Look Trendy With These 16 Tattoo Ideas For Women

Trendy Tattoos Designs For Women

The art of having a tattoo is not something new or modern. It has been part of many cultures for many ages. However, the technique and ideas for getting tattoos have evolved with time. There are many types of tattoo styles available in the market, like permanent, temporary, black ink, and white ink and more. There are many tattoo ideas for women like for instance minimal tattoos, full coverage tattoos etc.

16 Types of Tattoo Styles for Women

There are many lovely tattoos for women that are popular these days. This article will help you choose from 16 tattoo ideas for women. Depending on your preference and budget, you can choose easily.

1. Abstract Style Tattoos

Abstract Style Tattoos

Abstract tattoos are one of the most common types of tattoo styles for women. They are very trendy and look fashionable. The reason why such designs are so famous is that one can experiment with them. Using various shapes, effects, and patterns, they give meaning to a tattoo. If you are someone who loves distinct designs and tattoos you can go for abstract style tattoos.

2. Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly Tattoos

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then you can go for a butterfly. Butterfly tattoos are common among tattoo wearers of all ages. However, several designs make the tattoo unique. Tattoo wearers can personalize them according to their preferences. The butterfly tattoo style is one of the most famous tattoo designs for women.

3. Wrist Tattoos Having Motivational Quotes

Motivational Quote Tattoos

Another beautiful tattoo for women includes wrist tattoos with motivational quotes. Some people like to get motivational quotes and words written on their wrists or arms. You can choose your favorite quotes according to the place where you want to get inked. Different fonts can be used to make these quotes look stylish. Choosing the right quote for yourself is the main task here!

4. Semicolon Tattoos

 semicolon tattoos

Some tattoos are not just for show and to look trendy. Many people get inked relating their tattoo with some deep meaning. These semicolon tattoo designs for women are pretty famous. This tattoo is for those suffering or who support mental health awareness. This tattoo reminds the wearer not to give up and to be strong.

5. Flower Tattoos

Flower Tattoo designs

Another type of tattoo style for women is getting flower tattoos. Now, there are so many kinds of flower designs available. The wearer can get a customized tattoo mixed with a different kind of tattoo. Flower tattoos look extremely simple and beautiful on the arm. You can get a rose, a lily, a lotus, and whatnot.

6. Bird Wrist Tattoos

If you are someone who does not like complex and big tattoos then a bird tattoo is the right choice. The bird tattoo also has various designs that you can choose from. These tattoos generally represent freedom and the sky is the limit. If you are self-dependent, this is your tattoo. Bird tattoos are inked on the arm, wrist, and collar bone.

7. Name Tattoos on Wrist

Name Tattoos for Women - Ideas and Designs for Girls | Name tattoos on arm, Name  tattoos, Tattoo lettering

One of the most common and famous tattoo ideas for women are name tattoos. The name tattoos are simple mostly inked on the arm or the wrist. The name can be of your own, of a loved one or a way to honor someone. The name tattoo can be mixed up with some other designs like flowers, patterns, stars etc.

8. Bracelets Tattoos

bracelet tattoo design

Women love to wear jewelry like gold, silver, diamond and now permanent tattoos. Yes! You can have a permanent bracelet that does not tarnish or meddle with your activities. There can be many tattoo designs for women in bracelet tattoos. You can have stars, flowers, chains, and patterns around your wrist.  They look very classy and beautiful.

9. Small Stars Tattoos

Everyone loves a sky full of stars and what is better than having a few on your skin. If you are someone who likes small tattoos this is the right choice for you. Stars are most common when it comes to small tattoo ideas for women. You can get them inked on your wrist, neck, ankle, shoulder and more.

10. Mandala Design Tattoos

Mandala Design Tattoos

Indian art and culture are rich with mandala art and craft. Women of old age are making mandala designs and tattoos on their skins. There are many types of mandala design tattoos for women like time, flowers and more. Mandala designs on flowers are complex yet beautify the tattoo.  You can get them in black n white or fill them with different colors.

11. Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Shoulder blade tattoos look very pretty, beautiful and sophisticated. These tattoos are simple, budget-friendly and look feminine. They add glamour and uniqueness to a woman’s personality. These tattoos can be customized based on the preference of the individual. If you want to look modern and trendy, get a shoulder blade tattoo.

12. Sketch Design Tattoos

Sketch Design Tattoos

These types of tattoos styles are more like a piece of art made on the body of a person. Imagine your body as a clean canvas and you can get inked. You can choose the part of your body that you want to get sketched. However, a smaller number of women go for these kinds of tattoos because they seem to be bold.

13. Floral Back Tattoos

Floral Back Tattoos

Women and flowers have an unbreakable relationship like roses, lilies, tulips and more. Here is one beautiful tattoo for ladies that look elegant. You can get a floral tattoo on the back and it can be small, medium or big. Women love to flaunt these tattoos by wearing outfits that go with them. You can choose from a lot of designs that tattoo artists have.

14. Foot Tattoos

Foot Tattoos Designs

If you are someone who is not so confident about getting a tattoo and wants to cover it then this can be the right choice. A lot of women get foot tattoos around their ankles. But here is a drawback of getting a foot tattoo they are very painful. This is because the bone is closer and the stay duration of tattoos is not very long.

15. Angel Tattoos

Angel Tattoos Design

Angel tattoos are the new tattoo designs for women and they look very beautiful. A lot of women love to get these tattoos as these are the symbol of faith and protection. In some cultures, they keep people feeling closer to God and encourage positivity. You can get this tattoo on your arm, back, and wrist as well.

16. Minimalistic Tattoos

 Minimalist Tattoos Designs

Minimalistic tattoos are the new trendy tattoo type that are famous tattoo designs for women. These tattoos can have various designs, like small stars, simple flowers, and more. You can get them inked on your wrist, ankle, neck, arm, and fingers. Many women get multiple minimalistic tattoos on different parts of their bodies.

Get Ready to Get Inked

Women nowadays are getting multiple tattoos on their wrist, arm, neck, etc. There are many ideas apart from those mentioned above. Making a tattoo is a unique art that takes perfection and detailing. Getting the right tattoo is a major task because getting it removed is complex and painful.

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