13 Cute Tomboy Outfit Ideas to Look Stylish on Different Occasions

Cute Tomboy Style Outfits

So you like spending more time outdoors. Hiking, camping, and climbing are among your favorite activities. When you’re home, you love playing action video games and watching action flicks. Does it sound like reading your own scrapbook? Nodding your head in yes means you’re a tomboy. Then, why shouldn’t you dress like one? But the question is – how do you dress like a tomboy? To help you out, we have listed tomboy-style clothing ideas below. Let’s dive in:

Tomboy Style Clothing Ideas You Must Try

Whether you want to try from a panoply of cute tomboy outfits or you just want to pick a tomboy wedding outfit, you will definitely get something to enhance your look from these ideas for tomboy clothing.

1. Feminine Tomboy Outfits

To add a feminine touch to your tomboy outfi look, opt for a little black dress, white button-down shirt, bright colored shorts, pastel blouses, skater skirts, ballet flats, etc. These types of items look feminine and can easily be styled with the basic tomboy outfits that you already own. Wear a fennel shirt over a white tee.

Pair this with white sneakers. To add a feminine flair to this outfit, wear a skater skirt and a simple bow. Another feminine tomboy outfit can be pairing a floral ruffle crop top with jeans, white converse, and a vintage-styled headband.

2. Tomboy Summer Outfits

A tomboy summer outfit should be comfortable and lose fitting. A plain white t-shirt or vest with simple linen trousers looks super cool for any summer day outing. Another cute tomboy outfit for a summer day can be a striped t-shirt with tailored shorts. For evening, style your shorts with a matching top or jacket. Wear a strappy sandal, brogue, or pump to complete the look.

3. Cool and Cute Tomboy Outfits

Teenage is the best age to try different styles of cute outfits to elaborate the trending fashion styles. Cool outfits in order to wear an oversized blazer with plain trousers and a comfortable pair of sneakers to get an edgy smart look for any formal or casual occasion. You can team a halter top with ripped denim jeans and sneakers. To add a sporty look to this cool tomboy outfit, wear a simple printed shirt or athletic jacket over the halter top.

A camouflage hoodie, boots, leggings, and dresses also give a cool appearance. Pairing high-waisted shorts in solid color with a plain white tee can also make you look effortlessly stylish.

4. Tomboy Party Outfits

Wear a comfortable denim jacket over a sequined knee-length dress or a sequined top and drop hem skirt to get a cute yet flirty party look. You can also try your hands on a stylish sequined top paired with washed denim jeans and a pointed sandal. A jumpsuit is another great option as a tomboy party outfit. Style it with your favorite sandal or heel and you are ready to rock the party.

5. Casual Tomboy Style Outfit

There are many options for casual tomboy outfits. To get a perfect casual tomboy look, you can try button-up shirts, boat-neck tops, or jumpers. Teaming an open blazer with a button-up shirt or patterned t-shirt is also a good idea.

For bottom wear, you can pick simple boyfriend jeans, denim pants, and drawstring trousers. To complete this casual look, wear sneakers in plain white color or bright colorful patterns.

6. Formal Tomboy Style Outfit

The pantsuit is one of the best formal tomboy outfits. It can be styled in many ways to get the perfect look. Add a matching blazer, wear simple accessories and you are ready for a job interview, business meeting, or any other formal occasion with a classy, comfortable tomboy look.

A side-stripe trouser with a trench coat is also a good option for a formal tomboy outfit. And if you do not want to look too formal, go for a simple striped boyfriend shirt with bootcut denim jeans. It goes well as a business casual outfit.

7. Winter Tomboy Outfit

Create layers with matching random clothing and accessories pieces together for a winter tomboy outfit. Team a simple suit jacket with a fine-knit sweater and fitted cotton or denim shirt. Wear a straight bootcut, skinny or boyfriend jeans with it.

To complete this fashionable look add a pair of winter boots or converse shoes. If you want to tone down your dress code and look more casual but have a social occasion to attend, wear dressy pants with a shirt and a sweater. Add knee-length socks and minimal accessories for a chic casual look. White, black, grey, and navy are the basic colors that you can mix with each other and create an effortlessly fashionable look for winter. Wear a pair of designer sneakers to flatter the look.

8. Oversized Shirt & Jacket Tomboy Style

If you are searching for an ultimate cute tomboy outfits and want to look smart casual, pick an oversized shirt and pair it with a jacket, skinny jeans, and comfortable sneakers. You can even pick some important pieces from the men’s section as well to create the same look. Matching an oversized top-wear with the type of jeans should be a perfect combination. A large blazer, high-waisted straight-cut jeans, a pair of chunky boots, and a crossbody bag give a cool tomboy-style look.

9. Tomboy Style Shorts

If the feminine is not your style, then go for shorts with t-shirts, shirts, tops, and plain simple vests. Especially, when you are looking for cute tomboy outfits for Summer, pairing your favorite top-wear with shorts can be a good idea. The best thing about shorts is you can create both a simple and a bold look matching your favorite shorts with the right type of clothes and accessories.

To create a simple look, wear a plain shirt or an oversized t-shirt, or a simple vest with denim, cargo, or raw hem shorts. Be as loud and bold as possible by teaming baggy shorts with a bright-colored t-shirt, a baseball cap, tube socks, and animal-printed sneakers.

10. Leather Trouser Tomboy Style

Leather trouser with biker boots adds a street-style touch to a tomboy look. Wear a white shirt with leather trousers and a jacket or trench coat over it. For footwear, choose a pair of comfortable sneakers. Add layers to your outfit when you wear leather pants. Style leather trousers with a light-colored shirt, a matching pullover, and a jacket. Complete the look with white sneakers. This can be a great tomboy outfit option for winter.

11. Tomboy Jeans Style

There are some jeans-style options that you can try on for a perfect tomboy look. A pair of boyfriend jeans is the most preferable choice among all. You can also try straight jeans. Ripped jeans, baggy jeans, distressed jeans, raw hem jeans, wide-leg jeans, and skinny jeans.

Now let’s talk about how you can style yourself with jeans. Team straight jeans with a checked shirt over a plain t-shirt. You can also try sweatshirts or a full-sleeve t-shirt. A loose-fitted, solid-colored t-shirt goes well with skinny jeans or ripped jeans. A simple t-shirt with a denim jacket looks good too. Pair your baggy jeans with a long t-shirt. Match distressed or ripped jeans with a crop top. Wear a checked shirt or jacket over the crop top.

12. Cute Tomboy Outfits for School

Many schools ask students to wear certain types of uniforms. Making such a school uniform evoke personal style is difficult, especially when a student has to wear the same uniform every single day. It is not impossible though. If you are looking for the best options in cute tomboy clothes for 12-year-old school girls, customize the uniform that suits your personality.

Pick comfortable shirts in plain dark colors or simple patterned designs. Pair it with dark-colored pants, a skirt, or long shorts. In winter, you can add a loose-fitting cardigan or hoodie. Wear a matching tie or belt if required. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers or converse.

Now you have a comprehensive idea of tomboy outfits for every occasion. But without the right hairstyle, your look cannot be completed. It is an integral part of a tomboy’s appearance and sets the tone for the overall look. So, let’s get to know about a few tips on hairstyles that will match your tomboy outfits.

13. Hair Style for Tomboy Look

If you have long hair, show its beauty with waves. Wavy hair looks simply beautiful with a casual tomboy outfit. You can even wave your short bob hair to make it look voluminous and classy. Wearing a cap with straight long hair is also a good idea to look great in tomboy outfits.

If you have straight hair, don’t go for any complicated hairstyle. Keep it open and as natural as it is to look attractive. You can cut some bangs straight across. A simple and chic hair-up can also complement your tomboy look. To carry a tomboy-style statement, avoid looking sloppy and make yourself look effortlessly beautiful with the right outfits and hairstyle.

There are multiple ways to embrace tomboy fashion and upgrade your wardrobe. This article has covered some basic tomboy outfit ideas and cute hairstyle tips.  Hope you find these tomboy-style tips useful. The outfit ideas shared here will make you not only feel comfortable but also look cute and aesthetically appealing. Above all, with these outfit ideas, you will look ready for all occasions and seasons. So, follow the style guidelines, mix and match the outfits to suit your tomboy personality, and turn heads around. 

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