Best Women Dresses for Hourglass Figure to Look Bold

Dresses for hourglass figure

An hourglass figure is based on women’s body measurements. An hourglass-shaped woman has a balanced bust and hips with a slim waist. This body shape resembles an hourglass, as its name implies. This article is for those with an hourglass figure who want to dress up stylishly. Here we will discuss how you can style yourself with the right type of clothes that complement your hourglass figure and make you look absolutely beautiful.

So, are you excited to know about the best dresses for an hourglass figure? Without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

How to Build a Wardrobe with Right Hourglass Body Shape Clothes

Your wardrobe should be filled with clothes that you can love and wear regularly, the clothes that are perfect for your body shape. So, here are the specifics with guidelines about the best hourglass body shape outfits and suitable colors:

What Color Combinations Should You Pick If You have Hourglass Body Shape?

You can choose bright and neutral hues to create attractive combinations. One of such combinations can be dark with dark, helping to make an hourglass body look taller and slimmer. Another color combination is contrasting which can create a balance between the bust and hip area, making the body shape look harmonious and flattering.

Ideal Dresses for Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass figure, dress up according to your body’s natural silhouette. Make a balance between your body frame by making the top or bottom-heavy and accentuating the narrow waist.

Do you want to know more about ideal dresses for an hourglass figure? Here’s a quick guide with 5 key points:

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1. Dress Types for Hourglass Figure

Below are a few types of dresses that can go well with your hourglass figure. These can make you feel comfortable and look stylish.

i. Prom Dresses

Prom Dresses To enhance an hourglass figure at prom, pick a snug dress that emphasizes the waist. Wrap dresses, bodycon styles, halter necks, and fit-and-flares are excellent choices. Opt for gentle fabrics, cozy patterns, and bold hues.

ii. Shirts

Fitted button-down shirts work really well for hourglass body shapes. They look casual yet traditional, the perfect choice as officewear.

iii. Striped Shirts

Button-down or belted striped shirts are also good options for hourglass body shape. Trust blindly on fitted striped shirts when you don’t know what to wear for a casual business meeting. Pair them with the right type of trousers or skirt and you are good to go.

2. Neckline for Hourglass Body Shape

You should always consider the right neckline types while picking an outfit for an hourglass body shape. A perfect neckline will always maintain a balance in the natural silhouette of an hourglass figure and enhance your overall look. Here are some suitable neckline options:

i. V-neck

The most flattering neckline for an hourglass body shape is a v-neck. It creates an angular shape towards the waist and highlights that area. It also balances out the bust area. Even when you are picking wedding dresses for an hourglass figure, a v-neck is the best option.

ii. Scoop

This deep, wide neckline draws the eye to the waist, lengthens the neck, and highlights the collarbone. Pair your scoop-neck top with a layered necklace and drop earrings to look simply gorgeous.

iii. High-neck

Though low and wide necklines are best for hourglass body shape, if you do not want to show cleavage or highlight your bust, you can choose a high neckline. It adds volume to the chest area. You can create a balance by accessorizing the look with a long necklace that can give an open neckline look on a high-neck top.

3. Sleeve Style for Hourglass Body Shape

Just like the neckline, choosing the right type of sleeve style is also important for complementing an hourglass figure. Here are 3 options you can choose from:

i. Full Sleeve

Fitted full sleeves are best for elongating hourglass body shape. You can also choose a full bell sleeve, puff sleeve, etc. to keep a balanced look and make a style statement.

ii. Sleeveless

Fitted sleeveless tops suit hourglass body shape well. However, you need to make sure that the armholes of your sleeveless top are not too loose and do not make the center of your body look broad.

iii. Cap Sleeve

A cap sleeve top with rounded armholes and the hem is also a great option.

4. Hourglass Tops Style

Fitted and structured tops look absolutely flattering to an hourglass-shaped body frame. Here are some ways you can style yourself and look best:

i. Top with Belt

Wear a belt with a loose top and a tight bottom. It is also useful to define the narrow waist area in an hourglass body frame. To elongate your torso, pick a narrow belt or the one that sits below the waistline. However, to balance your curvy shape pick a wide belt. Make sure the belt would be placed a little north of your waist. It will accentuate your curves without highlighting the hips.

ii. Skinny Sweater

A lightweight, skinny sweater is also a great option to enhance your curvy look. You can wear belts with this type of sweater to highlight the waist. When choosing a sweater for your hourglass figure, make sure the fabric should be lightweight, the color should be warm and the knits should be fine. Never go for heavy-knit, loose sweaters as they can completely hide the beauty of a curvy body shape.

iii. Fitted Shirt

Create a smart casual look for your hourglass figure with fitted shirts. You can choose plain white shirts, checked shirts, and striped shirts for this look. Full sleeves button-down shirts or shirts with a simple cut and fitted at the waistline are best for an hourglass shape.

iv. Wrap Top

A full sleeve faux wrap top with an apt length crossing the waistline is perfect for complimenting an hourglass body shape. You can pair it with simple trousers to create an elegant look. Fitted stretchable wrap tops also embrace hourglass body frames wonderfully. A dressy wrap top with a knot around the waistline is also a good choice. Whenever you choose a wrap top for your curvy hourglass figure, make sure the neckline is v-shaped or any other deep wide shape.

5. Bottom Hourglass Clothes

Choosing the right type of bottom hourglass clothes is important to complement the topwear, and give an appearance to the curvy body shape and defined waistline. Below are a few suitable options:

i. Skirts

Planning to buy the best skirts for an hourglass figure? The skirt you choose should highlight your waist without making the hips look bulky. It should be knee-length or longer and high-waisted.

The best types of skirts for hourglass figures are:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Tulip skirt
  • Full-circle                               

Other than the above, you can also try long a-line or gored skirts.

ii. Cropped Slim Pant

If you are searching for bottom hourglass clothes, slim-fit cropped pants or classic bootcut jeans are the best pick for you. Always opt for a slim fit, mid or high rise, indie aesthetics style, simple design, and clean style for pants to complement an hourglass-shaped body.

Now let’s get to know what you should avoid while styling your hourglass figure.

What Not to Wear for Hourglass Body Shape

Here are a few things to avoid if you have an hourglass body:

  • Straight-shaped clothes that hide your waist
  • Chunky styles and heavy designs that make the hip and thigh area look bulky
  • Boxy jackets and tops
  • Short sleeves that end near the bust area
  • Shapeless dresses, like tent dresses, etc. hide the curves and give a heavy-built look
  • Baggy clothes
  • Clothes with too many layers or cascading volume


To look best in an hourglass body, choose clothes that focus on your waist, bust and hips, and showcase them in a bold yet beautiful way. However, the final decision is yours — how you want to highlight your body and what level of comfort you have. Depending on your comfort level and sense of style, select the clothes. Let your clothes complement the way your body naturally is and look simply flawless.

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