Stunning Clarks Wallabees Alternatives and Ways to Style Them

Clarks Wallabees Alternatives

Clarks Wallabees are primarily Desert Boots and typically very fine shoes since men find a comfort zone in them, both durability and foot wise are fine shoes. These are simple, ankle-high with a leather upper and rubber sole.

Popularized by Nathan Clark post World War, these became a fashion icon among men after Bollywood stars lapped these up a style statement. Since they are pocket friendly and now also come in various colors and leathers, Clark Wallabees have never run out of fashion.

But now Clarks Wallbees alternatives have also become fairly popular! And these are nothing else but our own Chukka Boots that are shoes similar to Clarks Wallabees in comfort and style and way more pocket friendly. Plus comes in various designs too.

What are the Alternatives of Clarks Wallabees?  

Ankle-high leather boots crafted primarily in suede leathers that come in a plethora of colors these days, plus embedded in rubber soles, and open lacing (two or three pairs of eyelets) are designated as Chukka Boots. They get their name from the game of Polo for which these were designed. These were utilized in the adrenaline rushing Polo playing period called a Chukker or Chukka meaning circle. And hence the name. Now these come in variations of uppers, which can be suede leather as well as any other. 

Let me share some Clarks wallabees alternatives or Chukka Boots, that will give you a fair idea of what your wardrobe must have as shoes similar to Clarks Wallabees. These are also named after the premium leather that these have been crafted in. 

1. Rush Leather Desert Chukka Casual Boots

Rush Leather Desert Chukka Casual Boots

This is a pair of MOC TOE MEN LACE UP dress boots that is your best partner at any kind of celebrations, like weddings, work parties, beach night parties and more. You will get these in handmade premium leather with a leather lining that gives your feet the feel of being in comfort for longer hours. Plus the premium rubber sole is there for the safest grip and for perfect fit of shoes , so that even if you are dancing, you never slip off! 

2. Colorado Suede Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Colorado Suede Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Yet another pair of stylish MOC TOE MEN LACE UP dress boots, that comes in some 10 plus colors, to brighten up both your attire as well as the occasion. The open lacing, two eyelet style, the stitching along the premium leather upper and the masterpiece that is handcrafted, is sure to make heads turn.

3. Astorflex Greenflex Boots

This is the marriage between the Italian shoe-craft and the classic desert style boot craft! Hand-crafted in Tuscan-sourced suede, these shoes are a perfect replacement of Clarks Wallabees. The crepe rubber sole makes this shoe stylish as well as strong gripped. Plus these are one pair that can complete your wardrobe both as a casual companion as well as a semi-formal one to go with your pants and casual suits/blazers.

4. Uvex Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Uvex Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Available in four colors, these premium leather shoes have been designed for ultra casual looks that go great with your jeans, chinos and shorts. You can also match your upper like T-shirts with these shoes. But remember to polish them well with wx, to ensure the premium leather stays renewed each time you walk out in this exclusive range of Chukka Boots.

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5. Beau Leather Chukka Boots

Beau Leather Chukka Boots

These Clarks Wallabees alternatives are a formal dress shoes collection as these come in Brogues style and brown/black collections. Hand-crafted in premium leather upper and lining, these have a very solid and durable rubber sole for excellent grip. The heel is just one inch and the lace up close gives you that ultra formal look, a perfect one to go with your suits and formal pants. 

6. Red Wing Shoes

Red Wing Shoes

This smart safe style of Chukka Boots are stunning and highly professional-looking alternatives of Clarks Wallabees are a must have in your wardrobe, as recommended by our style expert. All the more because, these are sturdy, yet breathable due to premium leather and keep you comfortable through the day as a work-wear. Can be paired up with any semi-formal or formal attire for a professional event. But you can avoid them at cultural celebrations.

7. Tylor Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Tylor Leather Chukka Casuals Boots

Though these stylish shoes similar to Clarks Wallabees come in as MOCCASIN TOE CHUKKAS, the lace closure of six to seven pairs of eyelets also give them a slight appearance of sneakers. So you pay for one, but get two kinds of looks! Crafted in premium leather upper support by excellent rubber sole for extra grip, these your feet at ease for a longer time in the day. Ideal for both casual as well as semi formal events, provided you pick up an appropriate shoe color out of the six charted.

8. Padmore & Barnes

These are your ideal Clarks Wallabees alternative because these are priced way lower than them, plus are more stylish in looks. Our experts call them a traditional Moccasin construction on a crepe rubber sole, that is hand-crafted for men with a more-laid back lifestyle, who take life easy and as it comes. And such men, will always break the rules of casual and formal, for which this shoe is ideal. 

How You Can Style Chukka Boots?

Chukka boots are that one versatile pair of shoes that can be worn with jeans, chinos, dress pants, shorts and even suits. In short these are a necessity in your wardrobe as a Clarks Wallabees alternative to make your wardrobe ultra stylish. How? For instance try a brown pair of suede Chukka Boots for a rugged casual style. But when you wish to look ultra formal, try the above pair of Beau Leather Chukka Boots

1. How to Style Chukka Boots With Suits?

Beau Leather Chukka Boots are a great pair of shoes similar to Clarks Wallabees, that go well with any kind of suit, even a Black Tuxedo. You can pick the black or brown variant as per the suit and formal shirt color. And for that matter even the Rush Leather Desert Chukka Casual Boots, in deeper, less bright colors will also go with suits, especially the ones that are textured or in checks/plaids. 

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2. How to Style Chukka Boots With Jeans or Shorts?

Brighter versions of Uvex Leather Chukka Casuals, Beau Leather Chukka Boots, Tylor Leather Chukka Casuals and even the Colorado Suede Leather Chukka Casuals would look great with jeans and shorts.

You can even match the color of the buttoned-down shirt or T-shirt to some extent with your Chukka, if you are at a casual but summery party. For better style, throw in a blazer and sunglasses if you are going out for a day event. Keep the T-shirt/ Short sleeves shirt slightly loose by one size if no blazer, especially for the shorts for that typical summery look.

3. How to Style Chukka Boots With Chinos?

Chukka boots and Chinos work the best in business-casual settings and even at smart casual settings. And that way I prefer less bright and neutral colors. For a perfect look pick a skin fitting chinos that bunches up above the boots.  Here Beau Leather Chukka Boots will work the best since these are Brogues Chukka Boots. The thumb rule is light Chinos, darker Chukkas and Vice-versa. Needless to add, wear a casual dress shirt or a formal one according to the event you attend. 

Hope my expert guide above has been able to solve most of your queries on what are the alternatives of Clarks Wallabees and how you can style them up as er your existing wardrobe. For more style tips you can always write to me

FAQs about Chukka Boots
What is the difference between chukka boots and desert boots?

The sole of Desert boots is made of crepe whereas the sole of Chukka boots is made of leather or plain rubber. The shoe laces of Desert boots are thicker than that of Chukka boots. The design of both shoes has differences too. Chukka boots are thinner and rounder in shape as compared to Desert boots.

Are chukka boots good for walking?

Yes, Chukka boots are lightweight and comfortable enough for walking.

What are chukka boots good for?

Chukka boots are the best pick for making an overall look smart casual. In formal events too, Chukka boots can be paired with suits or other semi-formal outfit

Are chukka boots good for rain?

No, not all chukka boots are good for rain as they are made of handmade genuine leather. However, when treated with waterproof spray or dubbin, in some cases, chukka boots are good to go for rain.

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