13 Hottest Male Models That Have Taken Instagram By Storm

Male Models to Follow on Instagram

The fashion industry is one of the most booming industries of all time. Many women and men are part of this industry, playing various roles. Some of them work as models for big fashion brands. There are several famous male and female models in the industry. In this article, you will get to know more about some of the top male models on Instagram. And surely, your search for the best male model in the world will come to an end.

You can follow all of these models and their lives through Instagram.

Top Male Models You Should Follow On Instagram

Here are list of top male models which are successful in their life and have many followers on their Instagram handles. Let’s dive in and explore every model’s career.

1. David Gandy

He is one of the top male models and has a following of 1 million on Instagram. David has been the face of the Italian designer brand Dolce and Gabbana for years. He has also done modelling for brands like Zara, Hugo Boss and H&M. He started his modelling career after winning a television competition.

2. Andre Hamman

34-year-old male model is a famous model on Instagram with a following of 967k. Andre Hamman is a German model with a business degree. He was spotted by one of the models while he was a trainee at H&M. He follows a strict diet and exercise routine to keep himself fit. He also declared his love for celebrity singer Selena Gomez on Instagram.

3. Matthew Noszka

Mathew Noszka is not just one of the top models on Instagram, but also an American actor. He has a following of 1.2 million fans on his Instagram handle. The model-actor has modelled for famous brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss and more. He is a basketball player and owns a motorsport company in Los Angeles.

4. Johannes Huebl

Number four on the list of who is the most popular male models on Instagram is Johannes Huebl. He has a following of 1 million people on Instagram. You will be surprised to know that the German model is also a photographer and a designer. He has modelled for brands like A|X, 5th Avenue, and more. You can follow him on Instagram on @johanneshuebl.

5. Raf Miller

Another male model on Instagram changing the modelling industry is Raf Miller. Born in France, a 24-year-old model gained fame through Next Models Worldwide. He has a following of 1.5 million people on Instagram. Miller has attended Calvin Klein’s presentation in Milan. In a few years, only he has created a name for himself in the industry.

6. Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas is more than just a famous model on Instagram now. He is known best for his videos on Vine and YouTube. He starred in two movies in 2014 and 2015, Expelled and the outfield. The show chasing Cameron on Netflix is also under his name. Cameron has won many Teens Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards.

7. Rob Evans

Rob James Evans

Rob James Evans is one of the famous male models on Instagram with a following of 151k people. Evans was chosen to be a judge on America’s Next Top Model. Furthermore, he was part of London Collections: Men 2016, a short documentary movie. He has walked exclusively for Givenchy Men’s S/S 11.

8. Lucky Blue Smith

Discovered in his teen Smith was signed by an international modelling agency by age of 12. He is a renowned model and has walked for brands like Fendi, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tom ford, and more. Smith has been part of advertising campaigns for Gap, H&M, Big C and more. He is also an actor and musician.  With a following of 2.7 million on Instagram is quite famous in the industry.

9. PietroBoselli

The 33-year-old model is a former mathematics teacher at the University of London. Born in Italy, Boselli is an engineer and is now a model by profession. He started his modelling career in 2004 with British modelling agencies. He is seen modelling for brands like GQ style, Equinox and more. You can follow him on Instagram on @pietroboselli.

10. Clark Bockelman

Introduced to famous photographer Bruce Webber, Clark changed the fate of his life. He has become a famous male model on Instagram. He has created a name for himself by working on various Calvin Klein projects. He was featured in magazine editorials like VMAN. You will be surprised to know that is an avid mountaineer.

11. NeelsVisser

Neels attended Corona Del High School and has worked in his father’s business in the medical industry. He started his modelling career with his sister’s support. He has worked with big brands like American Eagle, Vanity Teen Magazine, Dolce&Gabbana, and Maybelline. Neels has an amazing social media following and aspires to be a DJ.

12. Jeremy Meeks

Meeks was part of a street gang and later in 2016 he started his modelling career. In 2016 he has signed a management contract with White Cross Management. He has walked in various fashion festivals like the Cannes Film Festival, Milan Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and more. He appeared in Tommy Highflier’s spring fashion week in 2018.  He has a following of 1.6 million people on Instagram.

13. Jordan Barrett

Barrett is an Australian model who was selected for the “Model of the Year” in 2016. The model is called by vogue as “Model it Boy of the new Era”. He has represented big fashion brands like Tom Ford, Versace, Moschino and more. The Australian model is the model for the new 1 Million/million fragrance spot. The model got married in Spain to model Fernando Augusto Casablancas.

Models are people who represent and promote a brand. They have high value in the fashion industry for all different kinds of brands. These models work hard on their bodies, looks and health to look perfect. The following names in the list are just some of the most popular male models on Instagram. All of them have worked hard and are now established models, actors, and more. You can follow all of them on their Instagram handles and keep track of their lifestyle.

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