Instagram’s Most Fashion-Forward Men: Meet the Top 20 Best Male Fashion Influencers

Instagram's Most Fashion-Forward Men: Meet the Top 20 Best Male Fashion Influencers

Do you wish to stay current with the latest fashion trends and be inspired by stylish looks? Following the best male fashion influencers on Instagram is a good way to start. Not only do these trendsetters curate stand-out pieces for their followers, but they also share knowledge of where you can buy key items – saving time and money when searching for those perfect wardrobe updates.

Top 20 Male Fashion Influencers Of Instagram in 2023

From celebrities from the entertainment or sports industry posting advice videos to stylish models or vloggers sporting chic ensembles, here are some of the top male fashion influencers on Instagram that everyone needs in their feed today.

1. David Beckham (78M+ Followers)

David Beckham is a prime example of how social media can be used to showcase your career and personal life. The soccer legend now has an enormous following of over 78 million people on Instagram.

His followers are given a unique perspective into his life off-field through the content he shares; from stunning brand collaborations to travel initiatives and heart-warming family content.

2. Ivan Gunawan (31M+ Followers)

Ivan Gunawan, best known for being one of the best male fashion influencers on Instagram, is an Indonesian fashion designer who is highly respected in the industry. His famous labels, including Jajaja, Maisa, and Batik show his incredible design talent and passion for fashion.

Over 31+ million followers on Instagram follow his style and advice when it comes to fashion trends. His success has propelled him to even higher ranks as a designer and social media influencer.

3. Rohit Zinjurke (25M+ Followers)

Rohit Zinjurke is a male fashionista hailing from Surat, Gujarat who has gained immense popularity through his social media presence. His TikTok account was the place for dance, comedy, and lip-sync videos, until the platform’s ban in India.

Rohit’s fame further skyrocketed as he found an even bigger following on Instagram – now with over 25 million followers. His Instagram handle offers glimpses into his stylish wardrobe and showcases his love of bike riding and horse-riding.

It’s apparent that Rohit is one of the most famous fashion bloggers on Instagram and his content truly inspires many of his fans.

4. Manu Rios (11M+ Followers)

Manuel Ríos Fernández, better known as Manu Ríos, is taking the Instagram world by storm. The Spanish actor and singer, who stars in Netflix series Elite, has become a critically-acclaimed Instagram influencer with an impressive 11.1M followers.

Not only does his account feature some trendy snaps and fashion promotions, but it also gives us a glimpse into his life story as a globe-trotting star. From glamorous celebrity events to exploration of exotic locales, Manu feeds his followers with tantalizing snippets from his life – making him one of the most influential Instagram male fashion influencers around!

5. Dacre Montgomery (9M+ Followers)

The fashionista photos of Dacre Kayd Montgomery-Harvey on Instagram show off his stylish side, while his roles in the Netflix series Stranger Things and Power Rangers show off his acting work.

On top of being an Instagram fashion model and television star, in 2019 Montgomery-Harvey released a podcast called “DKMH” which features his original poems. Fans of fashion, TV shows, and podcasts can certainly  all find inspiration from this actor who continues to be multi-talented in all aspects of entertainment.

6. Mariano Di Vaio (6M+ Followers)

Known for his infectious smile, Mariano from Italy is an all-star influencer, both a model and actor. He is passionate about fashion, with major fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana signing him up as a brand ambassador.

His strong social media presence gives followers an inside look into all things fashion as well as insight into his private life – Mariano never shies away from posting sweet snaps of his wife and kids.

With each post light-hearted and easy to relate to, his fans simply adore him. His personality shines through and everyone enjoys the fresh perspective that he brings.

7. Luka Sabbat (3.9M+ Followers)

Luka Sabbat is a major influencer on the global fashion scene. A true creative entrepreneur, Sabbat has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry like Warren Lotas, Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and YEEZY.

His stylish mix of edginess and classic flair has earned him an incredible 3.8 million Instagram followers. His signature “Cowboy Chic” look features double denim, tucked T-shirts, boots and big buckles for a modern take on the classic aesthetic.

With Luka at the helm of fashion trends today, it’s clear why he is so popular among style fans around the world.

8. Jon Kortajarena (3.8M+ Followers)

Jon Kortajarena Redruello, a talented fashion model and actor, has earned himself a spot on some of the most prestigious campaigns, including Just Cavalli, Versace, Giorgio Armani, and Tom Ford.

He dominates the runways during his consecutive seasons with top brands like H&M, Zara, Guess and Pepe Jeans. His Instagram profile shows how his wonderful achievements make history in the fashion industry.

9. Jim Chapman (2.4M+ Followers)

Jim Chapman is an English Vlogger on YouTube, model and writer. His Instagram profile shows that he is a  true aficionado of the finer things in life. Jim seeks out all of life’s little pleasures and shares them with his audience; from wonderful family pictures, his latest holiday, to what he eats in a day.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration from a variety of family goals or just want some feel-good content, make sure you’re following Jim Chapman on Instagram.

10. Wisdom Kaye (2.3M+ Followers)

If you’re looking to find the latest trends in fashion, then follow Wisdom Kaye on Instagram. With over 2.3 million followers, this Nigerian fashion model is sure to provide an amazing glimpse into the world of fashion from his unique perspective.

His posts are memorable, inspiring and show off his passion for dressing up in style. He often gives advice about style, which can help anyone feel more confident about their own fashion sense.

11. Alex Costa (1M+ Followers)

 Whether you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe, get fit, or simply live life to the fullest, there’s no better resource than Alex Costa. From his wildly popular Instagram page and YouTube channel to his comprehensive posts, featuring reviews and advice on a range of men’s products and topics, he has all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

When it comes to finding out how to look your best, choosing a healthy fitness routine, or achieving success in other areas of life, there’s no need to look any further than Alex Costa.

12. David Gandy (1M+ Followers)

David James Gandy has earned himself the title of Style Icon for good reason, as evidenced by his Instagram account. His pictures show sophisticated yet modern fashion trends and looks, as well as helpful guides for those looking for fashion and styling advice.

On top of that, he frequently collaborates with some of the most well-known luxury brands in the industry. His latest accolade is the Style Icon award from the GQ MOTY awards for GQ Portugal, which has been proudly announced and showcased on his Instagram page.

13. Johannes Huebl (1M+ Followers)

If you’re looking for the latest trends in style fashion and men’s fashion, you have to check out Johannes Huebl’s Instagram. The German model, photographer, and designer shares his unique take on high-end looks in a way that is both accessible and inspiring.

On his page, you’ll find outfit ideas perfect for any occasion with a polished edge. His Instagram encourages people to think outside the box when it comes to defining their own personal sense of style – no matter who you are or what look you’re trying to achieve.

14. Ronnie Fieg (930K+ Followers)

Instagram - Ronnie Fieg
Instagram – Ronnie Fieg

Ronnie Fieg is an inspiration to fashion and footwear enthusiasts everywhere. His American retail fashion establishment Kith and corresponding brand has taken the world by storm, with shops in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Miami and London, plus an ever-growing range of collaborations with top brands such as Nike, Bape, Columbia, Timberland, Coca-Cola and more.

Ronnie’s eye for style has proven to be renowned – everyone from sneaker connoisseurs to A-listers check out his Instagram account and no doubt anticipate what amazing new products he’ll come up with next.

15. Phil Cohen (880K+ Followers)

Phil Cohen is the perfect embodiment of style. By day, he works as an Art Director specializing in exhibit, environmental, and print design. He also displays his passion for menswear, redefining modern classicism on Instagram as one of the most followed men’s fashion accounts around.

His style features timeless roots blended with sleek simplicity and exudes minimalistic elegance – no words necessary to communicate Cohen’s sophisticated look.

16. Travis DesLaurier (740K+ Followers)

Being a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer, Travis showcases his amazing bare body in various poses on Instagram. Also, he shows the importance of fitness, fashion and style on the social platform. He is one of the hottest male influencers on Instagram. His profile on Instagram features he has a passion for bikes, music and basketball as well.

17. Leo Mandella (700K+ Followers)

Leo Mandella’s Instagram account has taken men’s fashion and streetwear to the next level. His page is a go-to-destination for all the latest trends, from throwback classics to cutting-edge looks.

No matter who you are or what your style preferences are, there’s something exciting to discover – from stylish jackets to slick sneakers and eye-catching accessories.

18. Deon Hinton (270K+ Followers)

Deon Hinton is one of today’s most followed fashion influencers on Instagram and his content reflects his mission to promote positivity and diversity. As a young model, he wants to challenge the conventional beauty standards in the fashion industry by creating a space where others can come to feel heard and loved – combining men’s fashion with conversations surrounding mental health and self-care.

He is paving the way for other Black boys that have dreams of modeling or achieving what seem like ‘impossible’ goals in an often oppressive system.

19. Andreas Weinås (180K+ Followers)

Andreas Weinås’ Instagram account is a testament to his exceptional understanding of classic menswear and impeccable sartorial sensibilities. Whether he’s styling suiting or dressing down in polos and jeans, he always fills out garments with ease, exuding confidence in whatever he wears.

One of his most noteworthy fashion feats is seen within the construction of his tailored pieces – subtle details like fullness in the sleeves spoke volumes about his eye for precise fits. Not only does it flatter body shapes, but it also looks incredibly photogenic.

20. Geoff K. Cooper (120K+ Followers)

With his Instagram account, the entrepreneur and stylist showcases his distinct style, visionary attitude and groundbreaking approach to fashion. His ultimate mission is to inspire people to create their own signature look that is sustainable and reflective of today’s ever-changing world.

By consistently sharing advice on how anyone can craft their own look, he has proved that it doesn’t require grandeur or extravagance to be stylish. He sets a powerful example as someone who actively works to promote sustainable fashion while being an inspiring figure within the modern-day industry.

Final thoughts,

Instagram is a visual platform that offers an invaluable resource to explore fashion-related trends. The influence of the most followed male fashion influencers on Instagram is undeniable; they have inspired and motivated many people to become more creative with their looks.

Their style has resonated with global audiences and led various major brands to launch campaigns with them. Through their impactful posts, these men have proven that there is no limit to what fashion can do for someone’s life and how it can shape or transform one’s style in unique ways.

FAQs About Male Fashion Influencers of Instagram

Who is the biggest male fashion influencer on Instagram?

Adam Gallagher is one of the most followed male fashion influencers on Instagram.

Who is the highest paid male Instagram influencer?

In 2023, Christiano Ronaldo was one of the highest paid male Instagram celebrity influencers.

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