15 Best Christmas Outfit Ideas That Every Men Must Try [2023]

Christmas Outfit Ideas for Men [2022]

Christmas is a time of festive cheer and warm welcomes. Though this holiday season is a time of joy and merriment, it is also a source of confusion for many gentlemen who don’t know how to dress appropriately.

Fret not gentlemen! Today’s post can help you out with creating the perfect Christmas outfit that is both fashionable and comfortable.

From smart casual pieces like shirts, pants and jackets to full festive dresses – here all the Christmas outfit ideas for men are discussed so that men can choose the best suitable one from this season without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Read on if you want some inspiring Christmas clothes ideas for men and get your perfect go-to look.

Best Christmas Party Outfit Ideas for Men

Christmas gives the perfect opportunity to dress up and impress your friends, family or coworkers. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s important for men to start thinking about what they’ll wear on Christmas day.

Whether you’re attending an office party or sipping eggnog at home with loved ones, finding the right outfit is essential.

Here are some Christmas outfit ideas for men that will have everyone singing your praises throughout the holidays!

1. Outfit With Waistcoat And A Hat

To make a festive, yet fashionable statement this Christmas, consider styling a waistcoat and cap.

Choose similar colors for the waistcoat and hat to create a crisp look sure to bring in the holiday cheer!

For an extra added touch of sophistication, complete the outfit with different type Oxford dress shoes and jeans.

2. All Black Outfit

For an all-black outfit, choose lightweight fabrics like wool, cotton or velvet.

Carefully select accessories – like a statement belt, timeless shades, a perfect sized wrist watch or stylish brogues – to add some texture to your look.

3. Puffer Vest Outfit with a Scarf

To style your puffer vest outfit with a scarf, match the colors of the scarf and accessories to the color of the vest.

Try pairing your puffer vest with an easy long sleeve shirt beneath. You’ll be sure to make a statement and stay warm this holiday season!

4. Green Nylon Jacket with Navy Blue Pants

To create a stylish and festive Christmas outfit, pair a green nylon jacket with navy blue pants, a blue knitted sweater and brown chukka boots.

Mixing different shades of blue gives an attractive Ombre look while the addition of green surely elevates the sophistication of the ensemble. Accessorize with classic shades and/or a smart watch to maximize style points!

5. Classic Tuxedo Suit in Blue or Grey Colour

If you want to look exceptionally stylish this holiday season, step out in a classic tuxedo suit! Choose from colors such as blue or gray for a handsome, sophisticated look.

Add in subtle details like a pocket square, patterned bow tie and polished shoes to take your look up several notches.

6. Festive Velvet Suit

A velvet suit can be easily dressed up or down depending on your personal style, and looks great paired with anything from simple t-shirts to printed shirts or sweaters.

7. Charcoal Polar Bear Christmas Jumper

Charcoal Polar Bear Christmas jumpers are the perfect way to stay timeless this holiday season.

On its own or paired with a smart pair of trousers, complete the look with loafers or Chelsea boots to give off a fresh festive vibe.

8. Christmas Sweatshirt With Reindeer Print

This cozy outfit can be paired with pieces like slim fit wool trousers and brown leather boots. It is one of the best casual Christmas party outfits for men.

If you really want to stand out, complete the look with a scarlet color vest.

9. Check-patterned Shirt

For a bolder look with a check patterned shirt, choose semi-formal suiting, or go for a lightweight shirt over chinos for more casual gatherings.

Whatever you choose, the key is to accessorize with complementary colors and striking details to complete the look!

10. Men’s Grey Moose Jumpsuit

This stylish and comfortable outfit can be easily dressed up with a festive Christmas-colored tie, or dressed down with an open collar.

With the ability to mix and match, you’ll be sure to have the perfect Christmas eve outfit!

11. Men’s Tangle Wrangler Blazer with Tie

A Men’s Tangle Wrangler Blazer with a perfect type of tie is an essential part of the perfect Christmas party attire for men.

Whether dressed up with dark trousers and dress shoes or kept casual with classic jeans, these blazers can show personality and create a standout style.

Top off the look with a refined scarf or pocket square for a touch of extra elegance.

12. Men’s Gaudy Garland Blazer

Men's Gaudy Garland Blazer

IMAGE SOURCE – Tipsy Elves

To wear men’s Gaudy Garland Blazer wear confidently, pair with a slim-fit t-shirt so as not to detract from the sparkle of the blazer.

Team up with vintage jeans to complete the look and you’ll be sure to make a fashionable statement during Christmas.

13. Men’s Maroon & Blue Regular Fit Checked Trousers

Style these trousers with a crisp white polo shirt, loafers and a black blazer for a sharp, sophisticated look. Add a red pocket square to bring more festive cheer to the ensemble and complete it with a classic watch.

14. Brown-Gray Coat with a Magenta Red Top and Jeans

Brown-Gray Coat with a Magenta Red Top and Jeans
Image Source: Lookastic

For the perfect festive men’s outfit this Christmas, try combining a medium-brown to gray coat with a bright magenta red t-shirt and dark jeans.

The combination of colors is a great way to stand out for the holidays without being too bold.

15. Plaid Striped Blazer Jacket

A plaid striped blazer jacket is a great style option for Christmas, with its classic and festive design. For an ultra-cool look, pair it with blue jeans and a white shirt.

Complete the holiday look with a crisp leather belt and a pair of Chelsea boots or other best boot to add sophistication.

Final thoughts,

Now that you have some men’s Christmas party outfit ideas, get out there and start putting together your outfit.

No matter what you choose to wear, make sure you feel confident and comfortable in your clothes so you can enjoy the holidays stress-free.

Merry Christmas To All Of You!!!


What Are the Accessories Men Can Try on Christmas Day?

Men can wear Christmas themed socks and hats as accessories to complete their look on Christmas day.

Which Color Palette Should Be Followed For Christmas Party Outfits?

Red, green, silver and golden colors are the most popular ones that should be followed for Christmas party outfits. However, avoid wearing all the colors at once. Choose the colors that complement each other the best possible way.

Which Shoes/Footwear are Perfect For Christmas Eve?

Semi formal shoes, such as Oxford shoes, Monk Strap Shoes, Chelsea boots, etc. are great options for Christmas Eve. Also, slippers with Christmas themed designs will look fabulous on Christmas Eve.

What to Wear to an Office Christmas Party?

Tailored suits, blazers, overcoats, etc. are the most appropriate clothes for an office Christmas party. But if it is a Christmas themed party where everybody has to dress according to theme, you can even try Christmas jumpers, sweatshirts having Christmas themed designs, and jeans as well.

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