What To Wear With Cargo Pants For Men? 15 Dope Outfit Ideas

What To Wear With Cargo Pants? 15 Dope Outfit Ideas

Cargo pants were first developed as part of the 1940s military uniforms and were then introduced in the late 1950s as fashion items. Since then they have become relatively popular among different age groups, being worn by everyone from teens to adults.

Although the trend may come and go, the practicality of cargo pants outfits for men remains timeless. With pockets sewn right in, you can stash away any small items like your phone without worrying about them bulging out of your pockets―a great pick if you’re always on the go! On top of its functional features, these trousers remain stylish and provide a relaxed silhouette that men can easily mix and match with other pieces in their wardrobe. 

If you’re looking for something trendy yet functional to add to your closet, consider cargo pants outfits for men―they have definitely evolved from their boxy roots and now have more updated shapes to choose from. 

To look best in your cargo pants, here is a style guide to help you know about what to wear with cargo pants. Check this out! 

Top 15 Cargo Pant Outfit Ideas For Men

Are you someone who often wonders how to style cargo pants without overdoing it? If yes, then this list of cargo outfit ideas is for you.

1. Style Cargo Pants with Coat and a Hat

Crisp and modern, a classic coat, hat and cargo pants outfit is the perfect combination for making a statement.

Whether you’re hitting up the mall or having drinks with friends, this fashionable ensemble will have you looking foolproof wherever you go. Finish off your look with some stylish shoes to make sure every head turns your way.

2. Put On a Varsity Jacket with Cargo Pants

Putting on a sharp varsity jacket to style cargo pants is an easy way to add flair to your look while still feeling comfortable. Whether you prefer classic or modern, sporty or hipster, a snazzy varsity jacket will transform your cargo pants into something special.

3. Cargo Pants with a Leather Jacket

There’s something so effortlessly cool about pairing a leather jacket with cargo pants. The juxtaposition of the hard and soft elements provides an unexpected yet polished look for any outfit.

It has the edgy feel of a classic biker style but with a hint of laid-back chic that can take any casual look to the next level.

4. Cargo Pants with an Oversized Graphic Tee

Cargo pants can be casual, comfortable and cool when paired with an oversized graphic tee. The large graphic makes a real statement, plus the relaxed fit of the cargo pants keeps the outfit laid back yet stylish.

5. Cargo Pants with a Denim Jacket

Rocking a denim jacket atop cargo pants is an incredibly stylish look, perfect for any casual outing. The striking contrast between the denim blue of the jacket and earthy tones of the cargo pants creates a unique aesthetic that will draw everyone’s eyes.

6. Style Cargo Pants with a Cardigan

Men can easily style up a casual pair of cargo pants by pairing them with a cardigan, creating an effortlessly trendy look. The combination makes it easy to create a versatile piece of clothing that works for all occasions – whether it be a lunch date, work, or a gathering.

Plus the lightweight material of the cardigan allows you to add warmth when the temperature drops.

7. Cargo Pants with Button-down Shirt Combined with a Sweater

If you are confused about what shirts go with cargo pants, choose a button-down shirt and complete the look with a sweater. It’s an easy ensemble that looks pulled together, wears well in all seasons, and works for any occasion.

With this look, men can look fashionable while still feel comfortable.

8. Cargo Pants with an Oversized Flannel Shirt

An oversized flannel shirt with cargo pants can give any man a stylish, street-style-inspired look that’s sure to turn heads. For the fashion-forward fella wear it with sneakers for a modern edge or boots for a rustic feel—either way, you’ll be making a statement.

9. Cargo Pants with Flannel Shirt Over Hoodie

Cargo pants are the perfect item for men looking to add a stylish twist to their wardrobe. Whether worn casually with a cozy flannel shirt and hoodie combo, or dressed up with a crisp white shirt, they can make any outfit look effortlessly cool.

Cargo pants have a timeless quality that allows them to stay on trend year after year.

10. Cargo Pants with Simple Plain Striped Tee

It is among the coolest business casuals that you can try out. The right tee will break the casual feel of the cargos and add a polished look. This look will make you stand out in any crowd! So go ahead, try this trend and show off your style.

11. Cargo Pants with Turtleneck Sweater

Teaming cargo pants up with a turtleneck sweater is not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable – perfect for when the temperature drops. You can wear this combination on any casual occasion.

12. Cargo Pants with Denim Shirt and Combine It with a Leather Jacket

Men can take their wardrobe to a new level by combining a stylish cargo pant with a slim-fit button-down denim shirt. Finished with an edgy leather jacket, this look is sure to make a bold statement both casually and in the workplace.

Perfect for any season, no matter the occasion, this ensemble will be sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

13. Cargo Pants with Cable Knit Sweater

Do you want to add a sophisticated touch to your wardrobe? Style cargo pants with a timeless cable knit sweater.

For an edgy look, go for a louder knitted pattern in bold colors. Finish the ensemble with sneakers or leather shoes for that effortlessly stylish vibe.

14. Cargo Pants with Oversized Sweatshirts

Men can easily create effortless looks when they pair the ever-popular cargo pants with a large, comfortable sweatshirt.

This comfortable yet stylish style will look great in any season and brings an easy going vibe. It’s perfect for day-to-day use or a casual night out.

15. Cargo Pants with Polo T-shirts

The combination of cargo pants with polo t-shirts is great for casual days out, be it an impromptu picnic, beach or even just running errands.

Polo t-shirts are a classic that never goes out of style and when paired with cargo pants, they add just the right mix of style and comfort.

Final thoughts,

There are many ways to style cargo pants, but the best way for men is always going to be dependent on their own personal style. With that said, there are a few key things to keep in mind when styling cargo pants.

Cargos can be dressed up or down depending on how you style them, so experiment until you find what works best for you.

FAQs about Cargo Pants

1. What is the difference between Cargos and Joggers?

Cargos are trousers that are slightly baggy with multiple pockets for storing items and usually have a straight-leg, relaxed fit. Joggers, on the other hand, are typically more form-fitting, tapered trousers designed for physical activity like running or jogging.

They usually have an elastic waistband with drawstrings and cuffs at the ankles. Cargos tend to be more casual while joggers have a sporty style and look.

2. Are cargo pants supposed to be baggy?

Yes, cargo pants are traditionally designed to be baggy. The style is characterized by ample pockets and extra storage—hence the name “cargo”—so this extra fabric allows for ease of movement, durability and convenience.

3. Can you wear cargo pants at formal events?

Cargo pants may be acceptable in certain formal events depending on the dress code. For example, if the invitation states “business casual”, then cargo pants could be an option.

However, for more traditional and upscale events such as weddings or galas, wearing cargo pants would not be appropriate unless otherwise stated.

4. What shoes to wear with cargo pants?

The best shoe to pair cargo pants can be a sneaker or boot that provides enough support and grip. If you want a smarter look then oxfords are an excellent choice too. 

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