the perfect nail design. Just like the name the nails have a white or nude base with blue color swirls. You can keep the nails long acrylics in a coffin or stilettos. Even the mountain peaks look classy with blue swirls. Go creative with your color shade of blue and swirl designs on your nails. 

Summers have loads of potential for using cool colors for your nails. A funky, classy, stylish, or simple look, the bright colors of summer reflect your nails perfectly. The above nail designs are easy-to-apply. Be it long acrylics, medium tapered, or short nails you can style your nails as per your preference. So, this summer go creative with your nails and opt for your favorite summer nail design. 

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